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Agenda Items Introduction Key Dates Summary Municipal Requests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highway 407 East Project Overview Presentation to Whitby-Brooklin Probus Group Ministry of Transportation October 23, 2013. Agenda Items Introduction Key Dates Summary Municipal Requests Highway 407 ETR Map Key Municipal Enhancements

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Highway 407 East Project OverviewPresentation to Whitby-Brooklin Probus Group Ministry of TransportationOctober 23, 2013

Agenda Items

Introduction Key Dates

Summary Municipal Requests

Highway 407 ETR Map Key Municipal Enhancements

Highway 407 East Reference Map MTO Funded Infrastructure

407 East EA Study Phases/Schedule Community Value Plan (3 slides)

Procurement Endangered Species Act (ESA)

Timelines Tolling

Phase 1 - Scope Announcements

Phase 1 - Status Contacts

Phase 2 - Scope Questions

Phase 2 - Status


  • With MTO since 1986

  • Worked on Highway 407 East since 2007

  • Mainly involved with Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Design

  • Currently working on implementation with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and

    the 407 East Development Group (EDG)

  • Contact: Dean Kemper, P. Eng.

    Senior Project Engineer

    Ministry of Transportation

    Major Projects Office

    Central Region

    7th Floor, Building D

    Downsview, ON M3M 1J8

    Tel: (416) 235-4664

    Fax: (416) 235-5339

    email: [email protected]


  • The existing Highway 407 corridor originates at the QEW in Burlington and terminates at Brock Road in Pickering.

  • The need for an east-west freeway north of Toronto connecting to Highway 35/115 was initially considered in the 1950’s and 60’s.

  • Since the early 1990’s a number of studies indicated the need for a new east-west freeway through Durham Region to Highway 35/115 including two new north-south freeway corridors connecting Highways 401 and 407.

  • It was also recommended that a dedicated right-of-way for future transit be included as part of the 407 East transportation corridor.

  • The 407 East Environmental Assessment was initiated in 2007.

  • Currently both provincial & federal approvals have been received and the project is well into its implementation phase.


Highway 407 ETR: Existing Route








HWY 410












C 6

C 5


E 1

E 2


C 3






C 4



C 7


C 2









C 1








W 3




W 2



W 1

407 CENTRAL(1997–1998) – 69 km , 6-8 lanes, 28 Interchanges

Highway Enhancement: 50 lane km in each direction (407 central) – Year 2007




407 EAST PARTIAL EXTENSION (2001) – 15 km, 4 lanes, 4 interchanges

407 WEST (2001) – 24 km, 4 lanes, 4 interchanges

407 east ea study phases schedule

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Route Alternatives

(Alternative Methods)

Transportation Alternatives (Alternatives to the Undertaking)

Transportation Problems and Opportunities

Project Initiation

Preliminary Design

Short List Assessment and Evaluation

EA Report

Long List Screening

407 East EA Study Phases / Schedule

  • Extensive Public and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Key Phases / Milestones

    • Problems and Opportunities – Need / Justification

    • Alts To – Transportation Alternatives

    • Alternative Methods – Route Planning

      • Evaluation of Routes – Technically Recommended Route

      • Refinements – Technically Preferred Route

    • Preliminary Design – Recommended Design

    • EA Documentation


  • MTO in partnership with IO is undertaking the procurement of both phases.

  • IO manages the Alternative Financing & Procurement (AFP) process.

  • MTO responsible for a number of activities including preliminary/reference design, property acquisition, obtaining permits, major utility relocations, project funding, and tolling.

  • The AFP model being used (excluding tolling) is: “Design-Build-Finance-Maintain” (DBFM) with a 30-year concession.

