welcome this is www callandearn com the m e and you m oney m aking s ite n.
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WELCOME ! ! ! THIS IS callandearn The M e and You M oney M aking S ite PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME ! ! ! THIS IS callandearn The M e and You M oney M aking S ite

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WELCOME ! ! ! THIS IS callandearn The M e and You M oney M aking S ite - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME ! ! ! THIS IS callandearn The M e and You M oney M aking S ite

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  1. WELCOME ! ! ! THIS ISwww.callandearn.comThe Me and You Money Making Site

  2. The Infinity By Two Matrix HORIZONTAL BINARY MATIRX NETWORK MARKETING SYSTEM The Horizontal Binary Matrix Network Marketing System is a system where . . . . . • 1. A Member Registers with N3, 500. . . . . . But no reward yet. • 2. When the Registered Member – (a) brings a New Member – (b) – (Primary Partner), the Registered Member – (a) Earns N 2,000 instantly, for bringing the New Member – (b) • 3. When the New Member – (b) brings Another New Member – (c) – (Secondary Partner), the New Member – (b) Earns N 2,000, While the Registered Member – (a) Earns N 500. • 4. When Another New Member – (c) brings a Fresh New Member – (d), Another New Member – (c) Earns N 2,000, While New Member – (b) Earns N 500. • 5. When Fresh New Member – (d) brings a Brand New Member – (e), Fresh New Member – (d) Earns N 2,000, While Another New Member – (c) Earns N 500. • 6. . . . . . . On and On and On in a Binary and Horizontal Matrix System.

  3. COMPENSATION PLAN There are THREE ways to earn in the CALLANDEARN Infinity by Two Matrix Business. • 1. You earn N2,000 for every Primary Partner Registration. You earn this every time you Directly Register a New Partner. • 2. You earn N500 for every Secondary Partner Registration. You earn this every time Your Primary Partner Registers a New Partner. • 3. When you Register 100 New Partners (Primary Partners) in the 60 Days Challenge, you earn N70,000 Cash, OR an option of a GSM Handset Plus N20,000 Cash, OR a Mini Laptop Plus N20,000 Cash. • PLUS FREE E-BOOKS for your individual and corporate development, computer and information communication technology development, general knowledge, business development, marketing, administration, health information, relationship, on-line business development as well as e-books on various businesses, socio-economic / personal development topics and items

  4. Compensation Plan Details(Nigeria) PLAN 1

  5. Compensation Plan Details(Nigeria) PLAN 2

  6. Compensation Plan Details(Nigeria) PLAN 3

  7. HOW IT WORKS Figure 1

  8. HOW IT WORKSFigure 2

  9. PROMOTHE 60 DAYS CHALLENGE • Upon joining this unique MONEY MAKING business, • Register and Activate 100 New Direct (Primary) Partners within 60days. • You will receive your normal earnings in addition to promotional Cash prices , Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets and other electronic devices of your choice. • OPTION A: Cash Price of N70, 000 • OPTION B: TECNO Phantom Phone + N20,000 Cash • OPTION C: Mini Laptop +N20,000 Cash • You are free to choose the option that you prefer, but you have 60 days from the date you join to get 100 New Direct (Primary) Members to claim any of these juicy prices. Hurry now and get cracking.

  10. An Incredible OPPORTUNITY Infinity By Two Matrix Business Model is an Advanced Proprietary e-commerce platform that is complimented with a top class virtual office for business partners. Call and Earn has created a complimentary business opportunity for partners and others who simply want to participate in the business. The business opportunity pays Independent Business Partners (IBPs) for simple marketing and referral efforts. This opportunity is enabled by leveraging the internet, including online marketing tools and all types of social media to support the Call and Earn Infinity By Two Matrix business platform.

  11. Guaranteed OPPORTUNITY • Call and Earn has a ready-made network business model that empowers its partners earn from the business marketing plan. As a partner, your business is built on a carefully conceived platform tagged the Infinity By Two Matrix reward plan model. It is created to go only Two (2) Levels Generations deep, stretching horizontally to infinity. • The matrix does not limit you to any particular number of people on your first level; anyone registered afterwards by your First Level (Primary) Partners, automatically falls into your Second Level. There may be spill-overs and spill-under, but that depends on your partnership value chain and business entrepreneurial ship. • This also means that we have a system that can accommodate any number of people at both levels for as long as every partner desires. Remember that our system keeps it short and simple because the shorter the membership levels, the easier it is for you to manage and track your chain of partners and earnings.

  12. Very Small Investment, BIGEarnings

  13. Free Personalized Website To Manage Your Business

  14. CallandEarn: Program Highlights • You start with a ONE-TIME PAYMENT of N3,500 only. • You can have several accounts as you wish. • No mandatory upgrade, No autoship, No buying, No selling. • A superb virtual office • The more people you register, the more money you earn. • Earn N2,000 from every personally introduced partner. • Earn N500 from every new partner introduced by those you personally introduced • Earn N70,000 in cash and product prices in the 60 Days Challenge • Plan and project your monthly income with ease • Get great tools and enjoy rich e-books, audio and video collections to enrich and power you for a more fulfilled life

  15. First Step You REGISTERWith N3,500

  16. Next. . . .Introduce Someone (Primary Partner) Then you Earn N2,000

  17. Then . . . . Introduce more Friends andPartners andreceive N2,000 Per New Partner to INFINITY

  18. Then. . . . Earn ENDLESS N500 EACH time your Personally Registered Partners (Primary Partners) introduce their FRIENDS and ASSOCIATES (Secondary Partners) into the Business.

  19. Then . . . . Grab N70,000 Cash PROMO PLUSother Superb Products & Services In the 60 Days Challenge. You can receive this price(s) even with Multiple User ID.

  20. Keep Faith with the Terms and Conditions of the Business IBP’s shall present the Company’s Products and Services (CALLANDEARN) Business Development Plan to potential Customers or Partners in a honest and truthful manner and I shall not make any false or misleading information nor representations in my enthusiasm to sell CALLANDEARN Products and Services. 2. That Individuals are Independent Business Partner and not an Agent or Employee of Corporate Trends Limited – Promoters of CALLANDEARN Products and Services. Company. 3. That IBP’s have necessary Statutory / Legal compliance in their Country of Residence to participate in the CALLANDEARN Business Opportunity. 4. That an IBP’s Business Partnership may be revoked with immediate effect as well as forfeiting all earnings, for failure to comply with the Company’s Rules and Regulations. 5. That an IBP is solely responsible for his/her personal tax declaration to the relevant authorities.

  21. The Golden Rule Don’t Shy from Sharing This OPPORTUNITY With Someone TODAY

  22. Offline Payment Processor Bank : First Bank PlcAccount Name : Corporate Trends Limited Account Number : 2 0 0 1 8 4 1 8 1 1  

  23. Online paymentProcessors also available

  24. What will Your ‘NOW’ Action be? Get To The Person Who Invited You And SIGN UP

  25. “All Labour that uplifts humanity, has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence”. Martin Luther King Jnr. Thank You for JOINING