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WILTSHIRE CRICKET CLUB FORUM. Monday 11 th November. ORDER OF PLAY. Welcome and Introductions Outcomes Framework Introduction of new roles Player retention Wiltshire Cricket Partners High Performing Cricket Board survey Wiltshire Cricket Action Plan

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wiltshire cricket club forum


Monday 11th November

order of play
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Outcomes Framework
  • Introduction of new roles
  • Player retention
  • Wiltshire Cricket Partners
  • High Performing Cricket Board survey
  • Wiltshire Cricket Action Plan
  • Information sharing – Coach Education, Schools Cricket
outcomes framework
  • 2 consultation meetings with external partners/associations
  • Internal meetings with staff/directors

All meetings to look at what it is we are here to do. What is Wiltshire Cricket through all of its activities trying to achieve?

how have and will the outcomes be used
  • To check and challenge decision making
  • To review investment and expenditure
  • To review the structure of professional and volunteer staff as well as structure of associations
  • Mapping exercise

Is our structure and our budget aligned to helping achieve all of our Outcomes? Are we investing too much time and/or finance towards certain outcomes?

what have our outcomes shown us
  • We believe we should be the first port of call for anyone wishing to access the game
  • A big role is catering for people at all levels of the game
  • Players need to be central to all that we do
  • Teams are found in all aspects of the game and we want to support them in achieving what is success to them
  • Clubs are the lifeblood of the game and the future of the game
how have our outcomes influenced our structure

We recognised that:

  • Our current structure was not geared up to achieving all of our outcomes
  • Our structure also didn’t reflect the new funding conditions/opportunities that were attached to us
  • Without support we would not achieve our outcomes or be efficient in what we do
the resulting structure


next steps
  • Self-assessment
  • Insight Led Action Plan

- to include Player retention strategy

- to include Disability Cricket strategy

For this we would like your help….

player retention


  • Player retention is a key area of focus for all Cricket Boards
  • ECB National Playing Survey conducted earlier in year –21,573 replies –1st ever playing survey!

CORE (play most weeks in teams)OCCASIONAL (play a few weeks in teams)CAMEO (play 1-2 times a season in teams)INFORMAL LAPSEDPOTENTIAL

your help group exercise

What are the needs of core, occasional and cameo player?

How do we stop occasional and cameo players from becoming lapsed players?

How do we get occasional and cameo players playing more?

wiltshire cricket plans to address needs of core occasional and cameo players
  • Review League structures, including number of overs, start times (core and occasional)
  • Provide social cricket concepts to clubs (occasional and cameo)
  • More local competitive competitions – Wiltshire Wallop (core and occasional)
lapsed players

Drop out amongst 26-30year olds is rife


We all know that players drop out of the game at certain ages but what can we do to try to keep them involved?

wiltshire cricket plans to retain potential lapsed players
  • Work based competitions (to support the 26-44 year old age category to continue play cricket)
  • Promotion of Under 18 Cricket league (to address the 87% of 14+ cricketers who would return to the game and to replace Sunday cricket)
wiltshire cricket plans to address the gender issue
  • Women and girls Super 3s competition
  • Sub Super 3s competition
  • Sportivate focus on womens cricket
stuart canvas

Stuart Canvas

Clint Hillhouse

total play


James Coney



Steve Windaybank



Greg Miller, Ned Lack



Clinton, Jamie

high performing cricket board survey


  • As well as focusing on player retention, there are many other areas of focus for Wiltshire Cricket for the future
  • To support in identifying priority areas of focus, a survey was conducted earlier in the year related to the performance of the Board
survey results

How good is Wiltshire Cricket at working to clear terms of reference to enable decision making?

survey results1

How good is Wiltshire Cricket at consulting and validating decisions with you as a key partner or association?

survey results2

On a scale of 1-4 (4 being the best), how well do you think Wiltshire Cricket ensures all decisions are transparent, properly recorded and communicated?

survey results3

How good is Wiltshire Cricket at seeking advice from the wider sporting network when planning and delivering projects or programmes of work?

survey results4

To your knowledge how good is Wiltshire Cricket at acquiring customer feedback throught thing such as surveys, questionnaires or informal feedback?

what do these survey results show us
  • Increased focus required on:

- communication

- decision making

- planning

- general governance

so wiltshire cricket priorities 2014 onwards

1. Player Retention Strategy

- Review league structures

- Provide social cricket concepts to clubs

- Local competitions

- Work based competitions

- Under 18 competitions

- Women’s Super 3s

+ tonight’s ideas!!

