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Windows 8.1 Device Management With Windows Intune Mark O’Shea MVP Windows Expert – IT Pro 30 June 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows 8.1 Device Management With Windows Intune Mark O’Shea MVP Windows Expert – IT Pro 30 June 2014

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Windows 8.1 Device Management With Windows Intune Mark O’Shea MVP Windows Expert – IT Pro 30 June 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows 8.1 Device Management With Windows Intune Mark O’Shea MVP Windows Expert – IT Pro 30 June 2014. Apps. Today’s challenges. Deploying and managing applications across platforms is difficult. Devices. Users. Data.

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Windows 8.1 Device Management With Windows Intune Mark O’Shea MVP Windows Expert – IT Pro 30 June 2014

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Windows 8.1 Device Management With Windows Intune Mark O’SheaMVP Windows Expert – IT Pro30 June 2014

    2. Apps Today’s challenges Deploying and managing applicationsacross platformsis difficult. Devices Users Data Usersexpect to be able to work in any location and have access to all their work resources. The explosion of devicesis eroding the standards-based approach to corporate IT. Users need to be productive while maintaining compliance and reducing risk.

    3. Empowering People-centric IT Enable users Allow users to work on the devices of their choice and provide consistent access to corporate resources. Unify your environment Deliver a unified application and device managementon-premises and in the cloud. Apps Data Devices Users Protect your data Help protect corporate information and manage risk. Management. Access. Protection.

    4. Selecting the Management Platform Unified Device Management – System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager with Windows Intune Build on existing Configuration Manager deployment Full PC management (OS Deployment, Endpoint Protection, application delivery control, rich reporting) Deep policy control requirements Extensible administration tools (RBA, Windows PowerShell, SQL Reporting Services) • Cloud-based Management - Standalone Windows Intune • No existing Configuration Manager deployment • Simplified policy control • Simple web-based administration console

    5. Windows Intune – Standalone service Windows PCs (x86/64, Intel SoC) Windows RT, Windows Phone 8.xiOS, Android IT Web-based Admin Console

    6. Manage and Secure PCs and Devices Anywhere Simple web-based Administration Console and a richer experience for Information Workers • Help protect PCs from malware • Manage updates • Distribute software • Proactive monitoring and alerts • Provide remote assistance • Inventory hardware and software • Monitor & track licenses • Increase insight with reporting • Set security policies • Richer Mobile Device Management

    7. Windows Intune Web ConsoleWindows 8.1 with Windows Intune client software installed Demonstrations

    8. Non-intrusive Management Management tasks can work with the Windows 8.x maintenance window No distractions from management tasks (reboots) Does not use up computer resources when the user is active Reduced background activity to preserve battery life Management tasks do not interrupt if the end user immersed in a modern application Windows Intune suppresses interruptions reboots for updates that were installed without a deadline Windows Intune provides sufficient lead time to the user before an automatic reboot Windows Intune leverages the Windows 8 toast and respects user’s settings for notifications

    9. Mobile Device Management with Windows Intune EAS based management Integration with Exchange Server Either on-premises or Office365 hosted Over-the-air enrollment of devices for management Mobile device inventory Settings Management Mobile application management Direct management (Windows RT, Windows Phone 8.x, iOS, Android) Corporate data protection

    10. Information Worker Self-service Experience Connect every user ‘s device to the service Each platform is supported with an end user experience Enable them to discover applications Access applications or web links recommended by the IT pro Install Line Of Business (LOB) applications supplied by the IT pro Let users manage their own devices and data End users can enroll, rename and un-enroll devices End users can wipe data or email Provide a premium end user experience Minimal interruptions from management tasks End user privacy is respected

    11. Windows 8.1 with Windows Intune Mobile Device Management Enabled Demonstration

    12. End User Experience Consistent self service experience for end user across mobile platforms iOS Windows Windows Phone Android Available in the Windows Store Available in the Google Play Store Available in the Apple App store Side-loaded during enrollment

    13. End User Capabilities for each Platform

    14. Mobile Device Inventory IT Pros can track storage on mobile devices which help them anticipate/troubleshoot issues. Hardware properties for mobile devices are collected through the Device Management Authority as well as Exchange ActiveSync. No software inventory for mobile devices to respect the Information Worker’s privacy on their own device.

    15. Settings Management Security policy on devices by Direct management and Exchange ActiveSync. New expanded policy set. Reporting available on each setting whether it is applicable, conformant or has an error. The same security policy template is used for both Direct Management and EAS to help Admins Older Android and Windows Phone 7 devices can be managed through EAS

    16. Mobile Device Settings in Windows Intune Note: specific capabilities depend on platform * Subset of settings Note: Table applicable to direct MDM and not EAS

    17. Software Distribution Summary * = With full Windows Intune management client

    18. Protect your dataHelp protect corporate information and manage risk Lost or Stolen Retired Lost or Stolen Enrollment • Selective wipe removes corporate applications, data, and policies based as supported by each platform • Full wipe if supported by each platform • Can be executed by IT or by user via Company Portal • Sensitive data or applications can be kept off device and accessed via Remote Desktop Services Users can access corporate data regardless of device or location with Work Folders for data sync and desktop virtualization for centralized applications. Retired Personal Apps and Data Personal Apps and Data Personal Apps and Data Company Apps and Data Company Apps and Data Company Apps and Data Remote App Remote App Remote App Centralized Data IT can provide a secure and familiar solution for users to access sensitive corporate data from anywhere with VDI and RemoteApp technologies. Policies Policies Policies

    19. Windows 8.1 with MDM, Workplace Join and Work Folders Demonstration

    20. Mobile device wipe and retire

    21. Windows Intune – Recent Releases • January 2014 • Android direct management support • New Mobile Device Policy Settings • Featured Apps in Company Portal • Web application deployment • Mobile Device Inventory Report • Remote Lock and Passcode Reset for Mobile Devices • April 2014 • Windows Phone 8.1 management

    22. For More Information • Windows Intune • • My blog •