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Instant healing of anemia through natural sources – Pubrica

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Instant healing of anemia through natural sources – Pubrica

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  1. INSTANT HEALING OF ANEMIA THROUGH NATURALSOURCES An Academic presentationby Dr. Nancy Agens, Head, Technical Operations, Pubrica Group: www.pubrica.com Email:sales@pubrica.com

  2. Today'sDiscussion Outline Introduction Symptoms ofAnemia The Phases in the Development of Anemia Natural Steps to TreatAnemia Avoidable Foods for Patients withAnemia

  3. Introduction Anemia impacts up to 25% of the world'spopulation. Anemia due to iron deficiency is a common problem caused by a regular blood donation, excessive bleeding or poordiet. Your body requires iron to produce red blood cells, but having a sufficient amount out of your diet can bedifficult. Anemia is characterized as a hemoglobin concentration < 13.0 g / dL (8.0 mmol / L) in adult men and < 12.0 g / dL (7.5 mmol / L) in adult and non-pregnant women according to the WHOguidelines.

  4. Symptoms ofAnemia Signs and signs of anemia differ according tocause. If a medicalillness triggers the anemia, they could be obscured by the disorder, such that scans may diagnose the anemia with another condition. The general sign and symptoms of anemia including headaches, cold hands and feet, chest pain, dizziness or lightheadedness, irregular heartbeats, pale or yellowish skin, weakness, fatigue,etc.

  5. Phases in the Development ofAnemia On laboratoryresearch, you can see the progression of anemia in fourstages. You will be able to identify this disease even faster than commonly qualified medicalpractitioners if you grasp thesestages. Phase I: Low rates of ferritin demonstrate early depletion of ironcontent. Phase II: Non-anemia Iron deficiency is characterized by high total iron- binding abilitylow iron saturation,low ironand lowferritin. Contd..

  6. Phase III: Iron deficiency (microcytic) anemia is distinguished by elevated TIBC, iron saturation, ferritin, iron, MCHC, MCH, MCV, hematocrit, haemoglobin and lowRBC. PhaseIV: Megaloblastic anemia is distinguished by elevated rates of MCHC and MCH MCV and patient requirements are B6,folateandB12.

  7. Natural Steps to TreatAnemia INCREASE THE INTAKE OF VITAMIN C Anemia continues to weaken the immune system, rendering you more vulnerableto inflammatory and infectiousdiseases. Adequate doses of vitamin C will help reinforce you from the inside and help your absorption ofiron. EAT MORE AMOUNTS OF GREEN VEGETABLES The large amount of chlorophyll-containing green vegetables including broccoli, mustard greens, celery and spinach is excellent natural ofiron. Contd..

  8. 3. EATLIVER Liver containing a rich source of balanced quantitiesof vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, protein, phosphorous, chromium, zinc, and copper, essential fatty acids AA,EPA, DHA, and powerful antioxidant CoQ10. FRESHJUICES Fresh pomegranate and beetroot juices act as potential blood builders and purifiers of blood. DATES ANDRAISINS These dried fruits offer a combination of vitamin C and iron. They're often renowned for immediately giving youstrength. Contd..

  9. 6. COPPERWATER To have water stored overnight in a copper vessel is good forhealth. This helps to replenish the body with natural nutrients and is also considered to be helpful for hair losscare. All of these substances help to promote stable red blood cell development and minimize inflammation,combat illness, and enhancewellbeing.

  10. Avoidable Foods for Patients withAnemia Oxalic acid containing foods including chocolate, parsley andpeanuts. Phytic or phytates acid containing foods including wheat products and brown rice. Gluten rich foods, such as oats, rye, barley, pasta andwheat Tannins containing foods including sorghum, corn and grapes. Milk, dairy products, tea andcoffee

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