2. Disability Cricket Strategy

- Plans to be developed by January 2014

3. Focus on Governance

- Supported by internal self-assessment

- Based on HPCB survey

- Board of Directors to take responsibility

4. Delivery of local priorities

- Abbeyfield School

- Secondary school offer

wiltshire cricket limited

Attracting people to participate in Sport with Cricket as a Sport of choice

Wiltshire Cricket Limited

Secondary School Offer2013-2014

  • Intra school competition
  • Extra curriculum coaching opportunities
  • Competitions
  • Teacher training
  • Student training
  • Holiday camps
  • Club links
wiltshire cricket and chance to shine
Wiltshire Cricket and Chance to Shine

Supporting your school to offer quality cricket opportunities for your pupils

The Cricket Foundation via Chance to Shine is one of Wiltshire Cricket’s major funders with their aim being to rejuvenate cricket in state schools. In the past the majority of Chance to Shine’s funding has been invested in to primary school cricket but through funding obtained via Sport England Chance to Shine is now investing heavily in to secondary school cricket. This investment has been allocated to County Boards to invest in to their network of secondary schools.

how does this school offer work
How does this school offer work?

Throughout this brochure you will read about the wide variety of products and services that Wiltshire Cricket can offer to you as a secondary school. We understand that every school will be at a different point with regards to their cricket provision, hence why each school will end up with a bespoke programme being offered by Wiltshire Cricket. To access any opportunities in this offer please complete the reply slip at the back of this document or contact us via the details to the right.

WCL Office:

Chippenham Sports ClubBristol RoadChippenhamWiltshireSN15 1NH

Wiltshire Cricket Head of Schools Cricket:

Ali Goddardali.goddard@wiltshirecricket.co.uk07786 361222

supporting intra school curriculum competition
Supporting Intra school curriculum competition

Providing opportunities for competition in schools is extremely important to Wiltshire Cricket. On the centre pages of this brochure you will find out more about the various competitions that are being facilitated by Wiltshire Cricket and are available for your school to enter.

However, in addition to running county wide inter school competition, Wiltshire Cricket is able to offer support with delivering intra school competition or can support your house cricket competitions. This would involve ECB qualified coaches coming in and delivering curriculum based sessions that will be based around match play. These sessions cannot be run in isolation and so must culminate in an intra school or house competition. It would also be expected that these curriculum sessions would lead in to an opportunity for pupils to attend an extra curriculum cricket club (this can be delivered by Wiltshire Cricket (see previous page).

The intra school curriculum competition package will consist of 4 x curriculum sessions with the 4th session being an intra school competition. For this package schools will receive the followingbenefits:

  • Delivery of 4 x curriculum sessions delivered by ECB qualified coaches withfull DBS check
  • Your choice as to the age group and gender that you want to target
  • Schools will be expected to have a teacher present at these sessions andthere must be an after school club accompanying this programme.

Cost - £60 for 4 week programme

secondary school extra curriculum coaching
Secondary School Extra curriculum coaching

Wiltshire Cricket can offer secondary schools access to ECB qualified coaches to help support with the development of young players through extra-curricular activities. Our coaches can deliver support through the provision of lunchtime or after school clubs for children at KS3 or 4. This coaching support can prepare schools for indoor and outdoor competitions for both boys and girls.

The extra curriculum package will consist of 6 x 1 hour sessions and for this package schools will receive the following benefits:

  • Delivery of 6 x 1 hour sessions delivered by ECB qualified coaches with full DBS check.
  • Your choice as to the age group and gender that you want to target.

Cost - £0

informal teacher support
Informal Teacher support

As well as formal teacher training support, Wiltshire Cricket will also offer informal ‘twilight’ training sessions.

Twilight training sessions are a bespoke training session that will be tailored to the needs and wants of the group of teachers in attendance.

These sessions are best used to bring your PE staff up to speed with current issues relative to delivering the sport to KS3 and KS4.

The twilight training sessions last for an hour but require your school to organise a group of teachers to be present (you can pair with a PE staff from a neighbouring school.

The twilight training session can be run at any time of day but works best as an after school session or during a department staff meeting.

