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  1. Do you Believe in Prosperity “Prosperity” is not just fashion it’s passion. It’s a statement of belief that God wants the best for you. By wearing a Prosperity product you are making a confession of faith. The Genesis Prior to building Prosperity Giovanni daVerrazzano was the born the son of a winemaker raised in hills of Tuscany.  After learning his father’s trade Giovanni had his sights set on learning the art of fashion design.  After dropping out of several design schools Giovanni felt frustrated with the conventional ways of some fashion schools. In 1995 Giovanni made his first handbag and sold them to local merchant to make his way.  After several months he could not keep up with the demand for his unique work.  In 2005 Giovanni started the Prosperity brand to communicate his passion for God and his belief in his provision of his family and his dreams.  This is the heart of the Prosperity brand. The Product Genuine Italian Leather Guarantee We guarantee that all our handbags, purses, and pocketbooks, etc. are made of 100% genuine Italian leather (NO faux leather, fabric or synthetic leather-like materials). And all our handbags are NOT fake/knockoffs/copies. The Guarantee We have strictest Quality Control system and our QC team checks all the goods to confirm the products are correct, by first class material and with best workmanship But sometimes things can go in the inappropriate way. That’s why we assure you free return of unused or defective custom leather bags. You just need to send the handbags back to us

  2. showing off is optional define prosperity

  3. The Exodus A very end look with everyday function. You won’t want to miss out on this luxurious bag. $149.00

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