Chapter 7 teamwork and leadership
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Chapter 7: Teamwork and Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 7: Teamwork and Leadership. Types of Health Care Teams. Administrative Medical emergency Hospital patient care Physician ’ s office Outpatient care. Definition of a Team. Team Composition Two or more individuals organized to function cooperatively

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Types of health care teams
Types of Health Care Teams

  • Administrative

  • Medical emergency

  • Hospital patient care

  • Physician’s office

  • Outpatient care

Definition of a team
Definition of a Team

  • Team Composition

    • Two or more individuals organized to function cooperatively

    • Members focused on the same results

    • Health care team: professionals with a variety of:

      • Health-related backgrounds

      • Education

      • Experiences

Definition of a team cont d
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • One-Profession Team: Nursing Team Example

    • Registered nurses (RNs)—team leaders

    • Licensed practical nurses (LPNs)

    • Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs)

    • Certified nursing assistants (CNAs)

Definition of a team cont d1
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Multidisciplinary Team

    • Cooperative group of professionals with different:

      • Qualifications

      • Skills

      • Areas of expertise

    • Team members complement one another

    • Provide comprehensive health care

    • Example: cardiac rehabilitation team

Definition of a team cont d2
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Elements of Team Structure

    • Team purpose

    • Team goals

    • Team members’ roles

    • Team functions

Definition of a team cont d3
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Team Purpose

    • What is the reason for the team?

    • What does it hope to accomplish?

    • Points all members in right direction

    • Determines how team should develop & move forward

    • For health care team: toprovide or support patient care

Definition of a team cont d4
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Team Goals

    • Common goals or objectives

    • Decisions not made independently

    • Focus on best interest of team

    • Willingness to listen to opinions of other members

Definition of a team cont d5
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Team Members’ Roles

    • Team leader

    • Recorder or secretary

    • Spokesperson

    • Resource

    • Implementers

Definition of a team cont d6
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Team Functions

    • Activities carried out to meet goals

    • Unique skills & experiences matched to tasks

    • Effectiveness of individual impacts all others

Definition of a team cont d7
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Required Ingredients for Effective Teamwork

    • Open & honest communication

    • Sufficient organizational resources

    • Mutual support

    • Understanding & recognizing role & function of each member

Definition of a team cont d8
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Guidelines for Preparing Team Meetings

    • Set meeting time & place in advance

    • Choose a day & time when all members are available

    • For regular meetings, schedule for same day & time

    • Distribute agenda before meeting

Definition of a team cont d9
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Group Communication

    • Listen with full attention to other members

    • Express ideas as clearly as possible

    • Encourage feedback on all ideas

    • Avoid letting negative emotions cloud communications

Definition of a team cont d10
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Tips for Contributing to a Team

    • Remember group dynamics (how members relate to each other)

    • Encourage contributions from everyone

    • Avoid letting one member dominate

Definition of a team cont d11
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Sources of Conflict

    • Substance vs. personality differences

    • Independent work & limited group conversation

    • Atmosphere of distrust & suspicion

    • Differences in:

      • Training

      • Knowledge

      • Experience

    • Competitive work environment

Definition of a team cont d12
Definition of a Team (cont’d)

  • Managing Conflict: Steps in Problem Solving

    • Assessing

    • Diagnosing

    • Creating a plan

    • Implementing the plan

    • Evaluating the plan

    • Modifying the plan (if necessary)


  • Definition of Leadership

    • The ability to influence others while working toward a vision or goal

Leadership cont d
Leadership (cont’d)

  • Characteristics of Successful Health Care Leaders

    • Understand complexity of coordinated care

    • Remain open to different points of view

    • Understand interdependency of health care team

Leadership cont d1
Leadership (cont’d)

  • Leadership Skills

    • Communication

    • Problem solving

    • Management

    • Self evaluation

Leadership cont d2
Leadership (cont’d)

  • Leadership Styles

    • Autocratic (directive)

      • Leader controls decisions & activities

    • Democratic

      • Leader shares decisions & activities

    • Laissez-faire (non-directive)

      • Leader hands over power to group

Leadership cont d3
Leadership (cont’d)

  • Leadership and Management: Four Functions of Managers

    • Planning

    • Organizing

    • Directing

    • Controlling

Leadership cont d4
Leadership (cont’d)

  • Preparing for a Leadership Role

    • Identify your strengths

    • Evaluate how you accomplish work

    • Clarify your values

    • Assume responsibility for relationships