Lupron and Prostate Cancer: What Patients Need to Know
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Lupron and prostate cancer what patients need to know

Lupron and Prostate Cancer: What Patients Need to Know

Some of the 180,000 American men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the coming year may find that

hormone therapy is recommended as a part of a treatment plan in their case. Whether it is used on its

own or in conjunction with other treatments, hormone therapy is meant to slow the development of the

disease by cutting off a vital fuel supply. Lupron is one of the drugs that may be used to help battle

certain forms of prostate cancer.

Lupron is generally prescribed in more advanced cases of prostate cancer. Although not a cure, it can be

very helpful in preserving life for a time by slowing the disease’s progression. The drug works by

lowering the amount of testosterone the body makes, essentially cutting off the growth of cancer cells

in the process. It may also help address symptoms such as painful urination for a time.

Lupron and prostate cancer what patients need to know

Hormone therapy in prostate cancer has been proven to be very beneficial, but the effects do not

generally last indefinitely. Just how long the benefits will present can vary from patient to patient.

Lupron can generate a number of side effects that men need to be aware of. Some of the most common

side effects include redness and burning at the injection site, hot flashes, stomach upsets, a loss of

libido, fatigue and more. Men who experience severe or troublesome side effects should discuss them

with their healthcare providers.

Hormone therapy has been proven to have positive effects on men facing more advanced forms of

prostate cancer. This course of treatment may not be a cure, but it can help men extend life and reduce

symptoms related to cancer in the process. Should Lupron or another hormone therapy be prescribed,

men should discuss the potential benefits and possible side effects with their doctors.

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