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E-Stewards Training Opportunities. Libby Chaplin. Training Programs. The e-Stewards Auditor Certification Training The e-Stewards Internal Auditor Training e-Stewards Management System Implementation Training e-Stewards webinar On-site standard or tailored training

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Training programs
Training Programs

  • The e-Stewards Auditor Certification Training

  • The e-Stewards Internal Auditor Training

  • e-Stewards Management System Implementation Training

  • e-Stewards webinar

  • On-site standard or tailored training

    • Linked with gap & opportunity assessment

E stewards auditor certification training
e-Stewards Auditor Certification Training

  • Curriculum

    • Why e-waste is a problematic waste stream

    • Principles of the Basel Convention

    • Characteristics of the e-waste industry

    • Structure and scope of the standard and its interaction with ISO 14001

    • Practicalities of auditing to the e-Stewards Standard

    • Unique requirements for auditing to the e-Stewards Standard

    • Special requirements for registration of an e-Stewards recycler

  • Target audience

    • Certification Bodies (CBs)

    • Auditors working for ANAB-accredited e-Stewards CBs

    • ANAB Auditors and contract auditors seeking qualification in order to be hired by e-Stewards CBs

  • Schedule - 2011

    • March 8, 9, & 10th

    • July 18, 19 & 20th

E stewards internal auditor training
e-Stewards Internal Auditor Training

  • Curriculum

    • Why e-waste is a problematic waste stream

    • Principles of the Basel Convention

    • Evolution of e-Stewards program

    • Characteristics of the e-waste industry

    • Structure and scope of the standard and its interaction with ISO 14001

    • Practicalities of auditing to the e-Stewards Standard

    • How to conduct an internal audit that will enhance an organization’s e-Stewards program

    • How to use the audit process to prepare for certification.

  • Target audience

    • e-Stewards internal auditors

    • e-Stewards Enterprise 2nd Party auditors

    • Companies wishing to train their auditors to assure the conformity of their suppliers to e-Stewards requirements.

  • Schedule

    • November 8, 9, & 10, 2010

    • May 17, 18, & 19th, 2011

E stewards management system implementation training
e-Stewards Management System Implementation Training

  • Covers

    • Why e-waste stewardship is an important risk reduction strategy

    • Structure and scope of the standard and its interaction with ISO 14001

    • Practicalities of implementing the e-Stewards Standard

    • Designing a e-Stewards Management System that adds business value and demonstrates corporate responsibility to your customers

    • The key milestones involved in establishing your system and achieving certification

  • Target Audience

    • e-Stewards and those wishing to know how to design and implement a successful e-Stewards management system

  • Schedule

    • February, TBA, 2011

    • April 18, 19, 20th , 2011

    • June 6, 7, & 8th, 2011

E stewards webinar
e-Stewards Webinar

  • Curriculum

    • Overview of the e-Stewards Standard

    • Overview of registration process  

    • Tips & benefits of implementing an e-Stewards Management System

    • Expert Q&A session

  • Target audience

    • People wishing to know what the e-Stewards program is about

  • Scheduled

Additional information
Additional information

  • Flyer

  • Questions or to sign up

    • Go to the SAI Global booth

    • Talk to Libby Chaplin

    • Go to our website:


Political and ban programmatic information
Political and BAN Programmatic Information

  • Federal Legislation

  • Expose’s / Field Investigations

  • Container Tracking / Asset Tags

  • Press Activities

  • Op/Eds

E stewards representation conferences and negotiations
e-Stewards Representation / Conferences and Negotiations


  • Interpol

  • ICM and other Conferences


  • Basel

  • PACE

  • EPA

E stewards marketing lauren and mike

e-Stewards Marketing-- Lauren and Mike

E stewards marketing
e-Stewards Marketing

  • It’s all about BRAND recognition

    • Engage the Enterprise program

    • USE the brand: Home page and all over your website/marketing materials/facility/business cards/company vehicles

    • Use “e-Stewards electronics recycler/recycling” for all on-line activity

    • Fly the flag!

E stewards enterprise program
e-Stewards Enterprise Program

  • The Enterprise program drives businesses to YOUR door

  • Current Enterprises

baselaction network

What e stewards enterprises are saying
What e-Stewards Enterprises are saying…

“The e-Stewards Enterprise program makes regulating vendor behavior easier to do, puts a process behind certification and auditing, and applies checks and balances to making sure our recyclers and collectors are acting responsibly. We want our member companies, customers, suppliers, and industry colleagues to take notice in how IDEA conducts itself. “

Debra Eggeman, Executive Director

Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA)

baselaction network

What enterprises are saying
What Enterprises are saying…

“Being an e-Stewards Enterprise is important to us since it provides 100% assurance that our e-waste is being handled in a responsible manner and ensures disposal of obsolete equipment is not impacting the environment.”

