Manual testing vs automation testing
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Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Points out errors missed during the development phase\nEnsures customers reliability to reach level of satisfaction\n

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Why to choose software testing
Why to Choose Software Testing?

  • Points out the errors missed during the development phase

  • Ensures customer reliability to reach level of staisfaction

  • Effective working of Software is promised

  • Avoids any extra costs that may arise due to failure of Software functioning

Manual testing
Manual Testing

  • The process of testing the software products to identify the defects

  • The tester acts as the end user and checks every feature of the product manually

Pros of manual testing
Pros of Manual Testing

  • Best suitable for short term projects

  • Aptly finds out the real-time end user issue

  • Contains the scope of flexibility

Cons of manual testing
Cons of Manual Testing

  • Some of the tasks are quite tough to identify, manually

  • Sometimes turn to be boring and repetitive

  • For making any changes, the user needs to run the test from beginning

Automated testing
Automated Testing

  • Performs the tests based on run tests of the comparison reports, created earlier

  • Automates the repetitive tasks using a formal approach of tests and identify errors quickly

Pros of automated testing
Pros of Automated Testing

  • Executes the tests quickly

  • Economic to use

  • Results are visible to everyone in the team

Cons of automated testing
Cons of Automated Testing

  • Tools are sometimes expensive

  • Some tools take time to execute

  • Some tools have limitations


  • Both the testing techniques have their own Pros and Cons; hence the users have to choose depending upon the time, size of the project, along with the availability of resources

  • Combining both could be a good option for the users, however a proper research is required for the same