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World Sociology and Development Issues

World Sociology and Development Issues. Health and AIDS in the 21st Century. Nick Sage A Level Conference University of Northampton March 7th 2007. What is globalization?.

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World Sociology and Development Issues

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  1. World Sociology and Development Issues Health and AIDS in the 21st Century Nick SageA Level ConferenceUniversity of Northampton March 7th 2007

  2. What is globalization? “Globalization is one of the most used,but also one of the most misused and one of the most confused words around today.” Peter Dicken, Global Shift, 5th edition., Sage, London, 2007

  3. “Globalization is the process whereby the population of the world is increasingly bonded into a single society.” Martin Albrow,The Global Age, Blackwell, Oxford, 1996

  4. “A social process in which the constraints of geography on economic, political, social and cultural arrangements recede and in which people become increasingly aware that they are receding and.. act accordingly.” M.Waters, Globalization, 2nd edition,Routledge, London & New York, 2001

  5. The key features of globalization are : • interconnectedness • the dissolving of boundaries • the formation of new relationships in which geographical distance is unimportant

  6. Global health issues: • global economy transnational corporations and industrialization • global society urbanization and consumerism • global politics conflict, war and migration • global culture lifestyle and travel

  7. Global Epidemics • SARS • HIV/AIDS • Avian flu • Ebola virus

  8. HIV/AIDS “The worst epidemic in human history” Peter Piot, Director of UNAIDS • 3 million people died from AIDS in 2006 • 15 million AIDS orphans in the world today • 95% of people infected with HIV live in the developing world • spending per person of those living with HIV is 1000 times higher in USA than in Africa

  9. Kibera Community Self Help programme, Kenya. This is the largest slum area in Africa with over 1 million people. HIV/AIDS incidence is very high. Support group for people living with HIV/AIDS. Materials prepared by the youth for the youth.

  10. Valeria, HIV positive mother and activist says, "HIV positive children should enjoy full rights for treatment and schooling, just like other children." Ukraine

  11. HIV and AIDS education programme for young people in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand.

  12. An NGO-led HIV and AIDS information session among young people in Costa Rica, Latin America

  13. Médecins Sans Frontières Antiretroviral therapy Mozambique

  14. The role of the drug companies • health or profit? • the cost of antiretrovirals • the WHO’s 3 x 5 initiative • patents and drug trials

  15. What ‘s the solution? A Build more hospitals and health centres B Expand antiretroviral therapy C Invest in education and literacy D Reduce poverty and undernutrition E Boost economic growth F Support health promotion & preventative care G Reduce gender equality and empower women H Another solution…

  16. AIDS is a key development issue, one of the greatest development challenges in the global age. Nick Sage / March 2007

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