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Handbags. By: Tasya/6B. Handbag. A handbag is a handled medium to large bag that is often fashionably designed. Used by women, to bring wallet, keys, cosmetics, book, mobile phone and etc. . Balenciaga.

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  1. Handbags By: Tasya/6B

  2. Handbag • A handbag is a handled medium to large bag that is often fashionably designed. Used by women, to bring wallet, keys, cosmetics, book, mobile phone and etc.

  3. Balenciaga • Balenciaga is a fashion house founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, a Basque designer, born in the Basque country, Spain. It was found in 1914 by Cristobal Balenciaga. The most famous balenciaga bag is balenciaga classic gold city. Balenciaga signature style is the classic style, which they use the plated . It was made of leather framed and hand mirror.

  4. Prada • Prada is an Italian fashion bag, it can be used by women and men. It was founded by Miuccia Prada. Many people nowadays used Tote Prada. It was made of Saffiano Leather. The signature style of Prada is the classic style, Miuccia Prada made it simple. Miuccia Prada Fashion designer is actually the granddaughter of Mario Prada, who established a leather-goods company in Milan in 1913

  5. Biography of Cristobal Balenciaga • Cristobal Balenciaga was born on January 21, 1895 in Guetaria, Spain. He studied dressmaking as a child and by age 20, had his own firm and became Spain’s leading couturier. In 1937 he moved to Paris due to the Spanish Civil War. Balenciaga’s designs popular bags, capes, flowing clothes as well as the use of plastic for rainwear.

  6. Biography of Miuccia Prada • Fashion Designer Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan, Italy as a manufacturer of leather bags. What is known today as Prada is mostly the work of the founder’s grand-daughter Miuccia Prada. Miuccia Prada was born in 1949. After university, she entered the family business 1978 and soon revolutionized the appearance of its product. Her interest in unusual fabrics led to the distinctive trademark of Prada products. There are usually two discoveries to be made when dealing with Prada products: First, the surprise to see the use of a specific material in an unusual context and in consequence, the astonishment how good it fits the purpose. In 1989, she introduced women’s wear with instant success, men’s wear followed equally successful in 1995.

  7. Red Hat • I think Balenciaga have a good style, but most of the bags are the same model but different kinds of accessories. • I think Prada have more styles, It has many kinds of design and not only the accessories but also the leather, the style are also fashionable.

  8. Blue Hat • The materials used for balenciaga is Rose gold plated metal hardware, top zip closure, hand stitched handles, removable shoulder strap, front zip pocket, leather framed hand mirror, interior zip pocket with Balenciaga embossed leather tag. • The materials used for Prada is GAUFRE' NAPPA LEATHER TOTE, METAL LETTERING LOGO, DOUBLE HANDLE, DETACHABLE SHOULDER STRAP, GOLD PLATED HARDWARE, SNAP CLOSURE, TWO OUTSIDE POCKETS, TWO INSIDE POCKETS, and LOGO FABRIC LINING

  9. Blue Hat • in 1915, Cristobal Balenciaga started to design balenciaga handbag, These bags are different from other bags. One of the features that have contributed to the popularity of these bags is the type of leather the Balenciaga motorcycle bags are made from. These bags are made from soft, thin and light weight leather. However, the fact that the bags are made from thin, soft and light leather does not mean that these bags can easily tear and wear out easily. Alternatively, this type of leather makes the bags durable and unique in appearance.

  10. Green Hat • Thing to develop this balenciaga bag is to change the model of the bag, not only using the studs but they need to change the size of the bag and the kinds of variation in the bags. • Things to develop this Prada bag is to change the leather and some of the variations, and not to give to much variations and just made it simple.

  11. Black Hat • the negative thing about balenciaga is that, balenciaga has no other interesting style, this bag only uses the studs and the different kinds of leather. It needs more variations so that its not to simple but it cant be too fancy. And the style were all similar, it needs to have more design. • The negative thing about Prada bag is that, Prada is that the style sometimes more in formal, it need to have some styles that are for casual. Not only for formal styles.

  12. Elements of handbags • The elements of the handbags are colors, textures and shapes. The handbags had many colors based on the seasons. They also follow the seasons to made the textures of the bags. Usually they change the shapes so it will looks more interesting.

  13. Inspiration • Balenciaga: Cristobal Balenciaga doesn’ttell anything about his inspiration when making the Balenciaga handbags. • Prada: Miuccia PRADA Fashion designer inherited the art of creativity from her family, although she had no formal fashion education or training. MiucciaPrada Fashion designer get inspirations from the fairies, simple housewives, most of the designed handbags of the Miuccia Prada Fashion designer  represent “beauty in the face of war”.

  14. Interpret • Making a 3D painting of an handbags

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