host nation support in the republic of lithuania n.
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  1. HOST NATION SUPPORT IN THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA Almantas Gudonis Chief adviser of Mobilization department under MoD Phone: +370 5 2103 886; mob: +370 611 27 580 Email: 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  2. AIM Present HNS conception of the Republic of Lithuania 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  3. AGENDA • HNS contracts; • Other HNS measures; • Government decision on HNS; • HNS during the Collective State defence; • HNS steering (structure, responsibilities, processes); • LTU HNS Steering Committee; • LTU HNS Control Group; • HNS training. International exercises “Baltic host”. • LTU HNS legal basis; • HNS definition; • HNS principles; • HNS types; • HNS cases; • Main HNS needs; • Medical support; • HNS agreements; • LTU HNS system actors; • HNS tasks for civil agencies; • HNS task for Ministry of Health; 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED


  5. Host nation support – Civil and military assistance (supplying required goods, services or works) rendered for coming (ally) forces and organizations which are located, operating in or transiting through the Lithuania’s territory. HNS DEFINITION 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  6. HNSPRINCIPLES Responsibility. Provision. Authority. Cooperation. Coordination. Economy. Visibility. Reimbursement. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  7. HNS TYPES International military exercises (NATO headquartersor other sending nationheadquarters, military forces deploy in Lithuanian or transit through the territory); international military operations (NATO article 5 or non article 5 OPS); Allocating sending nation stocks andequipment (weapons, technique e.c.) in civil or military national installations; Transiting sending nation stocks and equipment through the Republic of Lithuania territory. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  8. HNS CASES (PEACE TIME) • International military exercises with NATO, PfP nation’s participation; • Transit NATO PfP nation military stocks, equipment or weapons; • Allocating NATO headquarters or NATO nation’s military units in Lithuania territory. NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  9. HNS CASES (EMERGENCIES) Civil disturbances (Ethnic conflicts, mass violations of the public order); Disasters (hurricanes, tornados, floods, bush fires e.c.); CBRN incidents (Nuclear, chemical accidents in the industry, area contamination by the radiological, chemical elements); Refugees mass flow in the territory of Lithuania; Increased activity of terrorist organizations. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  10. HNS CASES (CRISIS) Act of terrorism. Threatening by the armed actions against the state; Military (armed)provocations; An armed conflict in the Baltic region; Possible Armed actions following diplomatic conflicts. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  11. HNS CASES (COLLECTIVE DEFENCE) The Republic of Lithuania is under an armed attack; Lithuania neighbor countries (Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Belarus) are in the war or mobilizing resources for armed actions; Sending nationis in the conflict with other (non NATO) countries. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  12. MAIN HNS NEEDS Sea and air ports infrastructure and services; Rapid cross of State border; Transportation; Cargo loading and reloading; Required civil and military installations for force deployment; Possibility to use roads and other civil public infrastructure for force movement; Radio frequencies and communication lines to ensure communication; Required staff and equipment transportation services; Feeding; Fuel and energy; Waste collect and utilization; Rescue, proper accident management and restoration; Medical support; All kind of information needed for operations; Expertise in different required areas; Secureand maintainpublic order in force deployment areas. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  13. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  14. HNS AGREEMENTS HNS Request (REQ). Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Concept of Requirements (COR). Technical Agreement (TA). Statement of Requirements (SOR). Joint Implementation Arangement (JIA). 