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IA Hub Project

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IA Hub Project. Information Architecture & Design I INF 385E Group Members: Amy (Xueyin) Bai Li Cao Valerie Gomez de la Torre Jessica Kubik Misty McLaughlin. Introduction. Mission Need for an IA Resource at the iSchool Define goals in Project Proposal Create Project Website.

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Presentation Transcript
ia hub project

IA Hub Project

Information Architecture & Design I

INF 385E

Group Members:

Amy (Xueyin) Bai

Li Cao

Valerie Gomez de la Torre

Jessica Kubik

Misty McLaughlin

  • Mission
    • Need for an IA Resource at the iSchool
  • Define goals in Project Proposal
  • Create Project Website

IA Hub Project

planning meetings
Planning: Meetings
  • Client Meetings
    • Don Turnbull
  • Stakeholder Meetings
    • Dean Dillon
    • Randolph Bias
    • Oliver Chen
    • Shannon Lucas
  • Technology Meeting
    • Kai, iSchool Webmaster

IA Hub Project

planning manage group process
Planning: Manage group process
  • Weekly Group Meetings
  • Email
  • Schedule & Tasks
  • Blog

IA Hub Project

analysis content gathering
Analysis: Content Gathering
  • Content from client and stakeholders
  • Research for content externally
    • Other Graduate iSchool Programs
    • IA Terminology/definitions
    • Industry Resources
    • Professional Organizations
  • Content within iSchool
    • Current iSchool Website
    • research projects/papers
      • Professors
      • Students

IA Hub Project

analysis content map
Analysis: Content Map

IA Hub Project

analysis labels
Analysis: Labels


IA Hub Project

  • The initial design phase
    • Meetings with Dean Dillon and Dr. Turnbull
      • Agreed that IA Hub site needed to be similar to the current PCS pages
    • Thoughts from Dean Dillon
      • Possible move away from current iSchool site design
    • Meeting with Kai Mantsch
      • iSchool CSS

IA Hub Project

group consensus on design
Group Consensus on Design
  • Stick with the current iSchool site design
  • Keep it consistent with the iSchool design so that any future iSchool changes can easily be implemented

IA Hub Project

design sketches
Design: Sketches


  • Design Drafts
  • Gave a visual of content and placement on pages

IA Hub Project

design wireframe
Design: Wireframe


  • Browser Title
  • Page Title
  • Navigation
  • Content Area

IA Hub Project

design changes decisions
Design: Changes & Decisions


  • Our own local navigation
    • similar to that of PCS
      • What is IA?
      • IA at UT
      • IA Resources
      • Events
  • Third column
    • break up heavy text
    • provide supplementary info
    • task focused

IA Hub Project

design template
Design: Template


IA Hub Project

design site map
Design: Site Map

IA Hub Project

implementation build prototype
Implementation: Build Prototype
  • Live Prototype


IA Hub Project

implementation tools technology style
Implementation: Tools, Technology & Style
  • Tools needed
    • Current version of Dreamweaver
    • iSchool CSS
  • Style Guide
    • CSS
      • www.ischool.utexas.edu/ischool.css
    • Navigation:
      • Global and Local Nav. Schemes
    • Updated Pages
    • File Locations & Naming Conventions
      • underscore_separated_titles.html
    • Contact Information for Kai Mantsch

IA Hub Project

verification user testing heuristic evaluation
Verification: User Testing & Heuristic Evaluation


  • Jakob Nielsen’s Ten Usability Heuristics
    • Match between system and the real world
    • Consistency and standards
    • Flexibility and efficiency
    • Aesthetic and minimalist design
    • Help and documentation


IA Hub Project

verification user testing heuristic evaluation1
Verification: User Testing & Heuristic Evaluation


  • General Usability Issues

- Too many page titles and sub-headings

- Not enough interlinking of pages and suggesting pathways for visitors

- Many links take you out of iSchool site

- Content heavy, not enough visuals

- Need annotations to accompany lists of links

- Difficult to move around “Events” section

- Lacks much by way of substance in content

IA Hub Project

future top 10 areas for growth
Future: Top 10 Areas for Growth


  • Info for internal audiences
  • More faculty info
  • Info on current students for external audience
  • Profiles of recent grads / IA alum
  • Info on undergraduate backgrounds

IA Hub Project

future top 10 areas for growth1
Future: Top 10 Areas for Growth

6) Info on relationship between IA and Kilgarlin Center / Librarianship

7) Dynamic RSS feed

8) Comprehensive glossary

9) Population-specific pages to create pathways into site

10) IA-only “Events” calendar

IA Hub Project

future construction maintenance
Future: Construction & Maintenance


  • Construction

- Images


- Content / content review

- Final code verification

  • Maintenance

- ASIS&T Student Chapter

IA Hub Project

post mortem
Post Mortem
  • Group Challenges

- Top-down v. bottom-up

- Not enough face-to-face contact with audience / stakeholders

  • Group Successes

- Making abstract ideas concrete

- Setting reasonable goals

- Alternating tasks between group members

  • Individual Members Comments


IA Hub Project


Thank you!

IA Hub Project