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Automation Testing PPT

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  1. Automation Testing- An Overview This has been created by QA InfoTech. Choose QA InfoTech as your Automated testing partner. Visit www.qainfotech.comfor more information.

  2. Introduction • Although, automated testing and manual testing both have contributed significantly in assuring a product’s quality successfully, with more businesses opting for the agile style of development, the scope for test automation has definitely gone up. There is an increasing demand for newer areas to be automated, newer tools to improve the process and more test engineers to be trained for the job. A test automation process should always be a planned one, otherwise, it will end up in being a mammoth suite which is difficult to maintain and manage. • Only an extensive testing process can ensure the quality of a system and this is why software testing services are in great demand. Testing begins with innovations and creating new dimensions and redefining. New testing processes and methodologies are created to meet the demands and exceed the expectations. Let’s identify the potential areas of automation and dimensions of efficient Automation Testing.

  3. What is Automation Testing? • The products of every software development group are tested but they may have defects. Test engineers attempt to catch the software defects before the product is released. Yet, even with the best of manual testing processes they often reappear. An automated testing can playback pre-recorded and predefined actions, make comparison of the results to expected behaviour and report failure or success of manual tests to a test engineer. The automation tests, once created, can be repeated easily and they can be broadened to do those tasks which are impossible with manual testing. This is why automated software testing is a necessary element of any successful development project. It is the best way to increase the efficiency, coverage and effectiveness of your software testing.

  4. Automation Testing Tools and Services • The test automation is aimed at achieving faster time to market, increasing test coverage and improving the productivity of test team. Considering the immense value of automated software testing and the challenges it poses, a methodical and planned test automation approach is emphasized on. For the major providers of automation testing services and tools, Test automation is one of the major focus areas for ongoing research and development and this helps them to build their own IP to use on their client projects for maximising value and minimising costs. Challenges for Test Automation • Some of the core challenges for any test automation effort are lack of trained test automation engineers, rising test environment costs, insufficient end to end test coverage, complex test data and test maintenance efforts particularly in an agile product life cycle. Test Automation Solution • The Automation Testing solution providers maintain a balance between the test automation challenges and an ideal software test automation framework to create their own open source based test automation solution.

  5. Features of Test Automation Solution • The major features of test automation framework include, Wiki style web interface for test authoring, test execution and result gathering; open source tools for application automation; page object pattern; virtualisation for managing test run environments; remote test execution for parallel execution and test run optimisation; pluggable ant and maven integration for CI reporting. By leveraging this framework successfully, enhanced test automation efficiencies are brought in and test productivity and coverage for various clients are improved.

  6. The Test Automation services • The software testing service providers come with expertise in automating by making use of commercial tools from HP, IBM, Borland, SmarteSoft, Apple apart from their own IP built on open source technologies. This helps them partner with their clients to offer the breadth and depth in test automation. The test automation framework is largely used for functional testing for their clients, although variants for other fields of test like content digitisation testing and localisation testing have also been used by them. • E2E test automation strategy design and implementation, automation component scripting, automation framework implementation, automation tools comparative analysis and implementation, automated build verification, automated regression test suite creation, automated defect reporting and governance.

  7. How A Software Testing Service Can Fulfil Your Test Automation Needs • An efficient software testing provider with an experience of working on various test automation models, design customised solutions to meet their specific needs. Improved test coverage and productivity is achieved with cutting edge tools. At QA InfoTech, some of the core focus areas have remained mobile and performance test automation and definitely functional test automation. All these are aimed at improved test coverage at lower prices for the clients.

  8. Thank YouThis powerpoint has been created by QA InfoTech. Choose QA InfoTech as your Automated testing partner. Visit www.qainfotech.comfor more information.