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Great British Sporting Events PowerPoint Presentation
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Great British Sporting Events

Great British Sporting Events

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Great British Sporting Events

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  1. Great British Sporting Events By The Children in Year 3 St Richard’s School, Chichester, England

  2. Wimbledon • Wimbledon is probably the most famous tennis tournament in the world • The first Wimbledon match was in 1877 • It started as a men’s championship and 22 people entered • Now thousands of fans come to watch tennis stars like Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rapha Nadal, Venus & Serena Williams

  3. The Ashes The Ashes is a name given to the Test cricket series involving England and Australia. They play every two years. Thousands of people watch The Ashes. The matches are played at The Oval in London. England were beaten for the very first time against Australia in 1882. England has beaten Australia 28 times and Australia has beaten England 31 times. They have drawn 9 times. There have been 68 series since 1882.

  4. The Open Championship There are four major tournaments in golf and the Open is only one played outside America. It is the most famous golf tournament in Britain. It takes place over four days and this year it will take place in Muirfield in Scotland.

  5. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race • The boat race takes place between Oxford University and Cambridge University rowing teams. • The first race was in 1829. • The race takes place on the River Thames between Putrey and Mortlake. • The race is 4 miles long. • Cambridge has won 81 times and Oxford 77 times. • People watch from the river banks and from the bridges which cross the River Thames.

  6. The F.A. Cup The F.A. cup is a big English football tournament. It was founded in 1871. 737 teams play. Wigan Athletic won the Cup in 2013. 90,000 people go to watch the final at Wembley Stadium in London. The most successful club is Manchester United who have won the competition 11 times.

  7. Six Nations Rugby The Six Nations Rugby is a tournament between England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy. Before the six nations it used to be the four Nations, but in 1910 France joined and then in 2000 Italy joined. There are 15 matches in the championship. In England the games are played at Twickenham in London.