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Double Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy

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Double Jeopardy

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  1. Double Jeopardy

  2. Name one way one branch checks any other.

  3. How much support does Congress need to override a veto?

  4. Define Judicial Review.

  5. If the Supreme Court rules against a person in a way the president does not agree with, what can he or she do to check the Supreme Court’s decision? (Use the vocabulary word).

  6. Give an example of how each branch checks the other.

  7. Insert Text for Question Category 2 – 10 points

  8. Has the power to put troops into a foreign country if that country threatens national security.

  9. Hint: Whose orders must they follow?

  10. US Capitol Building, Washington DC

  11. Which branch of government makes the laws?

  12. What is a committee?

  13. This is the amount of support Congress needs to override a veto from the president.

  14. This is the name of the house of Congress where bills begin.

  15. Location #1: Location #2: Question: What two options remain for the bill? Insert Text for Question Category 3 – 50 points 1 2

  16. Insert Text for Question Category 4 – 30 points

  17. This is 1) the right these women are exercising and 2) the right these women are demanding.

  18. Insert Text for Question Category 4 – 50 points

  19. Mike is in his house watching television when two policemen knock at the door. They accuse Mike of having stolen property, enter the house, and take several things that they say do not belong to Mike. When he asks if the policement have permission to take his things, they just laugh and leave with the property.5 – 10 points

  20. Brendan is accused of armed robbery and given a trial. The jury finds Brendan innocent. The next day the prosecutor decides that the verdict was not correct, and he orders Brendan arrested and tried for the crime again.

  21. When Mary was arrested for shoplifting, she asked the judge to set bail so that she could be free while awaiting trial. The judge agreed, and set bail at one million dollars. Because Mary could not afford that amount, she remained in jail.

  22. The government lacked money to support the nation’s military forces. To save money, General Pulp ordered that troops be placed in the homes of people living close to military bases. Midge lived next to an army base, and two soldiers moved into her house, even though she did not want them there.