  • This delivery model’s benefits include:

    • Efficiencies by integrating whole project life cycle into a single contract

    • Risk Transfer to private sector

    • On time, on-budget delivery

    • Opportunities for private sector innovation


  • Provincial commitment to extend Highway 407 East to Highway 35/115 by 2020 with the following phases and key dates announced by the Minister on March 10, 2011:

    Phase 1:

    • By late 2015 – 22 km section from Brock Road to Harmony Road and a 10 km north-south highway (West Durham Link) connecting Highway 407 East to Highway 401

      Phase 2:

    • By 2017 – Highway 407 East from Harmony Road to Taunton/East Durham Link

    • By 2020 – the section from Taunton/East Durham Link to Highway 35/115, and a 10 km north-south highway (East Durham Link) connecting Highway 407 East to Highway 401

Phase 1 scope
Phase 1 – Scope

  • Highway 407 East Mainline:

    • New 6-lane highway from Brock Road to West Durham Link (WDL) (approx. 10 km)

    • New 4-lane highway from WDL to Harmony Road area (approx. 12 km)

    • A freeway-to-freeway interchange at the WDL

    • Interchanges at Brock Road, Lake Ridge Road, Baldwin Street (Highway 7/12), Thickson Road, Simcoe Street and Harmony Road

  • West Durham Link (WDL):

    • New 4-lane north-south highway connecting Highway 407 East to Highway 401 (approximately 10 kilometres). A freeway-to-freeway interchange at WDL and Highway 401.

    • Interchanges at Highway 7 (partial), Taunton Road, and Dundas Street (partial), Highway 401/Lake Ridge Road (partial)

  • Procurement through IO using an AFP model:

  • Project Facts:

    • All properties have been acquired

    • 22 road structures

    • 31 major water-crossing structures

    • 9 interchanges, including two complex freeway-freeway interchanges

Phase 1 status
Phase 1 –Status

  • Three applicants were short-listed March 2011

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) released in April 2011; RFP closed November 8, 2011

  • On March 22, 2012, MTO and Infrastructure Ontario announced 407 East Development Group (407 EDG) is the preferred bidder selected to design, build, finance and maintain Phase 1 of Highway 407 East project.

  • The key members of 407 EDG include:

    • Cintra Infraestructuras S. A.

    • SNC-Lavalin

  • Construction is well underway (clearing, pile driving, grading)

Phase 2 scope
Phase 2 - Scope

  • Highway 407 East Mainline:

    • New 4-lane highway from Harmony Road to Highway 35/115 (approx. 23 km). Freeway-to-freeway interchanges at the East Durham Link (EDL) and Highway 35/115

    • Interchanges at Enfield Road, Regional Road 57 and Darlington-Clarke Townline

  • East Durham Link (EDL):

    • New 4-lane north-south highway connecting Highway 407 East to Highway 401 (approximately 10 kilometres). A freeway-to-freeway interchange at EDL and Highway 401.

    • Interchanges at Taunton Road, Highway 2 and Courtice Road at Highway 401

  • Procurement through IO using an AFP model:

  • Project Facts:

    • All required properties have been acquired or expropriated

    • 20 road structures

    • approximately 25 major water-crossing structures

    • 8 interchanges, including three complex freeway-freeway interchanges

Phase 2 status
Phase 2 – Status

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) completed and the Request for Proposals (RFP) is expected to be released Fall 2013.

Pre-construction work required for Phase 2:

Field engineering and major utility relocations underway

Environmental Investigations

Archaeology, Waste, Heritage, ESA etc. on-going

Municipal requests
Municipal Requests

  • MTO is working cooperatively with local road authorities, municipalities and Durham Region in an effort to address any concerns related to traffic impacts to the local road network.

  • Some improvements/enhancements to local roads directly impacted by the Highway 407 East are being considered to ensure safe and efficient traffic operations.

Key municipal enhancements
Key Municipal Enhancements

  • The province has included significant additional infrastructure:

    • Bike lanes and sidewalks

    • Additional lanes on bridges for municipal expansion

    • Municipal intersection improvements at some strategic locations along Phase 1 to improve traffic flow

  • MTO has committed to providing support to municipalities such as turning lanes and/or traffic signals that support both local traffic and Highway 407 East operations.

  • MTO has taken a significant step forward by providing a multi-modal approach for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit users.

Mto funded infrastructure to facilitate future municipal growth


Extra lanes on structure to accommodate future widening of municipal road.

Auxiliary lanes that could be converted to through lanes to facilitate future widening of municipal road.

Sufficient bridge span to accommodate future widening of municipal road.

MTO Funded Infrastructure to Facilitate Future Municipal Growth

May 2011

Local Heritage

Wildlife Crossings

Landscape Screening


Wetland Restoration


Recommended Community Value Plan (Context Sensitive Design)

Key features of the Recommended Community Value Plan are summarized below.

