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Rhineland 2012! PowerPoint Presentation
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Rhineland 2012!

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Rhineland 2012!
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Rhineland 2012!

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  1. Rhineland 2012!

  2. The hotel Our hotel is called Hotel Spiegelgarten. It overlooks the River Rhine.

  3. Meals! We will have dinner when we arrive at the hotel and each evening. The hotel provide us with packed lunches each day.

  4. Excursions!

  5. Language work

  6. Boppard Town Trail

  7. Boppard Chairlift

  8. Rhine Cruise

  9. Cochem Castle – new for this year

  10. Koblenz

  11. Is it your birthday on the 14th June?! If so, let us know...you get into Phantasialand free!!!

  12. Disco cruise! Rhineland 2009

  13. Outward Journey on Monday 11th June 2012 Please be at school at 5.00 am Please remember to be really quiet for the neighbours. No talking till you are in the hall. We are leaving at 5.30 am

  14. What to bring • Packed lunch for the journey • Some casual clothing, jumper, jeans and sensible shoes for excursions • A raincoat would probably be more practical than an umbrella • A change of shoes in case of wet weather • Toilet bag (we recommend taking own towel and soap) • Underwear and nightwear • Sun cream and sun hat • Swimwear and towel • A backpack/small holdall • German dictionary • Pencil case with equipment – VERY IMPORTANT • Small notebook or rough book • Camera and film – optional. • DVDs for the coach – we’ll look after them! • Spending money • We cannot take responsibility for the loss of any of these items and the school insurance will not cover these items.

  15. Pocket money I would recommend no more than €80-€100 for souvenirs and snacks, as all other costs have been covered. The pupils may like to change all but £5 or £10 into Euros and use the English currency for the journey. Due to the current exchange rate, we are able to give all students on the trip €20 spending money. Please factor this into the amount above.

  16. The coach There are three important rules: 1. Chewing gum is NOT allowed. 2. Please don’t drop any litter in the coach – there will be bins on board. 3. Seatbelts must be worn at all times. Rhineland 2005

  17. Return Journey on Friday 15th June 2012 We will be leaving after an early breakfast! We should be home at about 8.30pm. Please follow the advice in the letter about finding out our arrival time.

  18. Weather! The weather is usually similar to England. This week in Boppard there have been thunderstorms and some lovely sunny days! Temperatures are about 20°-25°

  19. Paper work! Please make sure that you have your: passport EHIC card any medication (labelled with your name) PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY MEDICATION THAT IS KEPT IN SCHOOL THAT YOU WANT US TO TAKE AWAY. We will be collecting them in and keeping them safe during the trip.

  20. Travel Insurance In line with many travel insurance policies, Zurich has an exclusion in its Business Travel and School Journey policies referring to “travel against medical advice”, usually stating the following: Travelling Against Medical Advice • Payment is excluded for any expenses incurred if anInsured Person is travelling or intending to travel against the advice of aMedical Practitioner We strongly recommend that if there is any doubt over a current or recent medical condition that the traveller visits their doctor to make sure they are fit to travel and are not invalidating their cover. This will help to avoid potential difficulties should the need to claim arise later for cancellation, or sickness happening during the trip. • “Fit to travel” implies that during the trip the medical condition is unlikely to create the need for medical attention or other additional costs (such as emergency evacuation or visit of a relative) that would ordinarily qualify as a claim under the policy. The traveller should get a written statement from their GP or other medical practitioner at most 7 days before the trip starts stating that they are fit to travel having regard to (a) the condition itself and (b) the following features of the trip : • destination • activities • duration • methods of travel The traveller should tell the medical professional that the required statement is for specific insurance purposes and that it may be relied upon to substantiate the validity of a Medical Expenses claim should it later need to be made.

  21. Travel Insurance ‘in a nutshell’ • If your child has a pre-existing condition that could require medical attention while abroad, you will need to get a ‘fit to travel’ note from the GP in the week preceding the trip.

  22. Non British Citizens Please could you let me know at the end if your child has anything other than a British passport.

  23. Expectations We have very high expectations of behaviour on the trip. Students are expected to follow instructions immediately. While we are there, the EURO 2012 football tournament is taking place. We will not look favourably on any behaviour that might bring the school or England into disrepute e.g. chanting, shouting at members of public from other nations.

  24. Hoodies If you ordered a hoodie, we will be giving them out during a break time before half term. A notice will go in bulletin at school when they are ready. It is a good idea to put your child’s name in their hoodie if you can, as they do get mixed up during the trip!

  25. MFL blog! You may know that we have an MFL blog! We are hoping to post news and pictures on the blog during the week we are away (internet access permitting!). Please have a look and feel free to post comments.  http://rpslanguages.wordpress.com/ If you would like a sticker with the blog address, see me at the end. They should be on your child’s exercise book!

  26. Any questions? We are looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable trip!