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EMC + EMC lvl1 Trigger Performance in RUN 02

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EMC + EMC lvl1 Trigger Performance in RUN 02 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EMC + EMC lvl1 Trigger Performance in RUN 02. From Sasha Bazilevsky. Minimum bias High pt trigger. Matthias Grosse Perdekamp. May 22, 2002. Spin PWG Physics Goals from Run 02 Data. From Naohito Saito. Measure single spin asymmetries for identified particles.

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Presentation Transcript

EMC + EMC lvl1 Trigger Performance in RUN 02

From Sasha Bazilevsky

Minimum bias

High pt trigger

Matthias Grosse Perdekamp

May 22, 2002


Spin PWG Physics Goals from Run 02 Data

From Naohito Saito

Measure single spin asymmetries

for identified particles

Test to which level NLO QCD

describes inclusive hadron spectra

rates for run 03
Rates for run 03

Peak luminosity: 1.6x1031cm-2s-1 ==> Peak Rates into Level 1 500kHz

Bandwidth into Event builder/DCM ==> 5kHz (?)

Need rejection of about 500 at level 1: Thresholds between 2-3 GeV

Integrated Luminosity from RHIC==> 2.8pb-1/week

Integrated Luminosity with PHENIX up ==> 1.0pb-1/week

Write 3x109 events corresponding to 120 days of production on CCJ


W. Vogelsang

Evidence that pQCD fits data for colliders down to pT=2 GeV.

This can be further studied using RHIC pp data from runs 02 (and 03).

Charged and neutral pion spectra are sensitive to the Gluon Polarization.

Input distributions:

o Differences in the fragmentation functions

will largely cancel in the asymmetry.

o Variations in the unpolarized parton distributions

have little effect on the asymmetry.

o Significant experimental input: pdfs: SLAC, CERN-M2,




o 5 weeks of spin commissioning

o 3 weeks of physics with longitudinal polarization

Measurement of gluon polarization in inclusive hadron production

Operate PHENIX at 10 times higher luminosity

o Physics run should be contingent on demonstrated PAGS>40%