Cost - £0

formal teacher support
Formal Teacher support

Wiltshire Cricket has historically worked well with local schools in the delivery of teacher training and CPD. The extra curriculum sessions can involve co-delivery between the teacher and coach creating a ‘learning environment’ in which a better understanding of the game can be obtained. However, teacher training can be obtained without your school being involved in an actual coaching programme. This is through the following means:

  • Cricket for Teachers – This is a course that is part of the ECB Coach Education structure and gives teachers a formal coaching qualification. The course content includes the basic coaching points for batting, bowling, catching and throwing as well as showing you games and drills to enable you to reinforce those skills and check for learning.
  • The Cricket for Teachers course is a 4 hour workshop.

Cost - £30 per teacher

student support 1
Student Support 1

Wiltshire Cricket is always looking to support students with developing their CV and through formal ECB courses has the opportunity to offer formal qualifications that will support students in volunteering within cricket;

ECB Coach Support WorkerThis course is ideal for someone who wants to help and support a qualified coach in the organising and delivery of sessions.

The course focuses on practical learning allowing students to understand how to make sessions safe, lead warm ups and cool downs and run different types of practice.

The duration of this course is 6 hours but can be run in 2 x 3 hour, 3 x2 or 6 x 1 hour blocks. Minimum number for course is 8 and course will be run on school site. Alternatively, students can apply for one of the courses being run elsewhere in the county. (see www.wiltshirecricket.co.uk)

Cost - £30 per student

student support 2
Student Support 2

As well as supporting students with coaching, Wiltshire Cricket, through ECB courses, also wants to support students who wish to get involved in cricket through a non-playing or coaching avenue;

ECB Cricket Activator WorkshopOffering opportunities for volunteers to get involved in cricket both on and off the field, the Cricket Activator course helps delegates to consider all the roles that make cricket happen to promote cricket.

This course helps students who are looking to deliver a large volunteering project as part of their studies. Perhaps you want to organise and run your own school cricket festival? Not sure where to start and need some advice? The Cricket Activator course can help you with the planning and organisation of a number of cricket related activities.

Run over six hours and able to be delivered on school sites, the course give candidates the opportunity to get involved.

Cost - £20 per student

club school links
Club – School Links

A big role for Wiltshire Cricket and Chance to Shine is to facilitate links between schools and clubs. As part of your involvement with Chance to Shine we will promote the opportunities at your local cricket club. We also offer the opportunity to facilitate Satellite clubs or ‘clubs on school sites’. This is an initiative to bridge the gap between your extra curriculum club and a student actually joining their local cricket club. It involves coaches from your local club coming on to the school site to deliver coaching sessions in the name of their cricket club (effectively an outlet of the local club). The sessions should take place after your extra curriculum time period (eg 5-6pm). If this interests your school we will facilitate conversations with your local cricket club.

secondary school inter competition
Secondary School Inter competition

Wiltshire Cricket’s Secondary school competition framework


Chance to Compete is our national secondary school hardball competition aimed at giving secondary state school children an opportunity to play hard-ball, competitive cricket. Matches are played in under an hour and all participants play a significant part in the game.

There will be three different age groups competitions: under 13 boys, under 13 girls and under 15. A series of regional matches are played culminating in a County final and overall County winner. The winner goes through to a regional final, with the winner qualifying for the National Finals Day.

The rules:

• 8 overs a side, games last no longer than 1 hour but played with a hard cricket ball• Mixed teams, 8 players a side, squads of up to 10 players• All players must bowl at least one over (one player bowls two) with the wicket keeper not allowed to bowl• Batters retire on reaching 20 runs (but can return if everyone else is out)• Boys must be under the age of 13 and girls under 15 as at 1 September • County age group boy players cannot take part (County girls may be included)


The Lady Taverners indoor competition is designed for School teams to enter as an introductory format of cricket for girls to enjoy. The competition is played in sports halls with a semi-soft ball and does not require any form of protective padding. The competition is 8-a-side and has modified but simple rules to ensure games are short and fast paced. Some of the key differences are:

- Runs are scored by batters by hitting the walls of the hall – if the batters choose to run also then additional runs are scored.- Games tend to be no more than 8 overs long – within this every player must bowl one over.- Batters are to retire on 20 runs if they are not out before this time, but can return if all other team members are out.

