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Global Sporting Events

Global Sporting Events. Pangaea Network Research October 2010. Country who has hosted a sporting event . ... Well. ... Poorly. South Africa China Spain (Barcelona 1992) Australia Italy (Turin Winter Olympics 2006) Canada Germany Switzerland. Greece Italy Spain Germany USA India

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Global Sporting Events

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  1. Global Sporting Events Pangaea Network Research October 2010

  2. Country who has hosted a sporting event ... ... Well ... Poorly • South Africa • China • Spain (Barcelona 1992) • Australia • Italy (Turin Winter Olympics 2006) • Canada • Germany • Switzerland • Greece • Italy • Spain • Germany • USA • India • Canada • France • Russia • Respondents from a country that has hosted a global sporting event were most likely to mention it, however, some were critical of their country’s past performance. • Most countries appear on both lists, except for Australia, China, South Africa and Switzerland, which only appear as countries that did well.

  3. Change in the perception of a country is believed to be the main benefit of hosting a sporting event Whilst a country’s economy, tourism and employment will also benefit, its perception is believed to be the main beneficiary; this benefit is also thought to be long lasting, particularly compared to Jobs, where employment is only thought to benefit during the event. Which of the following do you think the host country would benefit from the most by staging a global sporting event? How long do you think the benefit of staging a global sporting event would last?:

  4. Football is thought to have the biggest impact on a host country Other sports are not seen to have any where near the same effect on the host country; all sports were consistently ranked much lower, even rugby (5th) which is supposedly less elitist than sports such as sailing or golf NB Football did not receive 100% of votes; it was ranked the highest, and therefore has been scored 100%, whilst all other scores are relative to this • Other includes: • Olympics • Cycling • Cricket • Winter sports Please rank the top 3 sports which have the most impact on a host country:

  5. Countries whose perception changed after hosting a sporting event Improved Worsened • Spain • South Africa • New Zealand • China • Germany • Canada • India They feared for the safety, but Spain has proven the opposite. Also, because of the improved infrastructure and new tourism facilities, the country did get an amazing impulse. Why wouldn’t a sporting event change the perception of the host country? It depends on the country. If it is in Europe it’s easier to attract customers. If it is farther, like South Africa… it is a waste of time, Money and energy. In this case it won’t have any effect. It depends on the country. If it is in Europe it’s easier to attract customers. If it is farther, like South Africa… it is a waste of time, Money and energy. In this case it won’t have any effect. South Africa has grown economically, and also in terms of infrastructure and tourism. In my opinion it is the “Great Unknown”. Once you have a picture of a country it can change, but eventually you will fall back in the old picture. Once you have a picture of a country it can change, but eventually you will fall back in the old picture.

  6. Most innovative marketing for a global sporting event Instead of an specific country, I think the best marketing campaigns have been created by sport Brands, like, Nike, Adidas or large companies that support the host country. China, with its huge and high-tech sport facilities! Barcelona and Sydney. Both were well run economically, politically and in terms of tourism It is difficult to give an example, because countries frequently do not have enough resources to promote their sporting events. The real sporting event promotion is the national and international exposure governed by TV channels holding broadcasting rights. South-Africa had a bad image before the World Cup. The people thought South-Africa was unsafe and expensive. After the World Cup everybody is remembering South-Africa as a warm country with fantastic people. • South Africa received the most mentions, followed by Australia and China • Respondents have not picked up on any particular marketing activities from a country but have noted that sports brands and the TV stations that hold the broadcasting rights to the event carry out much of the marketing within their markets Although it was a case of necessity, the idea of Beijing to get rid of the smog with rockets was very innovative. Although it was not a marketing activity, it positions the country as innovative.

  7. Sporting events are seen to encourage visitors to new destinations and provide long term benefits to the host country Few respondents feel that hosting a sporting event is a waste of money as it is a long term investment. Whilst attending a sporting event, it is felt that people will pay a premium. Definitely agree Definitely disagree Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is definitely disagree and 5 is definitely agree.: :

  8. Majority believe other regions of the host country benefit from a global sporting event Global events often have various locations around the country, encouraging visitors to move around; marketing is thought to be key, particularly for those for whom the host country is a long haul destination Good marketing will afford wider regional benefit with pre and post event options People who travel to attend a global sporting event often want post-event tours to see more of the destination. Many sports fans are on limited budgets and only travel to see their team/sport and are not interested in cultural tourism Affinity, because of the country, besides the host city, there should be an advertising campaign of the whole country. It would be a big mistake to lose the opportunity of putting the country in everyone’s mind. People often remember only the name of the place. Humans are lazy and will not travel great distances let alone pay money for it. just the actual region/ city, where the event is taking place, can benefit. Unless the media reports about the whole country Because people only visit the town(s) hosting the event. They are only attracted by the event and don’t take the time to discover the destination. Because travellers can experience also near-by towns, not only the one staging the sporting event. Impact is not limited to the local market but to the region/country or even continental (Europe) Can other regions of the host country benefit from hosting a global sporting event?(For example, could Perth benefit from the Sydney Olympics, or will Manchester benefit from London hosting the 2012 Olympics?)

