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Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy. Political Parties. Documents Documents. The Revolution. The Constitution. The Civil War. Compromises. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $400. $400. $400. $400. $400. $400. $600. $600. $600. $600. $600. $600. $800. $800. $800.

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Double Jeopardy

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  1. Double Jeopardy

  2. Double Jeopardy Political Parties Documents Documents The Revolution The Constitution The Civil War Compromises $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800

  3. The party formed in 1854 primarily in opposition to slavery; Lincoln was the first president elected from the party

  4. What is the Republican Party?

  5. The “peoples’ party” that elected Andrew Jackson in 1828-said to support the common man

  6. What is the Democratic party?

  7. The party favoring a strong central government, a national bank, and a loose interpretation of the Constitution

  8. What is the Federalist Party?

  9. Political party developing in the 1840’s favoring government assistance in promoting industrial expansion through tariffs and a national system of internal improvements to the country

  10. What is the Whig Party?

  11. Document that begins with the words, “We hold these truths to be self evident…that all men are created equal.”

  12. What is the Declaration of Independence?

  13. Document added to the Constitution guaranteeing the rights of the citizens of the U.S.

  14. What is the Bill of Rights?

  15. English document written in 1215 beginning the ideas of both a representative government and a limited government

  16. What is the Magna Carta?

  17. Document signed by the Pilgrims establishing the idea that laws should be agreed on by those who live under them

  18. What is the Mayflower Compact?

  19. Battle known as the“Shot Heard Round the World” because it began the American Revolution

  20. What is the Battle of Lexington?

  21. July 4, 1776

  22. What is the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence?

  23. Battle fought in Virginia resulting in the British surrender and the independence of the American colonies

  24. What is the Battle of Yorktown?

  25. A decisive turning point victory for the Americans because the French agreed to help them in the war against the British

  26. What is the Battle of Saratoga?

  27. The three branches of the federal government

  28. What are Legislative, Executive, and Judicial?

  29. Veto, Senate approval of Presidential appointments, and declaring a law unconstitutional

  30. What are examples of the checks and balances system?

  31. Type of government where the citizens elect representatives to actually carry out the powers of the government

  32. What is a republic?

  33. Daily Double

  34. The principle that divides the powers and responsibilities of government between national and state governments

  35. What is federalism?

  36. The sites of the beginning and the end of the Civil War

  37. What are Fort Sumter and Appomattox Court House?

  38. Two 1863 battles both lost by the South that served as turning points in the Civil War

  39. What are the Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg?

  40. 1863 Document with the words “…all persons held as slaves within any state…in rebellion against the United States…shall be then thenceforward, and forever free”

  41. What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

  42. Daily Double

  43. Document that explains reason the Union must win the Civil War with the words, “…this nation, under God shall have a new birth of freedom; that government of..by..for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

  44. What is the Gettysburg Address?

  45. Man known as the “Great Compromiser” for his work to avoid war between the North and South

  46. Who was Henry Clay?

  47. Made a two house legislature where each state sent two to the Senate and Representatives to the House based on their population

  48. What is the Great Compromise?

  49. Allowed slavery below the 36/30 line in territory from the Louisiana Purchase

  50. What is the Missouri Compromise?

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