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independent testing as a fair judge of quality n.
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Independent testing as a fair judge of quality assessment PowerPoint Presentation
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Independent testing as a fair judge of quality assessment

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Independent testing as a fair judge of quality assessment
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Independent testing as a fair judge of quality assessment

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  1. Independent Testing as a Fair Judge of Quality Assessment Mikhail Grechukha QATestLabProgram Manager

  2. About me • 3 years of experience in QA • 20+ active projects • 2 teams of more than 26 members experience in management game and mobile testing projects • experience in such industries as Business Solutions, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Training and Education, Travel and Accommodation сannotsit on the same place :) © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  3. Why Testing For companies to ensure a smooth and successful market release, a high-quality solution is a must. Testing assists in ensuring proper quality and improve operation of software product. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  4. Testing by Development Team Development teams cannot provide a proper evaluation of software quality as they base the checking rather on expectations than on actual results. Besides, they assess quality from the perspective of developer, not end user. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  5. In-house QA Team Being instructed by the Development Manager, Integrated tester cannot provide objective quality assessment. Besides, possessing limited internal infrastructure, the tester cannot perform all required testing activities. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  6. In-house QA team from another project It is a wide practice for in-house QA teams to switch between several projects to perform particular scope of work. The Project Manager instructs the team according to time schedule, means limitations that affect the testing objectivity and efficiency. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  7. Independent Software QA and Testing By having independent testing conducted, customers receive an objective and precise quality assessment but face several barrier that may affect the product quality. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  8. Independent QA and Testing. Disadvantages • communication problems • QA team isolation • different time zones • unawareness of business objectives © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  9. Independent QA and Testing. Benefits But still, independent testing provides a number of benefits that ensure fast and effective product release. • They are: • objective evaluation • team flexibility • reduction of costs • release acceleration • and more... © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  10. 1 - Objective Assessment Making no assumptions on system quality and operation, testers assess a software from neutral and bias-free perspective. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  11. 2 - Flexibility QA team is able to collaborate with customers following offshore or nearshore business models based on project specifics, requirements and objectives. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  12. 3 - Cost Reduction Possessing own large infrastructure and much human resources, independent QA providers do not require additional spendings on testing means. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  13. 4 - Time to Market Reduction Independent QA providers possess large dedicated teams with own internal management. They ensure fast and effective task fulfillment by having opportunity to work with development teams simultaneously. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  14. 5 - No Conflict of Objectives Testing executed by software houses may not reflect the real software quality, as they are more focused on showing ‘bug-free’ code. Independent providers are fully focused on issue detection. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  15. 6 - Team Competence Development Independent QA providers monitor and promote the development of tester’s skills, while software houses are oriented mainly on the improvement of developers competence. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  16. More Than Testing In order to receive objective quality verification that helps in continuous delivery of solutions within an acceptable budget, customers should have independent QA and testing performed. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  17. More Than Assessment Independent testing can even help to assert the rights and conflicts resolution in case of agreement breaching between customer and vendor. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  18. Case. Problem Having software development outsourced, the company received the ready-to-market product. The release failed as the system did not satisfy quality standards and had severe issues. To assert the rights, the customer addressed the independent QA and testing provider. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  19. Case. How we solve it 1 We provide unbiased quality assessment to objectively approve or dismiss the claims of both sides. We compare our test results with ones provided by in-house QA team. We evaluate and validate each item of the requirements specification provided by the vendor. We conduct exploratory testing to detect additional issues that the staff QA team may miss. 2 3 © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  20. Case. Result The final results of quality verification will be presented in a form of report including all details of independent testing. Signed and sealed the report, the company CEO is able to use the document for asserting the rights and solve the conflict. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  21. Conclusion In order to save time and effectively distribute the project budget, companies should initially order independent testing for avoiding legal proceedings and ensure flawless activities. © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  22. Contacts Twitter:QATestLab Phone: +380 (44)501-55-48 Address: 154a, Borschagivskastr., 03056, Kiev,Ukraine SkypeID:sales.qatestlab © QATestLab. All rights reserved.

  23. Thanks