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The Blue ringed octopus

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The Blue ringed octopus.

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the blue ringed octopus

The Blue ringed octopus

The blue ringed octopus is an octopus found in tide pools in the Pacific Ocean. They are currently known to be the world’s most venomous marine creature. Roughly 50-60 blue rings are on its body and they are about 12 to 20cm long and weigh about 100g. Despite their size, their venom is powerful enough to kill humans and it will sting humans if provoked. Blue ringed octopus usually eat crabs and shrimps and occasionally fish, if they can catch them. They pounce and eject poison to paralyse the prey then suck the flesh out the coruscations exoskeleton.

  • A blue ringed octopus tends to use its dermal chromatophore to camouflage itself till provoked then changes to a bright yellow with bright blue rings. When blue ringed octopuses decide to mate the male strokes the female with its modified arm grabbing the mantle which sometimes can completely obscure the female’s vision then transferring sperm packets into the female’s mantle over and over again. The process ends when the female has enough and generally has to push the male away by force. Male blue ringed octopus will attempt to mate with any octopus of the same species regardless of their sex or size if to males mated the process will finish much faster than if it was with a female the two males will separate without inserting any sperm packets. Female blue ringed octopus lay only 50 eggs a life time she then incubates the eggs under her arm then when they hatch the adult female dies and the baby octopuses live and reach maturity by the next year and can the start mating for themselves.
  • The blue ringed octopus has eight limbs called tentacles they have suction cups all along each of these limbs they are incredibly intelligent and has a beak which is the only hard part in its body they don’t have and internal or external skeleton.
  • The blue ringed octopus uses its suction cups on it tentacles to grip or climb up things they also use there tentacles to sense out prey or predators. They have a certain poison they use to defend themselves from predators and a different poison to attack prey.
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