the chimere is worn by the bishops n.
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Chimere and Rochet for Anglicans - PSG Vestments PowerPoint Presentation
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Chimere and Rochet for Anglicans - PSG Vestments

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Chimere and Rochet for Anglicans - PSG Vestments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PSG Vestment\'s one-man tailored Chimere and Rochet is made of fine cotton fabric for better comfort. We offer easy shopping and worldwide shipping facility.\n

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the chimere is worn by the bishops

The chimere is worn by the bishops of the Anglican Communion as a component of their choir habit.

It is traditionally coloured either scarlet or black, although some bishops have innovated a purple


Chimere and Rochet set with matching wrist cuff


The Rochet is made of cotton fabric.

The neck is round neck with small pleats.

The sleeves of the rochet are cuffed with small pleats.

The sleeves have elastic to ensure tight and correct fit at the wrists.


The chimere is tailored with polyester-viscose fabric.

The back of the chimere has a pleat.

The rope at the centre of the chest is removable one side which makes it comfortable for


The chimere is completely lined with skin friendly satin fabric.


Matching band cuffs are provided along with the set.

The cuffs are made with Velcro closure.

The width of the cuffs is 2 inches.

optional cassocks the cassock is made


The cassock is made of Polyester blend viscose fabric (Same fabric as the chimere). The

cassocks are completely lined with satin fabric.

Roman single-breasted cassock (Extra $110)

The roman cassock is made with button closure. The front placket has about 15 to 17 buttons

(based on the length of the cassock). The buttons are not exposed.

Anglican double-breasted cassock (Extra $110)

The Anglican cassock is made with button closure. The cassock has about 6 buttons. 2

buttons on each shoulder, 1 button at the waist and 1 Academic hood button (As per Anglican

tradition). The collar of the cassock has 2 inches gap at the front center.

Traditional 33 button cassock (Extra $120)

The traditional 33 button cassock is made single breasted. The closure is of exposed Fabric

covered buttons. The front placket has 33 buttons and the cuffs have 5 buttons on each cuff.


Matching Band cincture is optional for extra $15.

The band cincture is a waist band which wraps around the waist with a hanging. The band

cincture has Velcro closure. The ends of the cincture have knotted fringes. The width of the

cincture is 5 inches.


Matching tippet is optional for $75.

The length of the tippet varies based on the length of the cassock. The tippet is 7 inches wide

at the ends and 4.5 inches wide at the neck. The neckline is finished with sewn-in pleats.