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Our Town Thornton Wilder PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Town Thornton Wilder

Our Town Thornton Wilder

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Our Town Thornton Wilder

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  1. Our Town Thornton Wilder

  2. Town Definition: “The inhabitants of a city or town.” OR “ A people with common interests living in a certain area.”

  3. Think about it Who is in your town? Who are the people you interact with every day? My town is… DIRECTIONS: In jour journals, write until I call stop:

  4. Thornton Wilder 1897 -1975 American novelist who wrote several plays Known for his unique treatment of universal themes Believed that “TRUTH” could only be discovered in the lives of ordinary people

  5. OurTown Written in: 1937 Genre: Realism Realism is identified when artists/ writers attempt to capture the “real world” within their art. Facts and Info:A three-act play modeled after several New Hampshire towns - set in 1901.

  6. Our Generation’s Realism Our Generation’s Realism in Television

  7. Wilder and Realism In Our Town Wilder intends to “capture the universal experience of being alive.” Donald Margulies He does this by addressing three universal themes: Daily Life Love Death

  8. Wilder uses the Alienation Effect This technique is designed to distance the audience from emotional involvement in the play through jolting reminders of the artificiality of the theatrical performance. Technique Examples include explanatory captions or illustrations projected on a screen; actors stepping out of character to lecture, summarize, or sing songs; and stage designs that do not represent any locality but that, by exposing the lights and ropes. To effectively do this Wilder manipulates the: Stage Manager Staging Setting

  9. Staging Minimal scenery Guides audience to focus on the internal rather than external. Allows the setting to be more universal. Setting Perpetual Present Tense: All past, present, and future actions take place in the “here and now.” Time is fluid

  10. Stage Manager Role:Narrator and character Purpose:The audience’s connection between the play and reality. The stage manager encourages the audience to reflect on what they are seeing by interrupting the plot to comment on the action.

  11. Based on the three motifs Wilder chose [daily life, love, and death], infer why he would use the Alienation Effect to keep us from becoming “lost” in the play. What is his hope for his thinking audience?Write your answer in your notebook. This should be a well-developed one paragraph response.

  12. Due BLOCK DAY, September 11/12 Bring to class a picture that visually represents one of the 3 acts from our text: 1. Daily Life 2. Love & Marriage 3. Death On the back of your picture, explain your interpretation as to how your picture relates to the act that you chose.