Brad Mirenfeld, Business Director

Environmental Sustainability Office

Capital One

baselaction network

E stewards enterprise program1
e-Stewards Enterprise Program

  • Growth plan

    • Promote through current Enterprises

      • Affiliate companies

      • Industry sustainability organizations

      • Vendors

      • Employees

    • Enroll new Enterprises, including major companies, cities and regions – We need YOU!

    • Work with partner NGOs to engage new audiences and promote the brand

    • Expand the program to Europe and Asia

baselaction network

It s working temple emanu el tikkun olam
It’s working…Temple Emanu-El – Tikkun Olam

Why social media
Why Social Media?

  • Draw thousands of ‘fans’, ‘friends’ and users and instantly communicate on a topic important to YOU

  • CREATE the news rather than ‘making’ the news

  • Maximizing the mentions of “e-Stewards electronics recycling” on line increases chances for e-Stewards to result in general searches for “electronics recycling”

  • The public can reach us easier and faster in a casual way; direct interaction with the community

  • Update quickly about e-recycling related topics

baselaction network

What s new
What’s New?

Starting Stats…

  • Facebook Page “e-Stewards Electronics Recycling”- Current “fans”: 38

  • Twitter - Current “followers”: 25

  • LinkedIn group

    • Public group members: 93

    • e-Stewards Recyclers Only Group: 47


  • ERI – 31,900 facebook fans

  • 1-800-RECYCLING – 56,300 facebook fans

  • NRDC – 139,000 fans

  • Greenpeace – 619,000 fans

  • McDonalds – 3,062,600

  • Barack Obama – 13,732,100 fans

    …we have some WORK to do!

baselaction network

Facebook help promote the e stewards brand
Facebook:Help promote the e-Stewards Brand

  • If you have a page, go to edit your page.

  • On the right-hand side bar, click on “Send an Update” under “Promote your page”.

  • Please send a mass message/update to tell your fans about e-Stewards electronics recycling!

baselaction network

Promote the brand invitation
Promote the Brand – invitation

Put our page to your page’s favorite (will show up on your page)

Suggest to personal friends on your profile

baselaction network

Promote the brand share
Promote the Brand – share

Share our post to your page or profile

baselaction network

Twitter promote the brand retweet
Twitter: Promote the Brand – Retweet

“Retweet” our posting on Twitter

baselaction network

It works

  • Fans/followers guaranteed: e.g., 1-800-recycling

Guaranteed thousands of fans in a month

baselaction network

Linkedin get connected
LinkedIn – Get connected

  • The average number of LinkedIn connections for people who work at Google is 47

  • The average number for Harvard Business School grads is 58, so you could skip the MBA, work at Google, and get the connections you need. Later, you can hire Harvard MBAs to prepare your income taxes.

  • All 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. 499 of them are represented by director-level and above employees.

Helping ban and you
Helping BAN and you…

  • Rapid audience growth via. SEO and social media for companies dedicated to good causes

  • Delivers top-ranked websites, facebook pages, and YouTube channels

  • 415-323-0822 info@goodmedia.com

E stewards training opportunities

  • Providing sustainable recycling solutions 7/24/365 days per year

  • Zip Code based Recycling Center locator for US locations

  • Free Listing for Recycling Centers

  • 1-800-RECYCLING Toll Free Number – Spanish & English

  • Recycling News, State Regulations, & Environmental Glossary

  • Mobile App for iPhone & Android

  • 1000’s of Users per day

  • 57,309 Facebook Fans

  • 37,569 Twitter Followers

Earth911 year

  • 5.1 million visitors annually

  • Electronics were the #1 most searched products in 2009

  • www.earth911.com

  • 42 facility locations must participate in listing to meet mimimum

  • $~150/site for listing w/e-Stewards designation

  • BAN pays set up fees/must administrate

E stewards training opportunities

Sample year

Press partnership
Press Partnership year

  • ENGAGE BAN in your press events.

    • Attendance at key events

    • Quotes

    • BAN press release on your behalf

baselaction network

E stewards collectors
e-Stewards Collectors year

  • Best potential for exponentially expanding e-Stewards footprint

  • Must commit to using ONLY e-Stewards recyclers

  • Where we are:

    • Research/Survey - Greg

    • Fundraising - Donald

    • Leadership Council guidance

    • Pilot

Next meeting
Next Meeting year

  • Month? -- March 17 ?

  • Location? -- Dallas ?

E stewards collaboration e stewards

e-Stewards Collaboration year-- e-Stewards

E stewards collaboration participation is voluntary
e-Stewards Collaboration year(participation is voluntary)

  • Name, company

  • Facility locations

  • How we’d like to work with other e-Stewards

    • i.e.: “We do CRT processing and have special pricing for recyclers.”


  • What type of help you’d like from other e-Stewards

    • i.e.: “We’re looking for help on options for toner recycling/disposal.”

baselaction network