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adam klein bellerophon and pegasus n.
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Adam Klein Bellerophon and Pegasus PowerPoint Presentation
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Adam Klein Bellerophon and Pegasus

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Adam Klein Bellerophon and Pegasus
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Adam Klein Bellerophon and Pegasus

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  1. Adam KleinBellerophon and Pegasus

  2. King Proetus Bellerophon’s good friend Proetus invited him over to his palace. Proetus’ wife told him that Bellerophon fell in love with her (he didn’t.) So being such good friends with Bellerophon, Proetus could not bring himself to kill him, in turn sending Bellerophon to King Lycia with a letter.

  3. King Lycia When Bellerophon arrived at King Lycia’s palace, the king excepted his stay and could not ask the reason of his stay until ten days had past. Bellerophon started to fall in love with the king’s daughter and on his tenth day the couple was going to marry. The king finally asked Bellerophon his reason why he came. King Lycia read the letter that Proetus had sent him, that said how Bellerophon had fallen in love with his wife and he asked him to kill Bellerophon.

  4. The Chimera • King Lycia could not bring himself to kill Bellerophon either so he sent him on a dangerous mission, to fight the Chimera. The Chimera is said to look like many things - lion’s head, goat’s body, serpent’s tail, and it breaths fire.

  5. Pegasus • King Lycia told Bellerophon that he needed something to fly on. The Chimera flies so all warriors who fought on foot hadn’t survived. Pegasus was the only safe creature he could fly on, so Bellerophon had to find him. On his quest to find Pegasus nobody would help him. Villagers did not like strangers. On Bellerophon’s day that he was going to give up he sat near a magic river that was created by a women crying a river. That night Pegasus drank from that water

  6. Tamed • Bellerophon hopped on Pegasus and took him flying Bellerophon learned to tame him and soon after that they went to fight the Chimera, the Chimera had a dark cave on the ocean where smoke was coming out. Pegasus sneezed from the smoke and the Chimera heard. As the chimera came out Bellerophon prepared to fight. He had already gotten farther than any other warrior had before, to get ready.

  7. The Battle • Bellerophon battled the Chimera, cutting the serpent off of the Chimera’s tail leaving the creature with two advantages, his breath of fire and pure fighting skills. Bellerophon eventually won the fight after he had lost his shield and sword! All the village praised him for such a glory, and King Lycia gave his daughter for Bellerophon’s hand in marriage.

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  9. Bellerophon