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Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School PowerPoint Presentation
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Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School

Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School

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Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School

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  1. Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School L.A. County Outdoor Science School - WrightwoodAttn: Kathleen Mitchell, Site DirectorP.O. Box 1561Wrightwood, CA 92397-1561(760) 249-4972 Mon, Nov.7 ~ Thurs, Nov. 10

  2. What is Outdoor Science School? • Week long learning experience with an emphasis on outdoor science in a natural environment • Focus on the study of ecosystems and human interactions with the environment • Unique opportunity to learn about human interrelationships

  3. Group Responsibilities Living together in groups of about ten, students: • Keep cabin neat and clean • Set and clear tables for dining • Work cooperatively to accomplish the tasks of daily living • Learn independence and self-reliance

  4. Staff & Safety • Trained, certificated educators • Degrees in Science • Experience teaching children in the outdoors • Trained in safety, first aid, and emergency response • Students are supervised at all times • Meals are nutritious and “kid friendly” • Activities are safe • Adequate rest periods are provided

  5. When? Mon. Nov. 7th Arrive at School 7:30 AM Depart Point Vicente Elementary School 8:00AM Thurs. Nov. 10 Return to Point Vicente Elementary School 1-2 pm (?)

  6. Visiting & Restrictions • Visits to Outdoor Science School during the time students are there are not permitted! • Students do not have access to telephones • Cells phones are prohibited!

  7. How to Send a Letter to Your Child Your Child’s Name/School LACOSS – Wrightwood P.O. Box 1561 Wrightwood, CA 92397-1561 Best to send letters to the office for teachers to take with them on the bus (write one letter a night). If mailing, mail the day before your child leaves for camp so they will receive it in time

  8. Health Information • Fill in information as thoroughly as possible (Please, no blanks) • Indicate special dietary needs and food allergies • Make us aware of health issues we may not normally encounter at school

  9. Illness and Other Emergencies • If a child becomes ill at OSS, or if there is any type of emergency, you will be contacted immediately • Fevers of 101 require that a student be sent home • It is important that all health forms be filled out accurately and thoroughly-No Blanks • Students sent home for illness or other reason will be required to be picked up by the parent

  10. Prescription medications will be administered to students with physician forms only! Medications and paperwork must be received at the school prior to the departure Checking YES to item #3 on the Medical information form will allow teachers to treat your child for minor ailments such as headaches, sore throat, or upset stomach with non-prescription medication. Medications

  11. Packing • Students should pack their own bags – your child will have to repack on their own! • One duffel bag or suitcase per child • Mark clothing with name is a good idea • Children are outside and often on the ground – please send clothes that can get dirty

  12. Reusable Water Bottle Sleeping Bag or bedroll(sheets and blankets) Warm coat or jacket 2 pairs of sturdy shoes1 pair boots(older, more "broken-in"=less blisters)1 pair sneakers(bring 2 if your student doesn't have boots) 4 – 6 pairs of socks(at least 2 heavy, if possible) 2 pairs long pants 3 shirts(at least one long-sleeved) 1 warm sweater or sweatshirt 4 changes of underwear 1 set of bedclothes(pajamas, sweats, short & t shirt, etc.) Bath towel and washcloth Toiletries Letter writing materials(stationary or postcards and stamps) Sunglasses and sunscreen Pencils What to Bring?

  13. If the weather is cold: Hat, gloves scarf Warm, water-resistant boots 6 pairs of socks Long underwear or thermals 3 pair pants 3 shirts and sweaters If the weather is hot: Brimmed hat or cap Optional Items: Flashlight Daypack Camera and Film Pillow What to Bring?

  14. LACOSS has established a discipline summary and contract Strictly enforced Necessary for everyone’s safety and to optimize the time at the school Positive reinforcement Negative consequences Point system Teachers are involved and enforce consequences Students may be sent home for disruptive, dangerous, or blatant disregard for the school rules Discipline

  15. Cabin Leaders • Need moms and dads • Four day/three night commitment • Love kids and nature • Fit for outdoor activity • Sense of humor and flexible • Incredibly rewarding experience

  16. Daily Schedule • 7:00 am – Wake up • 7:50 am – Breakfast • 9:15 am – Group Meeting; Trail Group hike, Lessons, Lunch on the Trail • 4:00 pm – Group Meeting / Cabin Time • 5:20 pm – Dinner • 6:00 pm – Cabin Time / FOB • 7:00 pm – Evening Program • 8:45 pm – Bed Prep • 9:30 pm – Lights Out

  17. Questions? See this presentation and all documents on Edlio.