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SmartCamp – 6 Min Pitch PowerPoint Presentation
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SmartCamp – 6 Min Pitch

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SmartCamp – 6 Min Pitch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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March 2011. SmartCamp – 6 Min Pitch. Smart traffic systems. We have set ourselves the challenge of changing the way the world works. Smart energy grids. Smart food systems. Smart healthcare. Smart water management. Smart supply chains. Smart regions. Smart cities.

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SmartCamp – 6 Min Pitch

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we have set ourselves the challenge of changing the way the world works

Smart traffic systems

We have set ourselves the challenge of changing the way the world works

Smart energy grids

Smart food systems

Smart healthcare

Smart water management

Smart supply chains

Smart regions

Smart cities

ecosystems are built around entrepreneurs
Ecosystems are built around entrepreneurs

Think big, think different

Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos Henry Ford Thomas Watson

Music\Media Commerce Transport Information Tech

we are looking for innovative business models




We are looking for innovative business models

Smart is about organizations becoming

instrumented, interconnected and intelligent (3i’s)

Solutions should demonstrate how the apply the 3i’s

Ireland – Analytics platform for Forestry Industry (UK\Australia)

Stockholm – Online water protection analysis (China\India)

Boston – Anti counterfeit for medicines (Nigeria)

Tel Aviv - Smart grid for the enterprise (Global)

UK – ‘Fingers of the internet’ (Spain\US)

Silicon Valley – Smart parking (US)

Silicon Valley - Connected healthcare (US)

Paris – Scientific image sharing platform (France\CH\UK)

Copenhagen – Monitoring platform for tanks and silos (EU)

Examples: SmartCamp Companies 2010

more information
More information

We are looking for entrepreneurs with global ambitions who are helping

to build a Smarter Planet – early stage companies who are potential candidates

for top tier venture funding.

The following useful background and context information!/smarterplanet

6 min video pitch presentation
6 Min Video Pitch Presentation

As part of the selection process we require a short 6 min video presentation

The presentation needs to cover the following areas:

  • Elevator pitch
  • The problem
  • The customer
  • The solution
  • Business model

Be sure to focus on how this aligns with the Smarter Planet vision. Be sure to focus

on progress you have made to date (what you have achieved). You should spend no more than 1

min on each of the topics above. Ideally aim to video record both yourself and the presentation

(or just yourself if not using slides). The video should be uploaded to a site like Youtube or Vimeo.

6 min video pitch presentation1
6 Min Video Pitch Presentation
  • Elevator pitch

Short, Simple, Memorable: “What, How, Why.”

      • “We’re X for Y” is ok if 1) it’s true 2) X & Y are well-known

Max 3 key words / phrases, 2 sentences.

      • “SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.
      • “ is the free, easy way to manage your money online.”
  • The problem

What is The Problem? Make it Obvious.

  • The customer

Who has it? How Many? How do you know?

Stats, examples, research, links.

  • The solution

Describe why your Solution makes customers very happy

Does it better, different than anyone else

  • Business model

Describe Top 1-3 Revenue Sources

Prioritize by Size, Growth, and/or Potential

Cite current market activity / customer behavior as proof

6 min video pitch presentation2
6 Min Video Pitch Presentation

Smile. It’s ok to have fun when you pitch

As our friend Nic Brisbourne ( says ‘ Pitch me like I’m your best friend’

  • Give it straight
  • Keep it interesting
  • Deliver it like a conversation rather than like a firehose
  • Try to inject some humour
  • Focus on the areas that your friend wants to hear about