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What Punyam Academy's ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training Course Consider? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Punyam Academy's ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training Course Consider?

What Punyam Academy's ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training Course Consider?

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What Punyam Academy's ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training Course Consider?

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  1. ISO 22301:2019 Lead ISO 22301:2019 Lead Auditor Training Auditor Training PAS145

  2. Introduction • Punyam Academy Launches the ISO 22301:2019 lead auditor online course for business continuity management system (BCMS). • Those who wants to get knowledge about how to perform ISO 22301 audit process and get certified as “Certified ISO 22301:2019 Lead Auditor” by Exemplar Global .

  3. Description • The full name of the standard is ISO 22301: 2019 Security and resilience – Business continuity Requirements. The ISO 22301:2019 is an international standard that describes how to manage business continuity in an organization. This ISO 2301:2019 standard is written by leading business professionals and provides an excellent framework for managing business continuity in the organization. One of the things that distinguishes this level from other frameworks/principles of business organization can be accredited by a certification body, and as a result will be able to prove its compliance to its customers, partners, owners, and other stakeholders. management systems - • • continuity is that the

  4. With.. Cost and Time Efficient Fast and Flexible Convenient and Flexible Anywhere and Anytime Training

  5. Modules of E- Learning Course Sessions & Final Exam Appear session exams & one final exam to review your knowledge & complete the course. E-learning with Audio Presentation All content is well described with explanatory audio to understandthe subject well. Handouts in PDF Format Get Editable Training Material After passing the exams, user can download/ print training certificate, which can verify anytime on website. Handouts Checklist future organization’s audit process. as well to reference as Audit for during Download

  6. Topics ❖ Session - 1 : Overview of ISO 22301 ❖ Session - 2 : Requirements of ISO 22301 ❖ Session - 3 : ISO 22301 Terms and Definitions ❖ Session - 4 : ISO 22301:2019 Documentation ❖ Session - 5 : ISO 22301:2019 Internal Audit Process ❖ Session - 6 : Audit Terms and Definitions and Roles and Responsibilities ❖ Session – 7: Performing an Audit ❖ Session – 8 : Nonconformity and Corrective Action

  7. 1. In this module, the user gets a presentation with explanatory audio on each of the above-mentioned topics to understand the subject well. Lectures 2. The participant of this ISO 23001 lead auditor course can download and save the a total of 100 pages of handouts in their computer for future reference. Also, they can print them or read them offline to get detailed knowledge of all the topics. Handouts 3. After passing the final exam, the auto-generated ISO 23001:2019 Lead Auditor Certificate can be download and print by participants. This certificate can be verified by anyone anytime from this website. Exam 4. ISO 23001:2019 audit checklists are given, which can be work as a ready-to-perform audit tool. Participants can download it for future reference. Audit Checklists

  8. Benefits ✓ Identify the aims and benefits of an ISO 22301:2019 audit ✓ Interpret ISO 22301:2019 application ✓ Plan, conduct and follow-up auditing activities that add real value ✓ Grasp the application of risk-based thinking, leadership and process management ✓ Access the latest auditor appropriate use ✓ Build stakeholder confidence by leading audit activities in line with the latest requirements requirements for audit techniques and identify

  9. Objectives ✓ Familiarize yourself with ISO 22301:2019 Requirements in detail. ✓ Know about the resource requirements and process requirements. ✓ Understand the documentation 22301:2019. ✓ Understand documentation and list of procedures to be maintained, and to check them as internal auditor. ✓ Get the knowledge of internal auditing and use of audit checklist. ✓ Know about the types of auditing and questioning techniques. required by ISO

  10. Prerequisites ✓ Purpose and benefits of a Business Impact Analysis ✓ Principals of risk assessment and analysis ✓ Typical Business Continuity Strategies ✓ Business continuity response options ✓ BCMS performance metrics, monitoring and performance measurement ✓ Exercise and testing methodologies

  11. Examination and Course Certificate ✓ Punyam Academy is Exemplar Global recognized training provider includes the Course Certificate that is issued upon course completion and passing the session exam as well as final exam given in the course with minimum 60% marks. ✓ The option to reappear in the exam is also given to student to get this ISO 22301:2019 Lead Auditor Training Course Certificate.