Within the county, we run local festivals to determine which teams are then invited to County finals. Competitions are run at Under 13’s (year 7 & 8) and Under 15’s (year 9 & 10) age groups with the County winners progressing through to the Regional finals.

secondary school inter competition1
Secondary School Inter competition

Wiltshire Cricket’s Secondary school competition framework


Having seen a shortage of opportunities for boys to play the indoor format of the game, Wiltshire Cricket have introduced a boys version of the The Lady Taverners indoor competition. The competition duplicates that played by the girls. This initial format of the game for boys is run with local qualifier festivals followed by the County finals. At this point in time the competition is run at Under 13’s (year 7 & 8) age group only.


You will read later in this document about student training opportunities. Through our student training we would encourage secondary school students to support with umpiring and scoring at Primary school Kwik Cricket festival. If this interests your school we can discuss primary competition dates in greater detail

competition calendar
Competition Calendar

This calendar should give you an indication as to when competitions take place. Specific dates will be confirmed to you as and when arranged

  • TERMS 3 AND 4
  • Year 7 & 8 Boys only Indoor competition – Regional qualifiers
  • Year 7 & 8 Boys only Indoor competition – County final
  • Year 7 & 8 Girls only Lady Taverners Indoor competition – regional qualifiers
  • Year 7 & 8 Girls only Lady Taverners Indoor competition – County finals
  • Year 9 & 10 Girls only Lady Taverners Indoor competition – regional qualifiers
  • Year 9 & 10 Girls only Lady Taverners Indoor competition – County Finals
  • TERMS 5 AND 6
  • Year 7 & 8 “Chance to Compete” Mixed Outdoor competition – Regional qualifiers
  • Year 7 & 8 “Chance to Compete” Mixed Outdoor competition – County final
  • Year 7 & 8 “Chance to Compete” Girls Only Outdoor competition – regional qualifiers
  • Year 7 & 8 “Chance to Compete” Girls Only Outdoor competition – County finals
  • Year 9 & 10 “Chance to Compete” Mixed Outdoor competition – Regional qualifiers
  • Year 9 & 10 “Chance to Compete” Mixed Outdoor competition – County final
  • Year 9 & 10 Lady Taverners Girls Only Outdoor competition – regional qualifiers
  • Year 9 & 10 Lady Taverners Girls Only Outdoor competition – County finals
  • Year 6 ASDA Kwik Cricket competition – regional qualifiers
  • Year 6 ASDA Kwik Cricket competition – county finals
  • TERM 1:
  • Year 5 & 6 Girls Only Indoor Kwik Cricket competition – Various sites

To access any of these competitions please complete competition reply slip or contact the WCL office

how will this school offer be delivered by wiltshire cricket
How will this school offer be delivered by Wiltshire Cricket?

Wiltshire Cricket Limited will have two full time Development Officers who will be dedicated to delivering this school offer:

Ali Goddard – Head of School’s Cricket

Ali will manage the implementation of this School offer, meaning he will be responsible for its promotion and for agreeing which packages within the offer are appropriate for your school. Once this is agreed Ali will then manage the deployment of coaches to deliver each relevant package. If there are any administrative issues related to the school offer or if you wish to provide feedback on the delivery of the school offer then Ali will be your first port of call. To access and arrange delivery of any packages in this offer please contact Ali Goddard at:

Ali.goddard@wiltshirecricket.co.uk07786 361222

Wiltshire Cricket Community Coach

Wiltshire Cricket will also have a full time community coach who will be the primary deliverer of the packages in this school offer. This person will work closely with your school on a more regular basis to ensure that you are receiving the correct support to ensure that Cricket develops in your school.

Obviously the community coach will not have the ability to deliver all aspects of the school offer due to the limited time available to one person. However, there will be a further team of deliverers available to Wiltshire Cricket to support delivery of this school offer. All deliverers will be of a minimum Level 2 coaching qualification and have the appropriate First Aid, Child protection and DBS qualifications.

Away from working in schools the community coach will have a club development aspect to their role, meaning they will spend time working with clubs and supporting migration of players between your school and the local cricket club.

school booking form
School Booking form

Return this offer to:


Chippenham Sports ClubBristol RoadChippenhamWiltshireSN15 1NH

Or by email toali.goddard@wiltshirecricket.co.uk

On receipt of this submission we will contact you to arrange confirm details and develop the bespoke programme for your school.