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Fast facts on food and diet PowerPoint Presentation
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Fast facts on food and diet

Fast facts on food and diet

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Fast facts on food and diet

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  1. Fast facts on food and diet Explore some amazing foody facts taken from Big Picture: Food and Diet

  2. Taken from Big Picture: Food and Diet, Bitter pill to swallow Grapefruit juice contains compounds that block enzymes involved in metabolising a range of drugs, so drug levels stay higher for longer. These drugs include calcium-channel blockers used to treat high blood pressure. Source: Bailey DG et al. Lancet 1991;337(8736):268–9. Oliver Burston, Wellcome Images

  3. Souper-filling Eating soup makes you feel full for longer than eating solid food with a glass of water. Why? Water mixed with solids (e.g. soup) stays in the stomach longer than water alone. Source: Stomach, pancreas, spleen andgall bladder Medical Art Service, Munich, Wellcome Images

  4. Sounds delicious Work at the University of Oxford has found that people tend to associate sweet and sour tastes with high-pitched sounds and umami tastes (e.g. Marmite) and bitter tastes with low-pitched Sounds. Also, that people enjoy food more when ‘matching’ music is played during eating. Source: pubmed/20952795 Wellcome Library, London

  5. A meaty issue Cats are unable to detect sweet-tasting food because one of the two genes needed is inactive. Unlike humans, though, they can taste adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a signal for meat. Source: article.cfm?id=strange-but-true-cats cannot-taste-sweets

  6. Tongue-tingling tastes Jelly containing fresh pineapple, papaya and kiwi won’t set as the proteases in them break down the protein gelatin in the jelly. The proteases also digest some of the proteins in your mouth and tongue when you eat these fruits, causing tingling and stinging! Source: /HTML/content/kitchenscience/exp/ science-of-fruit-jellies/ N. Durrell McKenna, Wellcome Images

  7. Find out more… Big Picture: Food and Diet Download or order a copy now: Big Picture is a free resource for post-16 biology students. Other issues include Genes, Genomes and Health, The Cell and Addiction