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Creating a Facebook Account PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook Account

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Creating a Facebook Account

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  1. Creating a Facebook Account • What do we use facebook for? • Able to communicate with friends online throughout the globes . • Finding entertainments in facebook • Able to share photos or status with friends and family.

  2. Now go to

  3. Fill in your particulars Eg. Your name, email, birthday and gender.

  4. After filling in your particulars, click “sign up” DON’T FORGET YOUR PASS WORD !!

  5. After creating a facebook account • Step 1: Find your friends on facebook, you are able to skip this step.

  6. Step 2: profile information - fill out your profile information such as high school and etc.

  7. Step 3: Profile picture- set your profile picture by uploading a photo or take a photo with your webcam


  9. ABOUT FACEBOOK’S SIDEBAR New feed: Shows your friend’s recent activities Messages: shows your message inbox from your friends. Photos: shows you photos that you have uploaded and photos that you have been tagged in.

  10. Try logging out and logging in again Click on the setting icon

  11. Click log out and u will be logged out from facebook

  12. Enter your email and password to log back in by clicking on the “log In”sign.

  13. Privacy setting Click on the setting icon and the click on “privacy settings”.You will then reach this page. You are able to limit the people who are able to see your posts, photos and etc, by setting your privacy to friends, friend’s friends, everyone and only me.

  14. Now only your friends can see your email address or phone

  15. Profile Information Click on your name.

  16. Click the“+Add Profile Picture”to upload your profile picture Click on “update info”to update your profile

  17. Fill in your personal information. When you are done, click “done editing to save your information Or click “edit”to edit the information. After u are done, just click save.

  18. 4.Connecting with friends Add your friends on Facebook to chat and reconnect with them. This is how Facebook serves to be a social networking site!

  19. Type in “cwdipl” or you can type in the person name in to the box. Step 1:To search for your friends, click on the search bar and type in your friend’s name.

  20. When searching for friends, select the “People” category. Click on the “Add Friend” button to add a friend.

  21. After sending a friend request, you may want to add him/her to a specific list e.g. family or close friend.

  22. After he/she has accepted your friend request, you will receive a notification informing you.

  23. Sending messages

  24. Select “Send a new message”. Click on the message box icon.

  25. Type your friend’s name in the addressee box and select a name. Type in your message. Click “Send” once you have finished.

  26. 5.Updating posts Share with your friends about recent activities, reads, etc. Your friends will be able to know your updates from their News Feed.

  27. Click on your name on the top-right corner to your profile and go to your wall. Click “Update Status” Post something you would like to share !

  28. You can tag you friends in your activities! Click post after typing. Choose the visibility of the post. Places can be added according to your location.

  29. Adding a photo.. Click “Add Photos/Video”. You can choose to upload a recent photo/video or create a photo album !

  30. Posting on a friend’s wall

  31. Click on the “Friends” tab to find your friends. Click on your friend’s name.

  32. After finishing, click “Post”. Select “Write post” and type out your message.

  33. 6.Creating a group

  34. Go to “Home” and click “Create Group” on the left panel.

  35. Select the members of the group. Choose your visibility of the group to the non-group members. Click “Create” once finished.

  36. Type in a post for the group. It works the same way as statuses! Click “Post” once finished.

  37. More on your new group! Continue adding more friends! You can chat with your online and create events to discuss more! Add description for more identification! Like your wall, you can also share new photos and videos after activities or events.