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PRINCE2 popularity grows! PowerPoint Presentation
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PRINCE2 popularity grows!

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PRINCE2 popularity grows! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PRINCE2 has become the most popular project management qualification in the world. This presentation used the most recent data released by APMG-International, the accreditation body of PRINCE2. Did you know that the smallest country where PRINCE2 exams have been taken is Curacao with a population of only 141,000 people? Watch the PPT for other interesting facts.

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PRINCE2 popularity grows!

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The popularity of



PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office

PRINCE2 examination statistics courtesy of APMG-International –


PRINCE2 is now the most popular project management qualification in the world

Total PRINCE2 examinations

(1996-2011) worldwide


PRINCE2 has grown in popularity every year except 2009 during the credit crunch

Total PRINCE2 exams (1996-2011) worldwide


Although PRINCE2 is most popular in the UK, its popularity is increasing elsewhere

Total PRINCE2 exams (2005-2011) by region


In recent years, PRINCE2 has grown most rapidly in Asia and parts of Europe

% increase in PRINCE2 exams (2005-2011) by region


PRINCE2 is also growing rapidly in non-English speaking countries

Total PRINCE2 exams (2005-2011) by country


The countries where PRINCE2 is growing the fastest are mainly in Europe

% increase in PRINCE2 exams (2005-2011) by country


In the last 2 years, taking PRINCE2 exams via the internet has become very popular

PRINCE2 exams taken online (2011-2012) by quarter


Some interesting facts about PRINCE2….

Approximately 800,000 PRINCE2 certificates have been issued

If put end to end, they would stretch for 237km, or the equivalent of 4,752 Olympic swimming pools


Knowledge Train is a PRINCE2 accredited training organisation which delivers

PRINCE2 training