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cottonmouth snake animal report by j r l.
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Cottonmouth snake Animal Report By; J.R. PowerPoint Presentation
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Cottonmouth snake Animal Report By; J.R.

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Cottonmouth snake Animal Report By; J.R.
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Cottonmouth snake Animal Report By; J.R.

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  1. Cottonmouth snake Animal Report By; J.R. Hey I’m a mysterious animal can you guess what I am? I have no legs scales I am a any ordinary kind of snake a cottonmouth snake reptile and I am green you guessed it a snake but not just.

  2. Classification Cottonmouth snakes have some really cool characteristics that make them a reptile slither on over to learn. Cottonmouth snakes are cold blooded that means that they have scales they breath with lungs and they don’t give live birth.

  3. Habitat Fantastic am I ! I have a really wet home do you wont to know where it is? Cottonmouth snakes are found in south eastern united states in icky sticky swamps. It lives in a cozy den and hibernates.

  4. Food and Feeding slither in and listen to what tasty foods I love to eat! On land cottonmouth snakes will eat small baby mammals like mice and rats. In the deep dark dirty water they will eat frogs and fish. One thing that is interesting is they eat it’s prey head first because it is easier to swallow.

  5. Adaptations Do you wont to know my adaptations well if you do listen up! Cottonmouth snakes sometimes try to sneak away from predators that might eat them. They don’t wont to waste venom on animals they can not eat. Venom is a poison that can kill a human in 1 bite. When a predator comes by sometimes they don’t have enough time to sneak away so it will lay very still and camouflage with what it’s laying on it can be difficult to see.

  6. Life Cycle There is still one more topic to slither in and look at the life cycle! Cottonmouth snakes mature when they are 2 to 3 years old. Mating takes place in spring. These cool snakes are born between august and October. Cottonmouth snakes give birth to live snakes the egg hatches with in the female body before birth. Litters of about 20 snakes are common and the new born snakes have a length of 8-12 inches on average.

  7. Conclusion We have now covered everything about me! Now you can slither away carefully and calmly that’s all about me the cottonmouth snake!

  8. Resources Computer: www. Snakes and Book : All About the Cottonmouth Snake by: Gareth Stevens