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Construction Equipments - Construction Supplies PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction Equipments - Construction Supplies

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Construction Equipments - Construction Supplies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Construction Equipments - Construction Supplies

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  2. ABOUT ProContractor Supply Inc ProContractor Supply, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1995. While our main office is located Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, ProContractor's Customer Base stretches to all 50 states and beyond. ProContractor Supply has been growing, diversifying, and serving thousands of customers for over 20 years. Can’t find the right specialty construction equipment? Give us a call! Consider ProContractor your “Single Source Supply” for all construction needs. Our ever growing product line covers everything from our trademarked ProDiamond Diamond Blades and Bits to a full line of Concrete Supplies, Materials, Paving Products, Rebar, Wire mesh, Lumber, Forms, Finishing Tools, Concrete Colors, Trowels, Saws as well as complete line of Tools, Equipment and Parts.

  3. ADA TILES • ProContractor is the leading distributor of ADA tiles in the Southeast. • ProContractor Supply stocks over 500 ADA tiles, from ADA Solutions, of all different colors and sizes.   • Types: • Replaceable • Surface Mount • Cast-In-Place • Radius tiles • Colors: • Brick Red • Yellow • Charcoal Grey   • Sizes: • 2’ x 3’ • 2’ x 4’ • 2’ x 5’

  4. ANCHORING AND FASTENING SYSTEMS ProContractor Supply stocks a variety of different sized anchor bolts, nails, and setting tools. We supply the right tools for masonry, concrete, asphalt, and more!

  5. CHEMICALS ProContractor Supply has been in the concrete and construction industry for over 20 years. To better serve our customers, we’ve expanded our product line! From Curing Compound to Form Release Liquid, ProContractor Supply has the right materials for you! We stock a full-line of Dayton Superior which offers anything from Epoxy Spray to Grout Bags to Curing Compound – we sell it here at ProContractor Supply.

  6. CUTTING TOOLS ProContractor Supply stocks a full array of different saws from all the major manufactures in the industry. Not only do we have the equipment, but if you need any parts or accessories to get your old machine up and running, call us today!

  7. CONCRETE EQUIPMENT Our line of Concrete Equipment comes from all the major brands in the industry. Whether you are drilling or cutting concrete or looking to finish a fresh pour, we have the machines and equipment for you! From Power Screeds, Core Drills, Floor Saws, and Trowel Machines (walking and riding), we have it here at ProContractor Supply!

  8. CONCRETE MATERIALS AND ACCESSORIES ProContractor has been supplying the construction industry for over 20 years. Specializing in concrete, we stock a full-line of concrete vibrators, sprayers, hydraulic equipment and more from brands like Allen, Chapin, Parker Brunig, and Oztec.

  9. DIAMOND BLADES • The ProDiamond Line of Diamond Blades are unmatched in the industry in terms of price and quality! No matter the hardness of the application, we have the blade, in the right size to get the job done! We stock sizes from 4” to 24” plus ANY size upon special order! • Specialty Blades for Cutting: • Concrete • Asphalt • Block • Green Concrete • Tile • And More!

  10. DIAMOND CORE BITS • ProContractor Supply has been in the construction supply industry for over 20 years. Our full-line of ProDiamond Core Bits are the premier hole cutters in the industry! Unmatched in price and quality – our wet and dry cutting line of core bits will get the job done for every cutting project! • Dry Cutting – PCBD Series • Masonry Cutting • 1” – 6” and larger upon special order! • Wet Cutting – PCB Series • Concrete Cutting • 1” – 14” and larger upon special order!

  11. DIAMOND CHAINS ProContractor Supply stocks a full-line of ICS Diamond Tools from Saws (hydraulic and gas), Chains, Guide Bars, and more! We supply the ProFORCE line of Diamond Chains that are unmatched in the cutting industry. Not only do we stock them, our customer service staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry and can help answer all of your pressing questions.

  12. EROSION CONTROL ProContractor Supply’s product line has been growing and expanding since our inception in 1995. Recently, we decided to offer additional products to help out the landscapers and developers in the industry. We offer C-POP fencing, wood stakes, waddle logs, and more erosion control materials! If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, call us today at 800-604-0088.

  13. GENERAL EQUIPMENT Our general equipment comes from a variety of our manufactures such as ICS, Multiquip, Lifan, and more! We sell power packs, generators, pressure washers, rammers, and decorative finishing materials. If you can’t find what you need online, please don’t hesitate to give us a call so one of our expert customer service representatives can help you!

  14. CONCRETE HAND TOOLS We are a full-line supplier of all the most popular brands of concrete hand tools in the industry! We carry anything form the smallest hand trowel to 20’ walk-behind paving screed. Find the most used tools in the industry from all the major manufacturers!

  15. HEAVY CIVIL, ROAD, PAVING & BRIDGE CONCRETE ACCESSORIES Not only do we supply materials for the everyday contractor, ProContractor Supply stocks everything you need for federal highways, roadwork, bridge building and more! From slab bolsters to rebar chairs, dow baskets – we have it all here at ProContractor Supply!

  16. JOBSITE SUPPLIES It is always difficult trying to determine what supplies you’ll need for each individual jobsite. ProContractor Supply likes to simplify this process for our customers by offering a wide-range of supplies from safety material, measuring items, first-aid, and more! Call us today if you can’t find the tool you need online at 800-604-0088.

  17. LUMBER If you are looking for forming lumber to pour the next concrete slab, look no further than our stock at ProContractor Supply! We stock sizes from 1’ x 4’ to 2’ x 12’ and every variable size in between. Most of our lumber is pine but if you need a more durable, heavy duty wood – opt for spruce! Our delivery personnel will bring the materials right to your jobsite within our delivery radius! Call for a delivery quote today at 800-604-0088.

  18. POWER TOOL AND ACCESSORIES Core Drills, Circular Skill Saws, Hammer Drills, Bits and Blades - ProContractor Supply has it all when it comes to Power Tools and Accessories. From the most popular brands in the industry: Bosch, Diamond Products, Makita – we have it here at ProContractor Supply.

  19. REBAR Looking for Rebar to help reinforce concrete? ProContractor is the one-stop shop for you! We stock 20’ sticks at a variety of sizes and grades. Our delivery personnel can delivery our rebar right to the job site for minimal downtime for our customers. Rebar Sizes: #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8

  20. SAFETY SUPPLIES ProContractor Supply understands each job will have different requirements for safety and jobsite supplies. To best service our customers, we stock a full-line of safety equipment such as: safety glasses, vests, slurry shoes, hard hats, and much more! Call us today if you can’t find the safety equipment you need online at 800-604-0088.

  21. SURVEYING, LAYOUT, AND MEASUREMENT ProContractor Supply stocks a full-line of surveying, layout, and measurement equipment for the leading brands in the industry. From Leica’s tripod laser to all the paint, chalk line, measuring tools and more!

  22. MESH Need Wire Mesh to reinforce the next concrete pour? Look no further than our stock at ProContractor Supply. We sell our wire mesh in rolls and sheets at a variety of gauges. Rolls Sheets Gauge: 6 6666 – 6 Gauge - 8’ x 20’ Size: 8’ x 20’ 6688 – 8 Gauge – 8’ x 20’ 661010 – 10 Gauge – 10’ x 10’

  23. CONTACT US ProContractor Supply Inc ProContractor Supply Inc 3917 Old Flowery Branch Rd, Oakwood, GA 30566, USA PH. No: 1-800-604-0088