The iberian lynx
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The Iberian Lynx. By: Avinash Jagmohan. Kingdom. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Lynx Specie: Pardinus. Species profile. Taxonomy group: Tetrapods (Animals), Amniotes

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The iberian lynx

The Iberian Lynx

By: AvinashJagmohan


  • Kingdom: Animalia

  • Phylum: Chordata

  • Class: Mammalia

  • Order: Carnivora

  • Family: Felidae

  • Genus: Lynx

  • Specie: Pardinus

Species profile
Species profile

  • Taxonomy group: Tetrapods (Animals), Amniotes

  • Known as: The Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus), Pardel Lynx, or Spanish Lynx

  • Can be found in Spain and/or Portugal (but presence is uncertain)

More stuff about the iberian lynx
More stuff about the Iberian Lynx!!!

  • 220 lynxes left in Spain (estimate)

  • In Portugal a sign search, camera trapping and box trapping survey conducted in 2002 by the InstitutodaConservacaodaNatureza failed to detect a single lynx

  • Lives in Mediterranean woodland and maquis thicket (basically terrestrial)

More interesting facts
More Interesting Facts!!

  • Favors scrub for shelter and open pasture for hunting rabbits

  • 90% of daytime resting spots used by lynx were located in thick heather scrub

  • The most endangered feline/cat specie in the world

Major threats
Major Threats!

  • Agricultural Development

  • Due to the planting of Mediterranean scrublands with pines and eucalyptus

  • This lead to the moving of the Iberian Lynx from one part of Spain, to the Western part of Spain

Major threats1
Major Threats!!!

  • Industrial Development

  • Road buildings, dam constructions, and the building of residential homes

  • This took away and destroyed the Iberian Lynx's natural habitat of forestry, woodland area

Major threats2


  • There is a decline in rabbit populations, because of habitat changes and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

  • It sent the rabbit population down and the Iberian Lynx’s only source of food

  • They are being hunted by hunters

Major threats3
Major Threats!!!

  • MAN!

  • They are being hunted by man for their rich fur and tasty good meat

  • They are being hunted by hunter

Classification map1
Classification Map

  • The red dear, Canada Lynx, and Ethiopian Wolf all belong in the same phylum with the Iberian Lynx which is Cordata because they all share almost the same bone structure, and they all have back bones


  • If the Iberian Lynx went extinct, it would be one of the few feline extinctions in the world

  • Also, it would affect the economical side because there are different programs around the world that spent about $3.4 million dollars trying to help keep the Iberian Lynx from going extinct and save

  • It would affect humans because they wouldn’t learn about the Iberian Lynx , and they wouldn’t be able to get close to it and learn the many things there are about it


Sos lynx

  • Is a conservation camp for Iberian Lynx to reproduce and have a home

  • Help to fire up a breeding program

  • Prevents any other further development in Iberian Lynx areas







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