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  15. HNS AGREEMENTS (MAKING PROCESS) 15 HNS agreements for every HNS operation shall be made according AJP 4.5. HNS agreements making process contains 5 following steps: 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  16. LTU HNS SYSTEM ACTORS Civil Agencies Government HNS Tasks MoD MD LAF Contracts Economy entities Economy entities (EME) Agencies (CMA) 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  17. HNS TASKS FOR CIVIL AGENCIES • HNS tasks – Government designed tasks to civil agencies according their competency in order to provide all required services, goods or jobs for Ally coming forces within territory of Republic of Lithuania. • Background of HNS tasks for civil agencies is requirements for HNS from NATO or sending nations (HNS agreements or Contingency plans requirements) 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  18. Designed for: Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Communication; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Economy; Ministry of the Interior; Ministry of Agriculture; GovernmentalFood and Veterinary Agency; Municipality administrations (60) HNS TASKS FOR CIVIL AGENCIES 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  19. HNS TASK FOR MINISTRY OF HEALTH • HNS task - Control and Coordinate all health care services provided for HNS. • HNS requirements for medical support are based on ad hoc HNS agreements or Contingency plans HNS requirements. • All required health care services for HNS shall be distributed between military units and civil health care agencies (civil hospitals or clinics). • In all HNS cases, except Collective defence, civil health care services shall be provided on Government decision, if militaries health care services can’t cover obligations settled in HNS agreements. • In State defence cases, when it is planned in Ministry of Health mobilization plan, civil medical support shall be provided immediately, according the plan. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  20. HNS CONTRACTS • Every CMA, LAF and MoD have a right to make a HNS contract with the private Enterprise or Company (Economy entity); • HNS contracts purpose is to get a business support to HNS; • Economy entity, which has a HNS contract becomes an Economy mobilization entity (EME) and gains a special legal status and following obligations: • At any time to be able to perform the contract; • Assign a staff, which should ensure performance of taken obligations; • Participate in HNS training. • Benefit of HNS contract: • Business order for the Enterprise and an Investment for the national economy; • A guaranty of continuity it’s economical activity in the defence cases. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  21. OTHER HNS MEASURES • Use of the State reserve; • Use of Civil Mobilization Personnel Reserve; • Use of the LAF stock reserve. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED


  23. HNS DURING THE COLLECTIVE STATE DEFENCE • CMA has a duty to provide HNS in pursuance of all measures and actions laid down in CMA mobilization plans. The extent for civil HNS is prescribed and limits are set in HNS tasks for civil agencies. • All Economy mobilization entities have duties to fulfill obligations set out in HNS contracts. HNS contracts performance are under control of CMA, MoD or LAF, which has made the contract. Contracts have to be made in peace time following to Contingency plans requirements or ad hoc following to ad hoc HNS agreements. • Mobilization department under MoD coordinates HNS civil support. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  24. HNS STEERING (STRUCTURE) GOVERNMENT HNS system development Decisions on civil support in HNS Assignation HNS tasks for civil agencies Composition of JHNSCC MINISTER OF NATIONAL DEFENSE Suggestions for the Government Management of HNS resources (reserves) and capabilities Negotiations and MoU making NATO authority Strategic SN(s) authority JHNSC NDS AGENCIES (Polit.) MOBILIZATION DEP CHIEF OF DEFENSE LAJHQ HNS COORDINATOR NATO Cdr Assessment of HNS requests, needs and requirements of coming forces HNS planning (HNS agreements),command and control HNS Reports and analysis HNS CONTROL GROUP Operational SN(S) MILITARY Cdr CIVIL AGENCIES CONTRACTORS NDS AGENCIES (Exec.) ARMED FORCES (Air, Land, Navy, Logistic) OTHER MILITARY UNITS Tactical Executing HNS plans, tasks and contracts - Ad hoc HNS steering element - HNS Coordination 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  25. HNS STEERING (RESPONSIBILITIES) Government makes decisions about the civil support in HNS on the JHNSC suggestion GOVERNMENT Provides suggestions to the Government about the civil support needed for HNS JHNSC MoND is the head of JHNSC and responsible for making MoU and forming of the JHNSC agenda MINISTER OF NATIONAL DEFENSE MOBILIZATION DEPARTMENT MD is the main HNS coordinator of the civil assistance and it is secretariat of JHNSC CHIEF OF DEFENSE COD is the main POC for SN HNS Request. Joint HQ of LTU Armed Forces is responsible for HNS planning and coordination of Armed forces; Chief of JHQ is also a deputy head of JHNSC and HNSC LAJHQ HNS CG is responsible for execution HNS plans and joint NATO (other sending nation) civil and military actions in HNS HNS CONTROL GROUP HNSC is responsible for organization of needed HNS, development of HNS agreements, plans; Suggests MoND to compose HNS CG HNS COORDINATOR LAND FORCES AIR FORCE NAVY LOGISTICS COMMAND TRAINING AND DOC. COM STAFF BN MILITARY POLICE MCC Logistics Support Command is responsible for HNS execution in the area of procurement of common items, storage, transportation and maintenance • LF HQis responsible for execution of land forces logistic support; • - AF HQ is responsible for