the golden age n.
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THE GOLDEN AGE. Beck - The Golden Age Lyrics. Put your hands on the wheel Let the golden age begin Let the window down Feel the moonlight on your skin Let the desert wind Cool your aching head Let the weight of the world Drift away instead. Blue Oyster Cult~ Leather Golden Age.

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beck the golden age lyrics
Beck - The Golden Age Lyrics

Put your hands on the wheelLet the golden age beginLet the window downFeel the moonlight on your skinLet the desert windCool your aching headLet the weight of the worldDrift away instead


Blue Oyster Cult~ Leather Golden Age

I came here willingly/ And I will go down valiantly/ We made a vow To give it all we had to give/ We made a vow To die as we had lived/ They flew the colors they began to fight They flailed at each other like bugs at a light Bodies and bikes beyond repair/ Smell of oil and gas in the air Then the wind whipped the desert with a giant hand And the humans and the Harleys caught the shifting sand/ The old ranger weathered the storm And he topped the rise by the middle of morn/ He saw rippled dunes Calm and surreal And the glint of a solitary shaft of chromium steel/ Golden Age Golden Age Golden Age Golden Age Golden Age Golden Age Golden Age

marilyn manson the golden age of grotesque
Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque

This is the Golden Age of Grotesque We sing: La lalalalala la We sing: la lala la lalaLalalalalala la We sing: La lalalala

cracker the golden age
Cracker ~ The golden age

This is the Golden Age It's hard to imagine with the way I feel today that this is the Golden Age The Golden Age

josh ritter golden age of radio
Josh Ritter, Golden Age of Radio

Living on the edge of the city limit lineThis is where the boundary finally endsAnd I swear that we're the last living souls in a populated ghost townAll the billboards are our best friendsWhich way did our last chance go and can weGet out if we go right now?

the golden age archetype
The Golden Age Archetype
  • Based on humanity’s ongoing search for paradise lost.
  • Usually found in the setting or images of the text.
  • Based on theory that there is an “ideal human order” (utopia) that was lost, and can be regained.

The Golden Age Archetype

  • happy endings are usually associated with this archetype.
  • Other associations: love, peace, harmony of people with nature, spring or summer images, abundance, and growth.
  • Quest stories correlate well with G.A archetype, as the ‘search for paradise’ is often a quest.

The Golden Age Archetype

  • Reference to “the good old days” common.
  • Many advertisers promise the image of the Golden Age in order to sell…including vacation resorts, retirement communities, cigarette ads, etc.
  • In terms of human year, Golden Age is associated with spring and early summer.