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Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance

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Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance
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Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance

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  1. Protégé Brian Cohen Paul Jepsen Kateri Nguyen Megan Stiegelmar Yan Sin Yance Yu Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance

  2. Starbucks Overview • Began in Seattle, WA in 1971 • Today there are more than 15,000 stores in 50 different countries

  3. Starbucks Company Mission “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” • Coffee • Partners • Customers • Stores • Neighborhood • Shareholders

  4. Video goes here Topics Teams, Teamwork, and Creating a High Performing Team Task and Maintenance Leadership Includes: Distributed leadership Task activities Maintenance Activities How to lead groups and teams Norms Team Cohesiveness

  5. Teams What are teams? A small group of people with complementary skills who work actively together to achieve a common purpose. Starbucks team members are a team because each member is essential for the functions of Starbucks everyday tasks.

  6. Teamwork What is teamwork? Teamwork occurs when group members work together in ways that use their skills effectively to accomplish a purpose Teams add value to the work processes because working as a team can be more efficient than working alone.

  7. How to create a high performing team • Create a sense of urgency • Make sure members have the right skills • As a leader, model expected behaviors • Find ways to create early “successes.” • Continually introduce new information • Have members spend time together • Give positive feedback

  8. Creating a high performing team Starbucks examples • Make sure members have the right skills Starbucks philosophy: “Leave no one behind” 24 hours of in store-training about coffee, how to meet, greet and serve customers. • Employees are called "partners" and after employees are hired, they are given more training and knowledge of how to be a part of Starbuck's team.

  9. creating a high performing team Starbucks examples • Create a sense of urgency Employees have a right to participate in revising company policies as well as a manager. Each staff thinks that they also play an important role in company operating, and they can join to work out a direction of Starbucks. These give employees not only respect, but a sense of participation.

  10. Team Building • What is Team Building? • planned activities designed to improve teamwork and increase group effectiveness

  11. How Team Building works • 1. Problem or opportunity in team effectiveness • Making each team member feel like they are a part of a family, and not just a number • 2. Data gathering and analysis • Starbucks discovered that their employees worked harder when they felt valued.

  12. How Team building Works (cont.) • 3. Planning for team improvements • 24 hours of training in the first 80 hours of employment. • 4. Actions to improve team functioning • Forum • 5. Evaluation of results • Employee turnover is around 60%

  13. Approaches to team building • Periodic meetings that implement the team-building steps • Team members commit themselves to continuously monitoring group development and accomplishments and making the day-to-day changes needed to ensure team effectiveness • Equal Treatment

  14. Task and Maintenance Leadership

  15. Distributed leadership • This is Brian’s slide

  16. Task Activities • Directly contribute to the performance of important task. • Leaders at Starbucks have provided a structure that allows partners to infuse themselves into their work, so that they can inspire customers in legendary ways. The leaders call this the “Five Ways of Being” • Be welcoming • Be genuine • Be considerate • Be knowledgeable • Be involved

  17. Task Activities include:Five Ways of Being • Be welcoming • At Starbucks, “being welcoming” is an essential way to get the customer’s visit off to a positive start. • Be genuine • At Starbucks, being genuine means to “connect, discover, and respond.” • Be considerate • Starbucks leadership challenges partners to be considerate of needs on a global level and staff members.

  18. Five Ways of Being- cont. • Be knowledgeable • When Starbucks leaders ask partners to “be knowledgeable,” they are encouraging employees to “love what they do and share it with others.” • Be involved • From the perspective of Starbucks leadership, being involved means active participation “in the store, in the company, and in the community.”

  19. Maintenance activities • Support the emotional life of team as an ongoing social system.

  20. Maintenance Activities (Five ways of Being) • Be welcoming • What’s in the Name?Welcoming people by name and remembering them from visit to visit is a small thing, but it counts.

  21. Maintenance Activities (Five ways of Being) • Be genuine • Expectations and Service: ConnectLegendary service comes from a genuine desire and effort to exceed what the customer expects. • DiscoverStarbucks understands that discovery is essential to developing a unique and genuine bond. • RespondStarbucks partners are trained not just to listen to their customers, but to take action immediately based on what they hear, and to learn from these experiences for future customer interactions.

  22. Maintenance Activities (Five ways of Being) • Be considerate • Looking withinConsiderate actions taken by leadership can serve to encourage thoughtful and respectful behavior among staff members.

  23. Maintenance Activities (Five ways of Being) • Be knowledgeable • Formal trainingAt Starbucks, all partners are encouraged to develop knowledge of coffee that can lead to personal insights for customers.

  24. Maintenance Activities (Five ways of Being) • Be involved • Involvement in the StoreOne of the best ways to become involved is to look around the office or store for clues on how to make the customer experiences and the business better. • Involvement in the BusinessStarbucks management makes a point of listening and responding to the ideas and suggestions of partners.

  25. How to lead groups and teams • This is Brian’s slide

  26. Norms • Ethics norms • “Starbucks empowers all partners to make decisions that impact our reputation….acting ethically in all situations”. • Organizational and personal pride norms • Starbucks is the most progressive employers in the U.S.

  27. Norms (Cont.) • High-achievement norms • Starbucks has become the number one specialty coffee retailer. • Support and helpfulness norms • “Leave no one behind” Policy

  28. Norms (cont.) • Improvement and change norms • Starbucks has worked to make things more efficient for their employees

  29. Team cohesiveness

  30. Team cohesiveness Starbucks is Highly Cohesive • Partners value their position in Starbucks • Strive to maintain positive relationships with other group members • Work in small teams • Partners are energetic and enthusiastic • Less likely to be absent • Proud about success and sad about failures • Low turnover • 65% among employees; 25% among managers • Loyal and feel secure

  31. Conclusion- Question for the class • Based on experience, has anyone noticed if Starbucks team members actually work as a team? • If so, have they seem to follow any of the topics we covered today?

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