execution of air forces logistic support, including dedication of air base such as APOD(E); • NV HQ is responsible for execution of naval forces logistic support, including dedication of sea base such as SPOD(E), ALSS, FLS and LOTS sites MILITARY MEDICAL SERVICE MCC is responsible for movement execution and coordination; Serves as a single point of contact for border crossing 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  26. HNS STEERING (PROCESSES) On the HNSC suggestions makes ad hoc decisions about execution of HNS tasks and fulfillment obligations according dormant HNS contracts GOVERNMENT JHNSC Provides suggestions to the Government about needed civil support (what agencies, contractors should be involved) in HNS Makes MoU with sending nation authority; Drafts HNS tasks for civil agencies; leads JHNSC work; Composes HNS CG MINISTER OF NATIONAL DEFENSE Coordinates and controls execution of HNS tasks; Designs compulsory prescriptions for civilian agencies according HNS tasks and needs; Accumulates and manages all data, needed in HNS MOBILIZATION DEPARTMENT Participates in drafting JHNSC agenda (Chief of JHQ is deputy head) and HNS tasks for civil agencies, suggests about civil participation needed in HNS; gives orders for the armed forces, accumulates and manages military data needed in HNS. CHIEF OF DEFENSE Receives HNS requests and appoints HNS coordinator LAJHQ Assesses HNS requests, needs and requirements; Organizes HNS planning, runs a negotiation process, develops HNS agreements, plans, orders; Steers and controls HNS execution; Suggests MoND to compose HNS CG Organizes, controls and coordinates execution of HNS plans and NATO (other sending nation) civil and armed forces joint actions in HNS HNS CONTROL GROUP HNS COORDINATOR LAND FORCES AIR FORCE NAVY LOGISTICS COMMAND TRAINING AND DOC. COM STAFF BN MILITARY POLICE Execute HNS plans, orders, provide required possible military asset (land, air, naval logistic support); Dedicate air bases as APOD(E) and sea base as SPOD(E), ALSS, FLS and LOTS sites; Execute procurement of common items, storage, transportation needed for HNS, coordinate force movement within Lithuania territory and provide maintenance. 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  27. LTU HNS STEERING COMMITTEE Head Minister of National Defense Deputy head Chief of LAJHQ Director of Mobilization Department Chancellor of the Ministry of Environment Vice-Minister of Energy Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance Vice-Minister of Culture Chancellor of Social Security and Labour Chancellor of the Ministry of Transport and Communication Chancellor of the Ministry of Health Chancellor of the Ministry of Education and Science Chancellor of the Ministry of Justice Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Chancellor of the Ministry of Economy Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs Chancellor of the Ministry of Agriculture Representative of the Prime Minister Office 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED 2020-01-01

  28. LTU HNS CONTROL GROUP HNS CG CDR (Chief of JHQ) CIVIL element Chief (MD) Ops Chief (J5) CDR Support JTF Support Chief (J4) Ministry of Economy Ministry of Transport and Communications Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Finance • Ministry of Education and Science • Ministry of Energy • Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Ministry of Justice • Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Environment • Ministry of Health • Mobilization Department Sea Port Regime Department • Fire and Rescue Department • Police Department • Public Security Service, etc. LOG (J4) HNS (J4) LOG (J4) LOGFAS-RSOM J&T (J4) MED (J4) CIS (J6) CIMIC (J9) PER (J1) OPS (J3) AIR OPS (J4) NAVY OPS (J4) ENG OPS (J3) SEC OPS (J3) INT (J2) MOB (J5) TRAINING (J7) MD chief LEGAD (JHQ) BUDFIN (J8) Appointed liaison officers Representatives from NATO and other countries armed units could be attached 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  29. HNS TRAINING. INTERNATIONAL EXERCISES BALTIC HOST 2009, March 2 – 6, First time an international HNS exercise „Baltic Host 2009“ was held in Tartu, Estonia. Lithuania and Latvia took part as participants. 2010, May 31 – June 4, International HNS exercise „Baltic Host 2010“ took place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In charge was Latvia, Ryga. international and national HNS exercise was based on the same scenario. 2011,April 4 – 8 d. Lithuania, Vilnius (Nemenčinė) was in charge for the international exercise „Baltic Host 2011“. National HNS exercise also was held in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 2012 June 28 – July 2 exercise “Baltic Host 2012” was held in Estonia (Tartu). National exercises took place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Skolkan scenario was introduced, 2013 October 31 – November 7 Exercise ‘Baltic Host 2013” joint with “Steed Fast Jazz 2013” will take place in Latvia (Ryga). National HNS exercise will execute in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

  30. ? 2020-01-01 NATO UNCLASSIFIED