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Career Education Benchmarks PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Education Benchmarks

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Career Education Benchmarks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Education Benchmarks
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  1. Career Education Benchmarks A set of quality benchmarks for career development programmes and services in New Zealand secondary schools

  2. “The OECD has recognised that career services are necessary for effective transition systems. It notes that career management skills are an essential literacy alongside other literacies for successful transitions into and from education, training and work.” - Career Guidance and Public Policy Bridging the Gap 2004 Report The importance of career development in schools

  3. The Benchmarks will provide… A framework for high quality, consistent and sustainable career development programmes and services in schoolsto support all students to make successful transitions so that they have the competencies to self manage their life and work.

  4. R:\Operations\Capability building Why do we need a framework? The changing nature of careers…

  5. The Benchmarks will… • Enable a common understanding of good practice for effective career education • Provide a self review tool for schools to evaluate, identify specific areas to focus on and forward plan to develop their career development programmes and services • Provide those who are supporting schools with a framework to focus their work • Promote engagement and discussion about a vital part of the education system

  6. Who are they for? Boards of Trustees Principals Career development leaders School senior leaders Career development staff in schools Teachers The Benchmarks are designed for the following individuals and groups to use: • Those working with the school to support their work (eg. School Support Services, Careers New Zealand, Education Review Office, Ministry of Education, and other professional career development agents)

  7. Where do the benchmarks fit? National Administration Guidelines Objective of career education Career Education Benchmarks What good practice looks like Career Education Guidelines How to go about career education

  8. Process of development

  9. Evidence base • National and international research alongside and evidence has informed the content of the benchmarks (see the bibliography) • Additionally a number of leading national and international career development and education experts have provided expertise and/or advice throughout the development process

  10. Introducing the project team Led by Careers New Zealand Dale Bailey, Catherine Stephens (seconded from the Careers and Transition Education Association), Ailsa Tini and Mitch de Vries Developed with input and advice from across the education sector An External Reference Group of education sector and industry representatives, and a Leadership Group from the Ministry of Education and Education Review Office

  11. External Reference Group Industry Training Federation School Trustees Association Careers and Transition Education Association PPTA Secondary Principal School Support Services Ministry of Education NZ Council for Educational Research Members of the external reference group are from the following organisations and positions:

  12. The benchmarks

  13. The Brief The brief for the development of the benchmarks was to ensure that they are: • Cutting edge • Aspirational • Future focused • World leading

  14. Unpacking the Benchmarks: • The layers are: key dimension, category, sub category, benchmark statement • For each sub category there are four possible placements for each sub category – from ‘Not yet adequate’ to ‘Highly effective’ • The following slides will unpack the key dimensions and categories to show you the overall framework. • From there, go to the Benchmarks document to read the detail Please note: the colour coding is only on the slides – the benchmark document is not colour coded

  15. Successful Student Transitions are at the heart – these are the competencies that our students have when they leave school. They are outcomes. The other four dimensions are the inputs that are required to enable the development of these competencies through the career development programmes and services. The five key dimensions

  16. Outcomes: Building student career competencies to support successful transitions Inputs to enable outcomes: Effective leadership, governance and management Objective and focused strategic plans and processes Students at the centre of career development programmes and services Purposeful and efficient management of career development information Key dimensions for effective career development practice

  17. Summary table • The next two pages show a summary of the five key dimensions – each unpacked with their four category statements.

  18. Delving into the Benchmarks • From here the next logical step is to move to the benchmarks document • Each dimension starts on a separate page • You may choose to look at and provide feedback on as many dimensions as you wish • Feedback is open until 5pm 19 August There is a link to the feedback form on the web page you just visited – This form is the only way that we are collecting feedback

  19. Thank you