republic of slovenia ministry of public n.
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Government al State I nformatics of Slovenia PowerPoint Presentation
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Government al State I nformatics of Slovenia

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Government al State I nformatics of Slovenia

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Government al State I nformatics of Slovenia

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  1. REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA MINISTRY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Governmental State Informatics of Slovenia Jurij Bertok, M. Sc., Director General Ministry of Public Administration Slovenia

  2. State Single Contact Centre 1995local networkson1100locations Private state network 180applications88 data bases Data Centre 58 Administrative Units 256 Websites 56 Institutions Slovenian Landscape State informatcs in numbers 2.5 mio per month Time stamps 35.000e-mail users 233.000 electronic identities

  3. Cloud computing as the primary infrastructure for PA Comprehensive catalogue of cloud services Common framework for cloud services Horizontal Data Management Services Vision of the Slovenian State informatics Single point of access to cloud services for end users

  4. Infrastructure consolidation Reorganization Action plan Single financial plan Analysis of financial, organisational, security, ICT and human resources Adoption of State Administration Act Procurement centralization HR consolidation 2017 2016 2015 2014

  5. Transition to cloud computing

  6. Data management for data driven and transparent PA by BI, big data open data Operational goals of the transition to cloud technology Establishing a standardised platform based on open specifications which will also be easily transferable to a foreign PA Publication of content through open online services directly from the common data layer Establishing a tripartite development model between the public administration, academia and economy Providing an innovative environment which will enable implementation of new e-Services for the private sector

  7. Slovenian Gov-Cloud Public sector, Local self-government up to 160.000 Selectedpublicadministration up to 30.000 HRO Hybrid Cloud Computing DRO Public Cloud Computing Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads

  8. Innovativecloud IRO Innovative-developmental cloud computing Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads Appl Loads HRO

  9. DRO cloud concept Generic-common legislative framework General Administrative Act (ZUP) ZVOP (personal data) Legislation „claims“ and border conditions level ZEPEP (eSignature) Internal affairs Specific legislative framework Legislation on spatial planning and environment Tax legislation Various legislation frameworks Customs Legislation on education Modular eServices frameworks Level „SaaS“ REFERENCEARCHITECTURE business information architecture and management cross-borded contectors, standards, interoperability links to common EU projects e-SENS STORK…. One central data cloud centrelevel “Iaas” Standardisation of a reusable solution common patterns Horizontal solutions cloud security? Data protection / encription? Protection of personal data?Avoidance of vendor lock-in?transferability? Ownership costs? HKOMnetwork level

  10. Unified approach to information systems development Open data portal Building blocks Reference architecture Open communication standard Business Intelligence and Big data Identity repository

  11. Building Blocks for electronic data gathering Tray • central system for electronic data enquiries • flexible, powerful internal BPM engine, autoresume IO-module • common platform for standardized data distribution • excellent tool for the data owners, attribute control Asynchronous module • support for enquiries to data sources where synchronous access is not possible • waiting room Security Platform • standardized management of users and their rights (authentication, authorization) • human and system users, qualified digital certificates

  12. Reuse of solutions • more reuse, more savings • TRAY • 5systems • IO module • 10systems Security Platform8 systems 20.000 users * source: February 2016

  13. Visibility • The United Nations Public Service Award UNPSA • Winner 2013: Promoting Whole-of-the-government approaches in the Information Age, 1st place Europe & North America UNPSAWinners%20FINAL.pdf • OECD Digital Government Toolkit • Good practice case: • National interoperability portal NIO • • EU Joinup interoperability portal • • YouTube presentation movies • • EC Study on Open eGovernment Services (SMART 2014/066) • one of 10 selected examples of New Generation of eGovernment Services: Results

  14. Building Blocks for electronic data gathering Video Presentation : The Data Gathering Process

  15. Trust and security!

  16. e-Identities: public administration e-Identities: citizens, companies Qualified digital certificates citizens companies’ employees servers stamps for companies (planned) Use of mobile devices* Qualified digital certificates civil servants servers stamps for institutions (planned) Use of mobile devices* * Available in Q3 2017

  17. Central building blocks for trust services: “APP store” for developers and project managers Central Authentication System centralni avtentikacijski sistem PEPS Cross-border Node (EU)* centralno vozlišče eIDAS Central Server Based System for e-Signature* centralni strežniški e-podpis Central System for e-Delivery* TSA Secure Time-Stamping izdajanje varnih časovnih žigov * In preparation

  18. NEW e-Government State Portal in production since November 2015

  19. Key advantages of the new portal A good user experience Usable on mobile devices Clear content Usable for people with disabilities Notifications on the status of the resolution of the application User-friendly Efficient search engine 09.12.2015 19

  20. Back-end Horizontal building blocks: • SI-CAS (SI-PASS) • Signature component • Security platform • The tray • IO modul • E-payment system • Pricing Data sources: • CRP • IDVDOK • eRISK • GURS RPE in REN • MRVL, dMRVL • eDajatve • RAZ • RPS • PRS • IPP Back-office systems for receivingapplications: • SPIS 1.45 • SPIS 4 • INSPIS • IS-CSD • FURS • CKE • Police Back-office applications: • CMS for editors • System for applicationsGenerator vlog • Events and gatherings • Bulletion board • Search engine • Piwik 20

  21. After 1 year…. 21 > 30.000registered users > 30.000 submitted electronic applications 25.000 events and meetings 15.000announcements on the bulletin board > 6.000 unique daily visitors