establishing an infrastructure to support e learning n.
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Establishing an infrastructure to support e-learning

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Establishing an infrastructure to support e-learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishing an infrastructure to support e-learning. Val Brocki IMT Co-ordinator Airedale NHS Trust/NPfIT ETD Lead Bradford Health Informatics Service. Abstract. What do NHS Trusts need to do to support e-learning? How can we ensure it is cost-effective?

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establishing an infrastructure to support e learning

Establishing an infrastructure to support e-learning

Val Brocki

IMT Co-ordinator Airedale NHS Trust/NPfIT ETD Lead Bradford Health Informatics Service


  • What do NHS Trusts need to do to support e-learning?
  • How can we ensure it is cost-effective?
  • In what ways do we need to work differently?
  • A look at how collaborative approaches like Bradford Health Informatics Service’s “Learnonline “ can help.


more questions than answers
More questions than answers!
  • Experience to date of Airedale NHS Trust in establishing structures to support the implementation of e-learning.
          • Groups
          • Staff
          • Resource issues
          • Collaborative work


the nightmare
The nightmare!
  • Large amounts of money wasted on buying expensive e-learning resources that do not meet learners’ needs because they are not adequately supported!


trust e learning strategy group
Trust E-learning Strategy Group
  • Representatives from

Training (IMT and General)


Professional Development

(acute, theatres, women & children’s, AHPs)

Hotel Services

Library & Knowledge Management

Risk Management

Bradford Health Informatics Service (E-Learning Project Manager)


trust e learning strategy group1


Trust E-learning Strategy Group


  • To audit current e-learning activity (and learn from experience)
  • To establish a network of e-learning advisors covering all parts of the Trust
  • To educate managers and staff
  • To disseminate information and share best practice
  • To produce an e-learning strategy for the Trust – to include policies re. tutor training, quality, etc.


bradford etd partnership


Bradford ETD Partnership

Bradford District Care Trust

Bradford Social Services

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Airedale PCT

Bradford City Teaching PCT

Bradford South & West PCT

North Bradford PCT

Airedale NHS Trust



bradford etd partnership1


Bradford ETD Partnership
  • Aims are to:•Develop a co-ordinated approach to ETD across the partner organisations • Learn from and share good practice• Develop sub-groups to co-ordinate and promote joint working on ETD matters (Share development costs)• Effect change where this would be of benefit to partner organisations


west yorkshire education training and development group


West Yorkshire Education, Training and Development Group
  • Hosted by WY Workforce Development Confederation
  • Representatives from NHS Trusts across West Yorkshire
  • A useful forum for exchanging ideas and experience and developing collaborative working
  • Access to funding for training etc


staff with a stake in e learning


Staff with a stake in E-learning
  • IMT Training/ETD Lead responsible for convening E-learning strategy group, reporting to Director of Training & Organisation and producing the Trust’s E-learning strategy.


staff with a stake in e learning1


Staff with a stake in E-learning
  • “The converted”
    • Director of Training & Education
    • Training staff
    • E-learning “Champions”fromdepartments


staff with a stake in e learning2


Staff with a stake in E-learning
  • Managers in particular need to be educated:
    • E-learning is not a cheap “quick-fix” alternative to traditional methods of training.
  • Staff need to understand what is involved


important external contacts


Important external contacts
  • E-learning Project Manager for Local Health Community
  • Colleagues at WDC
  • Colleagues at neighbouring NHS Trusts


resource issues


Resource issues
  • Technical issues
    • Broadband, band width etc
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Software to support online conferencing
    • Software to design on-line learning “Blackboard” etc.
    • Adequate I.T. staff to provide technical support
    • Learning designers – local or shared


resource issues1
Resource issues
  • Where will e-learners study?
    • How practical are these locations in reality?
    • Can the learner study without interruption?
    • Is it necessary to book? ( Additional admin?)
    • Do they all have the appropriate hard and software and furniture?


resource issues2


Resource issues
  • Do learners have adequate I.T. skills?
  • Don’t forget staff with special needs e.g.Visual Impairment. You may need to provide specially adapted equipment.E.g.


resource issues3


Resource issues
  • Who will provide tutorial support to e-learners?
    • Identify and train tutors

Training for tutors e.g.


resource issues4


Resource issues
  • How will tutorial support be provided?
    • Are you going to provide a Helpdesk?
    • When are tutors going to be available?
    • Will communication be synchronous/asynchronous?
    • Are you going to arrange for on-line or video conferencing or discussion boards.

Who will moderate them?

    • ……and is this necessary? Would a face-to face meeting be more practical and economical.
    • Will the Knowledge Manager provide links to other accredited websites?


resource issues5


Resource issues
  • Remember that by using E-learning you are, to a large extent, losing the benefits of learning in a social context and you need to compensate for this.
  • Doing it electronically can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes it’s easier to arrange a meeting.
  • Even if the rest of the course is on-line, a kick-off meeting, at the start of the course is a good idea.


blended learning


Blended learning
  • Seems to be a practical way to approach the introduction of e-learning.
  • Can existing courses be enriched by using it?
  • Will existing courses be replaced?
  • Develop resources like “Learnonline”


resource issues6


Resource issues
  • Protected learning time
  • Additional administrative burden imposed by Learning Management Systems (E.g. ECDL Portal)

“Same old, same old……….”


quality assurance


Quality Assurance
  • Establish systems to ensure that e-learning resources are accredited and reliable.
  • Consult professional colleagues
  • Beware being pressured into purchasing e-learning packages as a knee-jerk response to urgent problems - e.g. MRSA - without having them thoroughly checked by qualified staff


  • Identify stakeholders
  • Establish groups and lines of communication – mixed team approach - or put E-learning on agenda of existing groups
  • Agree strategy, responsibilities, processes, quality assurance
  • Access funding
  • Secure resources: soft- and hardware, training rooms, personnel, expertise, materials, courses, TIME etc.


summary continued
  • Educate managers and staff
  • Secure protected learning time
  • Arrange for basic I.T. training and TTT (tutorial support and software)
  • Use e-learning only where appropriate
  • Use only high-quality courses e.g ukhep modules
  • Provide support for your learners!
  • Evaluate