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  1. Plurals

  2. Singular Nouns A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. A singular noun names only one person, place, thing, or idea. • one boy • one forest • one apple • one piece

  3. Plural Nouns A pluralnoun names two or more people, places, things, or ideas. • some boys • six forests • two apples • many pieces What do you notice about each of the words in the plural list above?

  4. Tell whether each of the following nouns is singular or plural.

  5. Activities •

  6. Practice • Singular or Plural Nouns

  7. Rule 1 To form the plural of most nouns you simply add an s to the end of the noun.

  8. Rule 2 If the noun ends in sh, ch, x, s, ss, orzaddesto make it plural. • Notice that these words all end in a “hissing” sound.

  9. Activities • Plural Rules • Singular Plural Nouns

  10. Practice • Worksheet Generator • Regular Plural Nouns Worksheet

  11. Rule 3 If a noun ends in a consonant plus y, the y changes to ibefore es is added. Note: If the noun ends in a vowel plus y, just add s. What are the vowels? a e i o u All the other letters are consonants.

  12. So Play ends in a (vowel) and y therefore the plural form is plays. Monkeyends in e (vowel) and y therefore the plural form is monkeys. Likewise Partyends in t (consonant) and y therefore the plural form is parties. Candyends in d (consonant) and y therefore the plural form is candies.

  13. Activities • Tic Tac Toe

  14. Practice • Worksheet Generator

  15. Rule 4 Most of the words that end with f, ff, or fe are made plural by changing the ending to -ves.

  16. There are exceptions that must be memorized or looked up.

  17. Online Activity Practice with Rules 1, 4, & 2

  18. Practice • Worksheet Generator

  19. Rule 5 Words that end in o are usually made plural by adding s.

  20. There are exceptions that must be memorized or looked up. .

  21. There are two helpful rules: • All words that end in a vowel plus o (ao, eo, io, oo, uo) have plurals that end in just s. • All musical terms ending in o have plural ending in just s.

  22. Online Activity Practice with Rules 3 and 5

  23. Practice • Worksheet Generator

  24. Rule 6 Some words are the same in both the singular and the plural forms.

  25. Practice • Worksheet Generator

  26. Rule 7 Some words form their plural by changing the whole word. These are called irregular nouns. With irregular nouns, you have to memorize the plural form.

  27. Activities • Concentration with Irregular Plurals • Plural Nouns

  28. Practice • Plural Nouns that Don't Follow the Rules

  29. Activities • The Plural Girls • Plural Spellings (Multiple Choice Quiz)

  30. Resources • Worksheet Generator • Singular & Plural Nouns (List of rules) • Flashcards

  31. False plural • good (bueno) ≠ goods (mercancías) • Domino (ficha) ≠ dominoes (juego) • Custom (disfraz) ≠ customs (adueana)

  32. a band of soldiersa bouquet of flowersa brood of hens a bunch of grapesa caravan of camelsa cast of hawksa circle of friendsa clowder of catsa clump of treesa collection of coinsa colony of antsa crew of sailorsa crowd of peoplea deck of cardsa dray of squirrelsa drove of cattlea dole of dovesa fleet of shipsa flock of sheepa gaggle of geese/tourists/childrena gam of whalesa gang of thievesa group of peoplea herd of cattle a herd of elephantsa hive of beesa horde of childrena leap of leopardsa mass of peoplea mob of hooligansa pack of cardsa panel of expertsa parliament of owlsa party of visitorsa plague of locustsa pride of lionsa school of fisha set of teeth a sheaf of papersa shelf of booksa shoal of fisha sloth of bearsa stack of chairs/papers/dishesa string of pearlsa swarm of beesa troop of monkeysa troupe of actors/singersa wad of banknotes/bills Colective nouns

  33. They seems singular but… • People • Police • Cattle • poultry

  34. They a plural, but some of them (yellow) become singular using “a pair of” • Pants, pyjamas, drawers, glasses, stairs, savings, shorts, shears, tweezers, binoculars, measles, mumps • Stair (peldaño) Staircase (escalera)

  35. From Latin • Ending –ises • analysis analyses • crisis crises • Ending –usi • nucleus nuclei • syllabus syllabi • Ending –ona • criterion criteria • phenomenon phenomena