Iberian lynx
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Iberian Lynx. By: Priya N. Introduction.

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Iberian lynx

Iberian Lynx

By: Priya N.


  • As we all know, many human activities are destroying the Earth’s atmosphere now and then. These activities are proving harmful to a maximum amount of species. The Iberian Lynx is especially one of the numerous endangered species I would like to inform you about today!

Important facts
Important Facts

  • The Iberian Lynx has been enlisted in the IUCN redlist already. This magnificent creature once used to strive all across the nation, but now it does not. How did this happen? That is what I am about to tell you.


  • Human activities are to blame for the Iberian Lynx’s decline in population and loss of habitat. Many of these harmful human activities include hunting, shooting and taking away the Lynx’s prey which in other words is called prey scarcity, and destructing their habitats.


  • The Iberian Lynx’s population today is not very hopeful. There are about 1,136 Iberian Lynxes living in Spain because of good human activities like breeding them.

Habitat and diet information
Habitat and Diet Information

  • The Iberian Lynx lives in the Mediterranean woodland. It eats rodents, rabbits, and other creatures that live in the area that it lives in. Rabbits make up most of the Lynx’s diet. Since people started hunting rabbits, the Iberian Lynx’s population started decreasing.

Conservation efforts
Conservation Efforts

  • Today, there are many conservation efforts trying to save the Iberian Lynx. Facilities are constructing new breeding places for the them. Other facilities are putting the information about the lynxes on their websites hoping that people will try to save them!

Please save the iberian lynxes
Please Save The Iberian Lynxes!

  • Nowadays, the Iberian Lynx’s population is going down and it needs help to strive again, so please help them! Stop harmful human activities!