prudential overall supply and the clean green movement n.
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Prudential Overall Supply and the Clean Green Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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Prudential Overall Supply and the Clean Green Movement

Prudential Overall Supply and the Clean Green Movement

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Prudential Overall Supply and the Clean Green Movement

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  1. Prudential Overall Supply and the Clean Green Movement

  2. The Clean Green Vision The textile industry is long overdue for some green intervention to help stop pollution and waste. The clean green movement is a commitment to long-term green solutions for the textile services industry as a whole by providing eco-friendly cleaning textiles and work uniforms. The Clean Green Initiative is also dedicated to reducing waste by reusing as many resources as possible.

  3. Reusables Vs. Disposables Many products can be reused, though may companies choose to simply to dispose of them instead. Businesses can save up to 30% annually when they switch to reusable textile products and uniforms. By using reusable textiles, energy, and water, a company can reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

  4. Clean Green Initiative is Committed to Sustainability In addition to using eco-friendly cleaning textiles and work uniforms, the Clean Green Initiative is also committed to reusing energy and water. Prudential Overall plants continuously look for better ways to save and reuse their water and most of their plants have a system where both hot water and cold water can be reused. In addition to recycling water, the plants also use a heat reclaimer to capture the heat loss of the waste water stream. Typically, 75% of all heat from the waste water stream is put back to use in the wash process saving up to 30% on gas utilities

  5. Benefits of Reusable Shop Towels Just one example of reusable vs. disposable is shop towels. Thousands of factories go through as many shop towels every day and many plants still dispose of them instead of using towels made from recyclable materials. To avoid this waste, Prudential Overall delivers and cleans shop rags using reclaimed heat and recycled water. It seemed like such a little thing, but just imagine if disposable shop towels disappeared forever. The Clean Green Initiative wants to stop reckless waste now before expendable materials are entirely used up and before the wasted material poisons the air and water supply.

  6. Reduction of Air Emissions and Other Waste In 1996 the pulp and paper industry released over 16 million pounds of toxic waste into America’s water supply. Also, EPA data shows that over their lifetime, paper towels use 2,850% more water, 12,590% more energy, and produce 210% more solid waste than reusable wipers. By using only reusable textiles, the Clean Green Initiative is helping to clear our air and keep our water clean.

  7. U.S. Congress and the Textile Industry House Resolution 803 was introduced on October 6, 2009 recognizing the textile services industry for their environmental commitment. To show their environmental commitment even further, Prudential Overall is in compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations. Some of these include the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

  8. Water Conservation Since the Green Initiative focuses heavily on proving eco-friendly work uniforms and other reusable textiles, it is also highly interested in water conservation since they also provide cleaning services and training for all of their textiles. Over the past several years, Prudential has replaced many old washers with new washers that has resulted in reduced water usage by at least 20% and often up to 30% per plant. In several plants, all of the water that is processed from the cleanroom plants is pumped to a holding tank where the water is reused by the industrial plant resulting in using nearly 100% recycled water.

  9. Cleanroom Products Cleanrooms also require the same care and dedication that recycling and reusing requires. The Clean Green Initiative enforces a strict sterile cleanroom garment gowning system. The Initiative also supports the use reusable mop head and proper mop sanitation.

  10. A Greener Future Prudential Overall and the Clean Green Initiative are striving to make the textile services industry more eco-friendly and less wasteful. They understand that the textile industry can dump pollution into the air and water very easily, and that this kind of waste and polluting must be stopped. By offering cost effective and greener textile choices, the Clean Green Initiative is steadily reducing their carbon footprint and allowing companies throughout the nation to follow their lead.