aatcc products help deliver right product at the right time without words you don t want to hear n.
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AATCC International Conference March 22-24, 2011 Charleston SC PowerPoint Presentation
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AATCC International Conference March 22-24, 2011 Charleston SC

AATCC International Conference March 22-24, 2011 Charleston SC

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AATCC International Conference March 22-24, 2011 Charleston SC

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  1. AATCC Products Help Deliver Right Product at the Right Time…Without Words You Don’t Want to Hear AATCC International Conference March 22-24, 2011 Charleston SC

  2. Part 1: AATCC Resources… what you need is already in the AATCC tool kit ? Educational Technical Quality Control Publications Web site Where do TM’s and EP’s come from? Yes, YOU own it!

  3. Educational • Workshops & Symposia • Webinar series (dyeing, stretch fabric blends, preparation, finishing, color measurement) • Textile Fundamentals eLearning Modules • Color Management Workshop (annual, at AATCC) • AATCC & ISCC Joint Symposium (Apr 28-29, 2011, Charlotte NC)

  4. Educational • Garment Wet Processing, Denim and Performance Wear: Celebrating 90 years of bringing textile professionals together(Dec 2011, Long Beach, California) • 2010 AATCC Global Conference & Exhibition (Jan 28-30, 2010, Mumbai, India) • Coordination with NCSU, etc

  5. Tracks at Conferences Color Communication • Minimum Fuss, Maximum Organization: Optimizing Color Managed Print Processing in Design • A Systematic Approach to Product Development and Quality Management • Plaids, Prints, Paper and Plastic: Matching the Standard • Using Color Measurement and Communication Tools Effectively Design, Development & Merchandising • Top Trends in Visual Merchandising of Apparel Products • U.S. Army Multicam Integration into Battlefield Uniforms • Technical Textiles & Sports Materials for the Baby Boomer Active Wear Market • Comparison of Thermal Resistance Between Two Garment Designs Quality Matters • AATCC Products that Help Deliver Right Product at the Right Time • AATCC Proficiency Programs – Snapshots of the First Decade • Advances in UV Protective Clothing Offer an Affordable Route to Skin Cancer Prevention • Performance Finishes: Consumers’ Expectations Versus Retail Reality Innovations • Life Cycle Assessment of a Tee Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles • Making Recycled Fibers Traceable, Transparent, and Certifiably Sustainable • Wanted: Green Wardrobe Planners • New Wet Finishing Tools for Denim

  6. Technical • Proficiency testing – Confirm that your lab (and your vendors’ labs) obtain correct results. • Antibacterial Proficiency Program • Colorfastness Proficiency Program • Appearance & Phys. Properties Proficiency Program • Water Resistance/Repellency Proficiency Program • Fiber Identification & Analysis Proficiency Program • Visual Gray Scale for Color Change Evaluation Proficiency Program • Technical Manual • Test Methods • Evaluation Procedures • Monographs • AATCC TM Training Programs (Worldwide)

  7. Test Methods & Evaluation Procedures:What’s the difference? • Evaluation Procedures define procedures that are used by multiple TMs. • For example, multiple TMs for colorfastness employ Gray Scale for Color Change assessment. • EP 1 and EP7 are the procedures for Gray Scale for Color Change assessment. • Test Methods define a process for measuring performance or functionality. TMs do not define the value that is “passing” or acceptable. That is up to the contractual parties.

  8. Example of Evaluation ProceduresGray Scale for Color Change Visual method Instrumental method

  9. Quality Control • QC aids • Gray Scales • Detergent • Replicas • Color vision test • Wrinkle resist • Supported by TMs & EPs

  10. How it works: Standard Reference Detergent Used in Test Methods that employ home laundering machine. The monograph “Standardization of Home Laundry Test Conditions” explaining its use is free on the website ( UV Calibration Program UV Textile Calibration specimen ships with Evaluation Procedure 11, “Spectrophotometer UV Energy Calibration Procedure for Optically Brightened Textiles”.

  11. Where do TMs and EPs come from? Research Committee Meetings Benefits Spring and Fall May , November What will you be doing?

  12. Publications Technical Manual – contains Test Methods, Evaluation Procedures, etc. Available in English and Chinese. Hardbound and CD available. AATCC Review (magazine) Color Vision and Technology CD-ROM AATCC Testing & Evaluation CD Series Color Technology in the Textile Industry

  13. Publications, cont’d. Colorfastness to Perspiration and Water Color Assessment Color Fastness to Crocking Online Newsletter Textile Dyeing and Coloration Garment Wet Processing Technical Manual

  14. Publications – Coming Soon • AATCC Color Guidebook • Joint effort of RA36 (Color Measurement test methods) and C2C • Intended audience: participants in color approval process for retail supply chains. • Fundamentals and Best Practices for execution of visual and electronic color approval program.

  15. Web Site*requires login AATCC Review and AATCC Journal issues* Newsletter issues World Calendar Region-Section News - meetings Member database* Student links New online presence – come check us out!

  16. Networking at Conferences International Conferences Workshops and Symposia Opportunities to meet colleagues and discuss issues with experts in the field. AATCC members support industry and supply chain businesses around the world.

  17. Ownership by members Corporate Individual Interest Groups Region Section

  18. Words you don’t want to hear?! Poor quality causing late deliveries… crocking fading pilling shrinkage

  19. Look at how these are avoidable… Quality control AATCC supports you the Technical expert utilized throughout the supply chain influence the delivery of good quality. Quality is achievable through these efforts.

  20. YOU own it! These tools aid in Quality testing and inspection reports resulting in brand integrity customer loyalty trust in product performance …be an ambassador of AATCC…YOU own it!

  21. Thank you How do you use the tools in the AATCC tool kit? Facebook & LinkedIn