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NEW DEAL PROGRAMS. ACTS PASSED DURNING FIRST HUNDRED DAYS CONGRESS, 1933. Bank holiday. Stopped massive withdrawals by closing banks temporarily Kept banks in business, helped restore public trust. Beer and Wine Revenue Act. Prohibition is repealed Beer and wine are taxed.

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Presentation Transcript
bank holiday
Bank holiday
  • Stopped massive withdrawals by closing banks temporarily
  • Kept banks in business, helped restore public trust
beer and wine revenue act
Beer and Wine Revenue Act
  • Prohibition is repealed
  • Beer and wine are taxed
ccc civilian conservation corps
CCC—Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Provided jobs for unemployed men, ages 18-25
  • They planted trees, landscaped parks
  • Young men earned $30/month they could send home, did not become criminals
  • We still enjoy what they created
  • Federal Emergency Relief Administration
  • $500 million in relief to state and local agencies; created jobs and provided direct relief to those who needed it most
  • Government recognizes a need to provide direct relief in times of disaster
aaa agricultural adjustment act
AAA—Agricultural Adjustment Act
  • Paid farmers to reduce their output of corn, cotton, and other crops
  • Caused prices to rise
  • Government still subsidizes farm goods today
aaa effects
  • Helped farmers pay mortgages so they would not lose their farms
  • Put some people out of work on farms as production decreased
tva tennessee valley authority
TVA—Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Built a series of new dams
  • Brought electricity and flood control to the region
  • Improved the standard of living in the area; still does so today
holc home owners refinancing act
HOLC—Home Owners’ Refinancing Act
  • Helped people refinance mortgages on non-farm homes
  • Bailed out mortgage-holding banks that were in trouble
  • Part of Glass-Steagall Act
  • Insured each account in the bank for up to $5000
  • Today, your deposits in FDIC insured banks are protected up to $100,000 (lately, $250,000)
  • Adds to people’s confidence in banks
nira national industrial recovery act
NIRA—National Industrial Recovery Act
  • Stabilized prices, raised wages, limited work hours, provided jobs
  • Created the PWA and NRA
  • Eventually led to the idea of minimum wages, maximum hours
nra national recovery administration
NRA—National Recovery Administration
  • Encouraged businesses to draw up “fair codes of competition”
  • Helped set hours, prices, wages
  • Guaranteed the right of workers to organize
  • Not always successful
  • Public Works Administration
  • Contracted with private companies to provide jobs
  • Roads, public buildings, and other projects
cwa civil works administration
CWA (Civil Works Administration)
  • Branch of FERA
  • Created jobs during harsh winter
  • “make-work” tasks
  • Accusations of “boondoggling”
wpa works progress administration
WPA—Works Progress Administration
  • Gave jobs to blue collar and white collar workers
  • Buildings, bridges, roads
  • Murals, oral histories, theater
  • Products are still around today
  • Regulates companies that sell stocks and bonds
  • Protects people from insider trading and other abuses in the stock market system
reciprocal trade agreement act
Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act
  • Authorized US to lower tariff rates by as much as 50% as long as the other country involved lowered tariffs as well
fha federal housing administration
FHA—Federal Housing Administration
  • Loans to householders to improve their homes or build new ones
  • Still around
  • National Youth Administration
  • Provided high school and college age Americans with part-time jobs so they could stay in school
wagner connery act
Wagner-Connery Act
  • Guarantees workers’ rights to organize unions and bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions
social security act
Social Security Act
  • Unemployment insurance for workers who lose their jobs
  • Pensions to retired workers over age 65
  • Payments to people with disabilities, the elderly, wives and children of male workers who died
fair labor standards act
Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Set minimum wage and maximum work hours/overtime
  • Set limits on child labor
odds and ends
Odds and ends
  • “forgotten man”
  • “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”
  • Fireside chats
  • Polio
  • Brains trust
  • Packing the Court
equality under the new deal
“Equality under the New Deal”
  • Segregation in jobs, lower wages, and lack of access to model towns African-Americans helped build during the New Deal
  • More than 100 African-Americans named to posts in the government by FDR
  • Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong proponent of Civil Rights
  • More tribal rule for Native Americans
huey long s share our wealth plan
Huey Long’s “Share Our Wealth” Plan
  • Tax the rich highly so that each poorer family can receive a minimum of $5000
  • Good idea or not?