  9. When planning to attend a sporting event, tickets are the first element to be purchased Tickets are the most likely to be purchased over a year ahead, likely to be driven by availability. Travel arrangements are made further in advance, availability and early purchase price benefits may factor here. Accommodation appears to be the last part of the trip booked, however, over ¾ have booked their accommodation over 3 months in advance. How far in advance do people book the following to attend global sporting events?: Travel arrangements (e.g. flights); Accommodation (e.g. hotels); Tickets to the event

  10. Hotels and airlines are believed to benefit most from a global sporting event The gap between hotels and airlines, and the other sectors of the travel industry possibly reflect those travellers booking independently of tour operators and travel agents. The business types mentioned under ‘Other’ cover local businesses and services available at the destination. Benefit a lot Not at all benefit Please rate how much the following sectors of the travel industry would benefit from staging a global sporting event on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is ‘not at all benefit’ and 5 is ‘benefit a lot’.:

  11. Largely believed that only around a ¼ of travelers would avoid visiting a host country whilst a sporting event took place Just 29% of respondents feel that more travelers would shun a destination due to a global sporting event. However, it is certain that a proportion of a country’s visitors, who do not want to attend a sporting event, would avoid going there, but these would be the minority. Approximately what proportion of travelers do you think would avoid going to the host country / change their original travel plan because of a global sporting event?

  12. 9 in 10 feel that Travel industry prices are too expensive during a global sporting event Just 5% of respondents feel that travelers are charged the right amount of money. When asked on a scale of ‘Strongly disagree’ to ‘Strongly agree’, just 26% agreed that the travel industry offers the right products at the right prices. What do you think of the prices of hotels, airlines and other industry partners during global sporting events? To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement "the travel industry reacts well to sporting events by offering the right products at the right prices"?

  13. What could the travel industry do better to improve the customer experience during the staging of a global sporting event? Monitor prices Event organisation & advice Further travel Offer the event more previously before departure in combination with a travel throughout the country. They are now often short trips for a few days exclusively for the event. People who wants to make this combinations have to book everything separately. Not over inflate hotel and air rates. Hotel rates in Cape Town quadrupled leaving people angry and bemused To work all together and avoid the event organizers’ influence. To organise the event and the related promotion in due time Differentiation between visitors of the event and other visitors; avoidance of excessively expensive prices during the event To give precise and exact information about where the sport events take place, facilities, parking, public transport so the attendants don’t miss anything about these or people who want to visit the city but not the sport events can easily avoid them. To offer a wider range of services without increasing too much the final price, in order to stimulate an holiday extension, in addition to the sporting event. Exposure of the culture, heritage and customs of the host country. Organised tours and disseminate the information in advance. Promote night activities rather than pubs and discos. Avoid the event as a once in a life time to grab the dollar. Sporting events are often exploited. The recent World Cup is a good example of how not to. High prices meant that the hotel and stadiums were barely or not full. A tour operator can also build a lot of credit by offering affordable To give service providers more prominence, offer additional services/ aid, better advisory service

  14. England are thought to be the most likely to host the 2018 Football World Cup Who do you think will win the bid for hosting the 2018 Football World Cup?

  15. In your own words, are there any other effects or changes that occur when a country hosts a major sporting event? Country’s image People’s attitudes Infrastructure As a rule people’s attitude improves when it comes to visitor and also infrastructure is improved. Cleaning, cleanliness of cities for Photo productions The host country must invest a lot of money in improving the tourism infrastructure. It allows improving the facilities for the local people. Projects who could take years are pushing forward by the organization. It will probably bring a sense of togetherness within the hosting country. Reduction of racism, support of open-mindedness and tolerance Country is forced to be clear on what image they want to present Prices increases Tourism hospitality improvement, growing know-how in transport / logistics / crisis / security management. These events enhance all aspects of tourism hospitality as any other promotions can do. Domestic problems reach the public sphere – the world has an insight in political and economical problems [Inflation of] hotel and air rates. Hotel rates in Cape Town quadrupled leaving people angry and bemused

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