Seven revolutionary leaders
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Seven Revolutionary Leaders. George Washington. Did not chop down the cherry tree (Mason Locke Weems myth) Survived smallpox 6’2” Liked to wear his uniform False teeth may have been made from animal and slave teeth.

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Seven revolutionary leaders

Seven revolutionary leaders

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • Most brilliant 1776American in a generation

  • Interested in politics, government, literature, philosophy, painting, architecture, astronomy, botany, zoology, chemistry, law, PE etc.

  • Intrigued by gadgets – calendars, clocks, desks, duplicate writing device, stoves, wagons, plows, dumbwaiter, swivel chair, synchronized doors etc.

Seven revolutionary leaders

Sally hemings half sister of martha wayles skelton jefferson s wife
SALLY Old EnglishhEMINGS half sister of marthawaylesskelton Jefferson’s wife

Aunt to patsy and polly jefferson
Aunt to patsy and Old Englishpollyjefferson

  • Jefferson’s

  • Concubine

John wayles jefferson
John Old EnglishWayles Jefferson

  • Passing into the

  • white world

Seven revolutionary leaders

Jefferson s grave
Jefferson’s Grave Old English

Benjamin franklin
Benjamin Franklin Old English

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • Universal man like Jefferson Old English

  • Founded the postal system, started circulating library, founded University of Pennsylvania, longest running magazine – Saturday Evening Post, proved lightning was electricity, successful businessman

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • Diplomat to England and France Old English

  • Published Poor Richard’s Almanac- “A penny saved is a penny earned,” “time is money,” “fish and visitors smell in three days”

  • Accepted everyone except his son the loyalist

John hancock
John Hancock Philadelphia’s upper crust

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • Richest man in the colonies Philadelphia’s upper crust

  • Chosen President of the Second Continental Congress

  • Wanted to be general of American forces

Seven revolutionary leaders

Samuel adams
SAMUEL Philadelphia’s upper crustaDAMS

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • “Grand Incendiary” Philadelphia’s upper crust

  • A fire-eating revolutionary led the Sons of Liberty

  • Bankrupted the family beer business

  • Needed a fight to be successful

  • His later life bore no distinction

Paul revere or rivoire
Paul Revere or Philadelphia’s upper crustRivoire

Seven revolutionary leaders

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • W in Lexingtonas captured before he finished his ride

  • An unknown young doctor whose name was Samuel Prescott finished the ride

  • Longfellow published his poem in 1860 about the mythic ride up until then Revere was known only for his silver work

John adams
John Adams in Lexington

Seven revolutionary leaders

  • First VP in Lexington

  • Second President (one term) defeated by his VP Thomas Jefferson

  • Father of John Quincy Adams sixth president of the US

  • Wife Abigail was his chief advisor

Seven revolutionary leaders

Seven revolutionary leaders