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Need Attention to Maintain Your Maximum Oral Dental Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Need Attention to Maintain Your Maximum Oral Dental Health

Need Attention to Maintain Your Maximum Oral Dental Health

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Need Attention to Maintain Your Maximum Oral Dental Health

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  1. How to Maintain your Oral Health?

  2. Here are some tips which will help you to maintain your oral health: • If you want to keep yourself away from cavity or any kind of dental problem and maintain your beautiful smile then it is necessary that you need to be serious about your oral dental health. • By maintaining your oral health not only you have to spend less time on a dental clinic which cost you dearly but also can keep yourself from feeling the horrible pain which will restrict you from eating your favourite foods.

  3. 1.    Brushing: • One of most effective way to normally clean your teeth is brushing. • To increase the effectiveness of the brushing it is preferable to do it after having your meal and spend time to every corner of your mouth at least two times a day. • Make sure the toothpaste you use has fluoride in it and change your brush after using it for two or three month.

  4. 2.    Flossing: • After brushing to take your cleaning movement one step ahead you can do flossing. • Flossing will help you to remove the food stuck between your teeth and unable to remove it by brushing. • To do a flossing you can take around 18 inches of floss then wrap it around your middle figure and place it around one teeth at a time and move it in a gentle rubbing motion.

  5. Even if you find it hard to use normal floss then to maintain your oral dental health you can use inter dental cleaner to do the cleaning.

  6. 3.    Visit a dentist: • Even if you perform these healthy brushing and flossing in daily basis it is still necessary that you visit a dentist around every six month. • By visiting a dentist in regularly basis not only you will have a professional cleaning but also able to know any kind of important matter regarding your oral health before it become too complicated. • Furthermore if you face any kind of dental problem such as red or swollen gum, bleeding gum during flossing, sudden sensitivity in your teeth to any kind of hot or cold then it is important that you immediately visit a professional dentist because delaying in your oral health problem will only increase it.

  7. Other then these brushing, flossing or visiting the dentist there are some other things also need your attention to maintain your maximum oral dental health, which are: • Forfeit the use of a toothpick if you do use then because it might damage your gum. • Fluoride is good for bone and teeth so drink water which have a natural amount of fluoride. • Never smoke as it is very injurious to your oral and physical health.