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The new useful citizen application PowerPoint Presentation
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The new useful citizen application

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The new useful citizen application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DRUNKIT. The new useful citizen application. Leny Decret Fangzhou Yuan (Joy) Yena. Drinking Culture. Drinking culture is global http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/how-to-drink-in-korea-in-seven-easy-steps/. Question.

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The new useful citizen application

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The new usefulcitizen application


Fangzhou Yuan (Joy)


drinking culture
Drinking Culture
  • Drinking culture is global
  • http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/how-to-drink-in-korea-in-seven-easy-steps/
  • How many people have hang out with friends for a late drink last two weeks / month?
  • How many people get drunk at night?
  • Who already experienced difficulties to go home safely and conveniently?
problem analysis
Problem Analysis
  • Drunk driving
    • Many issues because of drunk driving:

40 000 people lost their driver’s licenses for repeated drunk driving in 2007-2011. (The Korean Times)

  • Inconvenience of Public transportation
    • Drunk taxi-rider: lost mind after drunk
    • Drunk subway-passenger: fall asleep on the way & miss the station
  • Drunk behavior
    • Ignore families’ and friends’ message/ call
    • Improper response
option limitation
Option & Limitation
  • Prevention of drunk driving
    • Governmental regulation?
    • Designated drivers?
  • Better public transportation experience
    • Personal memo?
    • Louder automobile station reporter?
  • Drunk behavior
    • Be responsible?
problem identification
Problem Identification
  • How to make life easier & safer for drunk people?
    • How to drive home?
    • How to take taxi when you lose your mind?
    • How to take off at the right station?
    • Angry families or partner?
  • Drunk driving
    • Designated drivers
  • Drunk taxi-rider
    • Taxi-riding application
    • Memo: address & emergency contact
  • Drunk subway-passenger
    • Alarm to wake-up/ take off at the right station
  • Improper drunk behavior
    • Pre-written text (for families and friends)
drunkit prototype
Drunkit - Prototype
  • Application has to help people and also provide funny services
  • The application has to use readable character
  • Before going out, the user will activate the application so the function can start working
  • Standard application to be used in main global cities
private information
Private information
  • Put any useful private information you are not sure to remember when you are drunk.
    • Home address
    • Important contacts for emergency calls (best-friend, brothers/sisters, parents)
    • Social insurance number, blood group.
go home
Go Home
  • Two services with GPS System:
  • Taxi service: address registered into application + GPS localize taxis using app
  • Rent a Driver:drivers bring you
  • home with your own car
go home1
Go Home

Go Home Process

alarm system
Alarm System
  • Two services:
  •  Alarm the user set before going out
  • customized a convincing message
  • speaker: kid, grand-parents, girlfriend or boyfriend (whoever you want)
  • Alarm the user set in the metro
  • Same idea as Jihachul alarm
  • Wakes you up one station before
alarm e xample

« Daddy, come home pleaseitis 2am, itis time.Mummytold me youwere not supposed to go home toolatetonightbecauseyou have a lot to do tomorrow. I did a nightmare, I needyou to reassure me. I love you »

pre written messages
Pre-written Messages
  • What to avoid ?
  • Many of ourfriendsalreadyhad a fightbecause of messages sent whentheyweredrunk.
  • What about you ?
pre written messages1
Pre-written Messages
  • Have to answer an easyenigma/question:

- If wronganswer (3 answers)  onlypre-written message to your relatives (list)

    • Database of messages alreadywritten
    • Possibility to design messages the wayyouwantbeforegoing out/gettingdrunk.
  • Individual
    • Safely home
    • Convenience
    • Personal relationship
  • Society
    • Reduce drunk driving accidents
    • A better solution to allocate the resource
    • Benefit to private sectors
  • Application does not encourage moral behavior but are people moral whenthey go out?
  • So manyideascanalsobeimplemented if usersneedother services:
    • Bluetooth connectionbetween application and car
    • Location Tracksmovement (every30 s) resumed on a map
    • Addresstranslated in the local language country
    • Facial recognition
thanks a lot for your attention

Thanks a lot for your attention


Fangzhou Yuan (Joy)

  • "40,000 lost driver’s licenses for repeated drunk driving in 2007-2011 ." Korean Times. (2012): n. page. Web. 8 Jun. 2013. <http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/biz/2012/01/113_103302.html>.
  • "Drinkers in Korea Dial for Designated Drivers .“New York Times. Web. 8 Jun. 2013. <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/10/world/asia/10korea.html?_r=0>
  • "Business traveler's guide to surviving a Korean drinking session." CNN. (2012): Wev. 8 Jun. 2013. <http://travel.cnn.com/seoul/drink/business-travelers-guide-drinking-korea-213012.>
  • Summary of the current key functions
    • Go home process (Rent a driver & Taxi)
    • Alarm system
    • Pre-written message
  • Future development
    • Security updates
      • “Connect and update with emergency contactor.” Once user gets on a taxi, app automatically sends a message (includes time, the taxi’s number and contact) to the emergency contact’s number/ app. User’s emergency contact can track the taxi’s driving route and know when the user gets off with the app.
      • “Vague address.”Destination address only includes the general neighborhood area information (location to get off), rather than specific home address. This directly protects user’s private information.
      • “Two dimension code.”Once user connects to a taxi, app sends the user a two dimension code. When the user gets on the taxi, the drive can scan the code with his/her phone to receive the destination address from the system.
    • Generalization of the app function
      • “Home App” for children or old people (1. Families can track user’s location constantly; 2. User can go home easily with the app guidance themselves/ by taxi. )
      • Low-budget option: Considering some users may not be capable of using smart phone. Users will not necessarily carry a smart phone, but a normal location tracker with GPS function. In the case, families can track user’s locations on own smart phone. This low-budget device not only applies to children and the elder, but also the pets, such as cat, dog, and etc.