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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. STATUS OF RECOMMENDATIONS Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence January 21, 2014. Leroy D. Baca Sheriff. 2013 YEAR END FORCE STATISTICS.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

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  1. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department STATUS OF RECOMMENDATIONS Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence January 21, 2014 Leroy D. Baca Sheriff

  2. 2013 YEAR END FORCE STATISTICS • Of the total uses of force, there have been 17 investigations generated, two of which are being investigated criminally. • Source: FAST, PPI, and facility logs as of January 9, 2014

  3. 2013 YEAR END FORCE STATISTICS • 72 percent of force incidents in 2013 were Category 1 (no injury).

  4. 2013 YEAR END FORCE STATISTICS • Significant Use of Force was defined as force resulting in a complaint of pain, visible injury, indication of or alleged misconduct, or application of any force greater than described as insignificant. • A Use of Force is classified as Category 2 whenever the application results in any identifiable injury or involves any application of force not defined in Category 1 (i.e. Hobbling, resisted control holds, take downs, use of OC spray or powder). • Category 3 Uses of Force includes head strikes, shootings, fractures, deliberately/recklessly striking the head against hard, fixed objects, or any force which results in an IAB response.

  5. BODY SCANNERS • Two pilot scanners have been installed at IRC. • Policy and procedures are being approved by Executives. • Training of staff is scheduled at the end of this month. • The 90-day pilot program is expected to begin in February. • If successful, additional scanners will be installed at other facilities. • Implementation was delayed due to: • Procurement process • Grievance by competing bidder • Development of Custom software for LASD implementation

  6. INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS • ICIB has reduced its average case completion time and its average case load per investigator. • As of January 1, 2014, IAB now conducts all administrative investigations that result from an incident involving Category 2 uses of force in Custody. • The Department created a website that allows employees to anonymously report potential misconduct. • An e-mail was sent to all employees regarding the website’s creation and instructions for its use.

  7. GRIEVANCE PROCESS • Inmate Grievance/Request module in CARTS is deployed and collecting data at North, South, and NCCF. • Phase 1 goal to have deployment at all facilities by June 30 is ahead of schedule. • Department to provide quarterly updates • The configuration of the iPads is completed. • Pilot locations will be at MCJ and CRDF. • Inmate Grievance Coordinator has established working group to improve the grievance process.

  8. RECOMMENDATION STATUS * CCJV items are filled, however other supervisory vacancies still exist • The majority of the remaining unfilled items are professional staff positions which take significantly longer to hire.

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