Community Value Plan (CVP)

Landscape Screening



Community Value Plan (CVP)

Local Heritage

Wildlife Crossings

Wetland Restoration

Endangered species act esa permits
Endangered Species Act (ESA) Permits

  • ESA permits are required for the following species: Butternut trees, Bobolink (bird), Redside Dace (fish), Eastern Meadowlark and Barn Swallow.

  • The ministry worked co-operatively with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to complete the necessary ESA applications.

  • As of Aug 31, 2012 all ESA permits have been acquired.


  • The province (I.O.) has signed an agreement with Cantoll (407 ETR) to provide tolling services for Highway 407 East - Phase 1.

  • Services include: installation of tolling infrastructure, toll collection, back office services and customer services.

    • province will receive these services, initially for a ten-year term with an option to renew.

    • travel between the two highways (407 ETR and Highway 407 East) will be seamless for motorists (same transponder, one bill which has each section itemized to show separate rates and fees, coordinated customer service process)

  • Work is proceeding to prepare the necessary tolling legislation required to permit the collection of tolls on Highway 407 East (provincially owned highway).


  • March 6, 2007 – Government of Canada announces:

    • Up to $962 million in partnership with the Province of Ontario and five municipalities to generate a combined investment of close to $4.5 billion in public transit and highway infrastructure projects in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Announcement is part of FLOW, the federal government’s new long-term transportation action plan for the GTA. FLOW is designed to reduce gridlock, improve the environment and increase economic growth in one of the fastest growing areas in Canada.

  • January 27, 2009 – Province (MTO) announces:

    • The province announced the proposed extension of Highway 407 east from Pickering (Brock Road) to Clarington (Highway 35/115) will be a tolled highway with the province retaining control and ownership of the extension.

    • The province will be responsible for regulating tolls on the highway and meeting customer service needs. Revenues generated from the highway will go towards the construction costs and maintenance of the road, freeing up provincial funds for transit infrastructure projects.

  • June 3, 2010 – Province (MTO) announces:

    • MTO received Environmental Approval to proceed from the Minister of Environment (MOE) for the 407 East Provincial EA.

    • The EA approval conditions were groundbreaking and included innovative practices for stormwater management, air quality monitoring and winter maintenance.

    • On-going work to permit implementation of Highway 407 East is continuing, including archaeological investigations, mitigation for species-at-risk, and utility relocations; as well as property acquisition for the right-of-way.

    • The EA study assessed existing and future anticipated transportation capacity needs within the Region of Durham to determine transportation needs for a 30-year planning horizon.

  • June 8, 2010 – Province (IO) announces:

    • Release of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to pre-qualify and shortlist project teams to extend Highway 407 (eastward from Brock Road in Pickering to the Simcoe Street area in Oshawa) and to provide the West Durham Link.

  • Announcements cont d
    Announcements (cont’d)

    • March 10, 2011 – Province (MTO) announces:

      • The extension of Highway 407 East to Harmony Road in Oshawa by 2015, and then to Highway 35/115 by 2020, will help relieve highway congestion and create about 13,000 jobs in the first phase alone.

      • The first phase of construction was originally planned from Brock Road in Pickering to Simcoe Street in Oshawa. This will now be extended further to Harmony Road by 2015 to improve traffic flow.

      • Phase two of the extension to Highway 35/115 in Clarington will be complete by 2020, with an interim interchange at Taunton Road for the East Durham Link by 2017.

  • March 10, 2011 – Province (IO) announces:

    • Announced the bidders short-listed to submit proposals to extend Highway 407 eastward to Harmony Road and to connect it to Highway 401 with a new link. Shortlisted bidders include: 407 East Development Group, 407 East Development Partners, 407 GreenLink Partners.

  • July 7, 2011 – Government of Canada announces:

    • Canada’s Environment Minister announced his decision that the proposed 407 East Transportation Corridor Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

  • Contacts

    Phase 1:

    Dean Kemper (416) 235-4664 [email protected]

    Phase 2:

    Pauline Van Roon (416) 235-4188 [email protected]

    407 EDG – Phase 1:

    Jayde Naklicki 1-855-463-3109 [email protected]

    407 East Construction Website: www.407eastphase1.ca