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Reminder:. Exam next Friday!!. April 11 Bring a pencil and a calculator! Cheat sheet is up now … HW8 due on Wednesday. Electric power generation. (Motional EMF). uniform. uniform. uniform. Click for animation!. uniform. uniform. Motional EMF.

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Exam next friday


Exam next Friday!!

April 11

Bring a pencil and a calculator!

Cheat sheet is up now …

HW8 due on Wednesday

Exam next friday


Click for animation!

Exam next friday

Motional EMF

What’s the EMF and direction of current flow?

Exam next friday


Macroscopic point of view:

From Faraday’s law, we concluded that the moving bar develops an EMF:

Microscopic point of view:

Considering the force on an individual charge carrier inside the bar,

we also concluded that the bar develops an EMF:

Exam next friday

Net forces on conductors?

Do you get something for nothing?

i.e. how do you keep bar moving?

Exam next friday

Number example!

What external force is required?

Exam next friday

External Power supplied?

Internal Power dissipated?

Note Lenz’s Law at work -- you have to supply external power to make electrical power!

Eddy current demo

Exam next friday

Let’s make an AC generator (Alternator)



Generator sim

Exam next friday

Wall current: 120 VRMS at 60 Hz: Suppose you have A = 0.5 m2 and B = 0.1 T. How many turns do you have to have?